1. Y'all need to do of an updated version of your "My hair goes up//My hair goes down" song cuz y'all've done gone n switched places

  2. I tend to leave this channel for months at a time then come back and binge ALOT of episodes…. What happened to Rhett's hair?

  3. We have edible orbeez in Australia. There kinda like those things in boba tea, not that ive had boba tea, but we have edible orbeez in drinks over here.

  4. When are Rhett and Link going to announce their endorsement of Andrew Yang for President??? I keep hearing that it’s coming soon… but when!!??!!??

  5. Sodium alginate? Calcium lactate? Chemical reaction ? Flavour globules?
    That is "Food wars" right there.

    Cheers for those who get the reference 🙂

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