Our Traditional Christmas Eve dinner (2019)=Aileen’s Journal

Our Traditional Christmas Eve dinner (2019)=Aileen’s Journal

Merry Christmas sweety Like that oh, it’s dripping hurry like that like that’s impossible just like we were got married. Yeah, I don’t like soo bitter,I like sweet wine You Hi, guys, I’m making fried chicken in my air fryer. Look at guys is so crispy and no need cooking oil at all. This is my first-time cooking fried chicke in my air fryer. Isolator and then the bender pal. I’m set up the local game on Oak Island and a prior prior NOLA Alright, I’m using the can of the green bean because it’s already cooked this is easy. I I followed this idea youtuber American Way Not from the scratch. Sorry guys, because My mark doesn’t like green bean casserole. That’s why I make a meal for myself sweety he’s talking to his dad, Yes he’s family is in Oklahoma he’s parents is in Oklahoma So he doesn’t want to be disturb Okay, this is the easy What did what do I need to put, cream of mushroom look a cream of mushroom and I don’t have your hair Since I’m still baking the oven still on, and This is my Christmas thing I always wanted to make this, but he always said, he don’t like green bean. And yeah, my spaghetti is already cook This is How I do it. hhaha Anyway, okay. I’m gonna put pepper on there And then salt That’s what she said And supposed to be our crispy onion reverb And I always have one and now I didn’t have one I can’t believe this I’m just gonna put bread crumbs My friend will see me doing this he’s gonna laugh at me what that’s how you cook it? Hey guys, I’m not a professional cook and I’m learning. Yeah, and then I’m gonna put into the oven. Okay Put in doubt, that’s my green bean casserole on the bottom and then my cake. Hi guys, Merry Christmas This is the Nevil’s. This is our Christmas But the rest is not cook yet,. So we have a very simple Christmas celebration this year. anyway. This is my table sitting. Up on it, and I have a red what you could they say there’s really setting and we have this place and I don’t know this is where I want to make you look at fancy and a Big spaghetti and I cook my fried chicken Pie drumstick in my airfryer really good. I mean habits And my muffin mark made the cake and I still have that adobo and also because mark is gonna eat soon. So that’s why I want to make a tour look This is a proper setting gonna make it fancy. Our wine for Christmas is Charmander Chardonnay Chardonnay white wine. Why wine why the yellow. There you go Fancy oh Look at that what a yellow Look at this I decide nobody is here guys just to bust that I just want to make it look like that and have the grapes. Oh Yeah, that’s classic that is classy you say okay, where is the thing on the wine really Yeah, okay I hold a camera with toast first, I hold a camera with toast first Are you sure it’s on okay Merry Christmas sweety McNally oh, it’s dripping hurry like that like that. Thanks. It possible. Just like weget married right Yeah, I don’t like soo bitter I like sweet wine and Okay the day you can start eating now because if no you’re already okay you don’t have to wait for me My green bean casserole and we have adobo But the green bean casserole is kind of like a failed. Because it’s I put a lot of milk on that side Bon appetit You know Very good. Really you don’t need that thing. Yes. I see. I’m a Hey, do you like it? Thank you Guys this is like You know, I remember Sheila. This is how she arrange her which became very nicely. Yeah. She always orange like this never fancy sweety do you know they went to the Philippines. Yeah, her brother’s wedding. So You guys a green bean casserole, right? So wet not supposed to be wet. Basically, mark do not like green bean This is exactly her her wine glass, I remember when the Germany hit There we have it a Merry Christmas, I hope they’re having a Merry Christmas You


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