Opening Weekend Recap of 2019 Archery Elk Hunt

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brother you know I’m in town it’s elk season so it’s not going very
well in fact about five minutes after I got home I was ready to be back up in
camp so Matthew flowers get evening Jeremy’s good evening Ron Thomas Scott
and Steen Erik and I are in Bend planning our trip howdy howdy
Dave West six days and Counting nice lawyers can’t wait for Sunday flight of
British Columbia for my elk hunt outstanding bugle me this next Friday
Idaho awesome awesome a Bourassa good evening Josh nerd while counting down
the days in Washington we are getting a ton of people jumping in and a hurry so
it’s almost like you guys want to hear about the recap of opening weekend what
I saw what I encountered and kind of takeaways from the weekend so going back
out tomorrow till Monday bugle me this good luck to you Dino Myers 1 we can
tell heading out to Idaho bride bride dizzle yes I will be in town I’m gonna
leave either tomorrow and I know Freddy mid-morning midday
head back up for the weekend just kind of short quick trips for right now until
later in the month when we’ll do the long one but definitely definitely a
good positive opening weekend Pecha will wander or 4:06 miss lina how
you doing this evening and miss lina please don’t even say
anything about your pathetic job tonight and how horrible it is you know and I
mean I pull the big BS card on you on saying you were gonna quit bullcrap
so Edward Teach warming up for elk with deer season this weekend
Jonathan Saturday is the day here in Montana Theresa hello everyone yeah Lena I thought you would enjoy that
so alright 13 days here tell me a bull story alright let’s jump into it
everybody fish talk or outdoors good evening bonito how we doin Kenneth
Jorgenson Lars I’ve been working for teens for the last three weeks need time
off I think you need it Lena thanks for calling my bluff Lena that is what I am
here for I will always call your your bluff and kind of put me in the same
category as guy that I don’t BS I’ll tell you how it is so all right guys
let’s jump into it so hello everybody my name is Michael Batease from the elk
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depending on whichever channel you’re tuning in so alright so let’s jump into
it so our season here in Idaho opened on Friday August 30th we went up to camp on
the 29th and over the 3 and a half days of really hunting we got into 13
different bowls four out of the six in camp had shot opportunities three
decided to pass one did take the shot it was a pretty hard quartering – and
smacked that shoulder blade you know of the bull’s that we encountered I mean
obviously everybody knows the temps were hot and we talked about this last week
because there were some people that were saying you know oh my gosh the
temperatures so hot I’m not even going to go out but here’s the funny thing and
I said this last week go find cool dark damp drawers we got into those cool
drawers and our temps in those cool drawers were about 61 62 degrees and in
fact there was times during midday when we were taking a break that we would
actually walk out of the shadows and just get in the Sun and spread our arms
out to show cup as much warmth of the Sun as we could before we went back into
those dark shadows it was that cool in there
the other great thing about this weekend is we learned a lot more about the
country and what’s crazy is the Wallow that I’ve had the trail camera on we
went in and recovered the Wallow and I want to ask you guys a quick question do
you guys ever have one elk that just consistently messes with your
trail camera every time he is in there we were going through because this last
two weeks I switched the camera to video mode and we have this the spike that we
call wildebeest just because of the way his antlers are it looks exactly like a
wildebeest antler but every time he was in the wallow
he could not leave the area without opening up his nostril to the camera and
sniffing and licking and and there’s a couple of times that he would go leaving
and he’d walk right by the camera and stops and you just saw his rump and
you’re like oh he’s not gonna do anything and all of a sudden his head
would just whip back and start just messing with the camera every single
time so I don’t know about you guys but yeah I’ve we were all laughing when we
were watching the videos with wildebeest there and actually one of the members in
the camp he just wants out meat so he graciously
volunteered to go take care of of wildebeest for basically protection of
my trail camera so but the other cool thing was was throughout all the
pictures through the summer in the video we kept seeing that the elk were coming
in on a specific trail they always came from underneath this wallow and all
summer long when we go in to swap we would come from above drop down in swap
the card and then we’d go out that trail but we would always hang to the north to
go out and we were doing that that evening and I said wait a minute
we’ve always gone north we’ve never gone south there’s a trail that heads that
way let’s just go and so we started taking that trail out and we didn’t even
go 150 yards and in some dark timber there’s a nice Creek and we found a
triple pool wallow three different wallows that had we not taken that trail
we never ever would have found that so so bugle me this any suggestions on this
heat here in Utah I found him had them come
in an hour and a half before sunrise got him bugling at night that’s the only
time I’m getting them to respond or move so that’s where you’re going to want to
focus remember we’ve talked about this several times when it’s hot you need to
go find those cool dark drawers so big skinny a bull on a new spot we put a cam
out he kept playing with our cam so now now here’s the deal we didn’t hear a ton
of bugling but we got really good responses and I know some of you are
going what do you mean so remember a response is not
necessarily just a bugle and in a lot of us when we go out we’re just so focused
on only listening for that high-pitched bugle that we miss a lot of little cues
a little la soft grunt or a little rake or in this case this weekend the
responses we had were them coming to us there was there was one part oh shoot
so opening morning I mean about 35 minutes 40 minutes into the hunt had a
bull at 35 yards four or thirty yards from one of the hunting partners but he
was just over a little roll when he came in and so had kind of the top half of
the body and he just didn’t want to take that shot he’s like you know it’s it’s
the top half I could do a high lung possibly mid lung but we’re only 35
minutes into this hunt so why chance it and I commend him same thing another one
had a bull come in at 27 yards but he was quartering to in that front shoulder
was forward which compresses a lot of bone he didn’t feel comfortable with the
shot the bull never presented another shot so he passed again I commend him
for you know making that decision the one shot like I said that was taken was
you know quartering to new bow hunter to archery and so you know kind of use that
as a teaching moment and you know just sat down and said okay
what happened explained tell me the story and basically a lot of times as a
new hunter when that elk comes in we get kind of anxious we’re like oh my god
that’s that’s the only shot opportunity I’m gonna get I need to take it where if
you show a little bit of patience you’ll be amazed that sometimes they can come a
little closer or turn from quartering away or quartering to to completely
broadside so patience and you know if that bull sitting there quartering to
and he slowly starts to turn away well when he slowly starts to turn away if
you hit that cow call then all of a sudden he stops this and now he’s given
you a nice wide open broadside shot so patience really is a virtue out there so
but yeah responses were just really really well in fact after that first
encounter that first morning we kept working up towards the Wallow and we
came out into this meadow and I just did a couple of couple of loud music sighted
muse lost muse whatever you want to call him and then all of a sudden two bulls
just boom busted out into the meadow off to the left and there was a little bump
out of trees and so we could have tucked over on the left-hand side and started
working them and you know they kind of started working around and again same
one that had the shot at 30 yards had another 30 yard shot it seemed like this
weekend was a lot of 30 yard was the magical number but there was just you
know a couple of branches that he didn’t feel comfortable with so I packed my
bowl for about four hours but four out of the six like I said did get a draw
got that excitement level and got that rush so there was definitely good good
responses and a good positive opening weekend with seeing what was there with
responses Knight bugling didn’t get real fired up responses so but got a few and
I think part of that was because we saw a higher increase or a higher number
well we if it’s a higher number because we
didn’t really switch to this area and tell midway through the season last year
so this is our first Labor Day weekend opening weekend there was a ton of
people camping and a lot of activity you know running around so I definitely
think that had part to play with because of the areas that we night bugling from
our night vehicle from on some of those there was you know pretty extensive and
they also started logging in the lower portion of that so heading out to set up
elk camp early tomorrow after work in the day is scouting then it’s opening
day in Washington big skinny good luck to you a Barossa what are the best temps
to hunt in during bo season or what do you hope temps to be you know one I
really like temps that so at night upper 30s low 40s during the day that upper
50s really low 60s to me those are just ideal temps because you’re comfortable
you can move around you’re not sweating profusely but also the drawback of those
temps is when you do get into the good dark timber it does get quite a bit
colder so Facebook feed is lagging okay can you wave yes can you follow me on
Instagram yes LPA I will follow you so what’s the
biggest joke you’ve killed I think bull you’ve killed you know
score doesn’t matter to me my largest is 322 for me it’s more about the
experience so okay let’s see hey Mike hope the rest of your season goes well
smack Kelly for me when you see him absolutely just see is anyone else
getting broken feed okay so a lot of you on Facebook or saying broken feeds so
alright so I tried cold cold calling and didn’t get any action lonely bull call
brought in rag horns and spikes had mature Bulls in the area but couldn’t
get them to come in suggestions so so yeah basically what we were doing you
know we were doing our normal low we were kind of through going through
got zero responses on locating but once we got into areas and we started doing
you know blind calling that’s when we had successes and the the blind calling
of the breeding sequence and also during the midday with the cow routine we kind
of had about a 50-50 split on which one was the most effective on you know
bringing bringing the bulls in pretty much each day the morning blind calling
what the breeding sequence was effective the evening was not but the midday the
midday cow routine that was pretty much effective every day so but the other
thing that we were doing too is so Thursday night in camp we fixed dinner
and I got a little anxious and took a bite of the brought probably when it was
still scorching hot and I burnt the roof of my mouth so Friday I was unable to
really use a diaphragm read so pretty much all day Friday
I did my Calvo collations on the mini mouth from native by Carlton and I did
my bull vocalizations on the power bugle Pro and honestly the way those two
sounded out there really really got some good responses with those bulls
interacting and liking those tones I think one thing is the pitch in the
frequency on that power bugle Pro I think really hits that high note really
really well and I do have video of doing the whole breeding sequence on those
externals that I’m gonna drop in to the patreon page
I just have to meet with somebody first because there’s something in the video
that I’m not sure that they really want people to see yet so Dave this will be a
long program terrible service I don’t know let me let me look at something
real quick Joe Joe McCarthy how you doing Congrats on your bull bud online
online 30 frames per second twenty six ninety three kilobits per second so so
the stream is good I think the issue has to be on Facebook side so let’s see
switched over to okay hiked in Thursday night bull was bugling walked by camp
hung out on the hill above me bugle all night made other Bulls bugle I messed
the set up on him didn’t hear nothing else the rest of the day yeah and you
know a lot of times during that early season mistakes are made I mean we
actually made a couple of them we had got to one part where we were basically
locating on a ridge just trying to locate something and usually we’ll hang
out a little bit longer than we did then what we normally did and we just took
off down the trail and we didn’t make it more than 70 yards and there was some
elk that were coming the trail to us and so it it happens you got to get your
mind dialed in it again so Danny my guys bailed me out this weekend did anyone in
Utah want to come hunt flamingo gorge with me this weekend in Utah so I’ll be
heading out to Idaho from September 20th to the 34 my ELCA mule deer hunt this
year getting pretty excited good luck to you Joshua Martin Lawson wants to know
if anyone drew a when Naha big bull tag this season PM him it’s Martin Laursen
over on Facebook so alright um any tips for scouting the day before opening day
yeah big skinny usually a lot of times on opening day I don’t go into the areas
I’ll find hi elevation points that I can scout in
just glass those areas that’s typically leading up a couple of days to the
opener that’s really how you do a lot of my my scouting is is through the my nose
so paradigm shift going in solo do you prefer using a decoy or just straight
calling any tips so paradigm decoys can be really really effective when you’re
solo the thing to remember though is when you are solo and you’re calling you
do have to move so if you are using a decoy you’ll set the decoy where you
called from and move if you want to call again come back to that spot with the
decoy and you’re only moving you know 10 15 yards to the side 10 15 yards up
you’re not moving a long long ways away from that so but just make sure that you
do your calling near the decoy so because otherwise you know when that elk
comes to the point where it thinks I should be able to see that sound it’s
gonna be focused on the area where the sound came from not actually where the
decoy is so I really just tune in to hear other people’s questions because
the patron page got me all dialed in let’s do this bribry I like it so
alright so we did have some questions drop in on Facebook today so Tom wants I
wants to know I’m just curious this past weekend a lot of bugling but they seemed
like a lot of location bugles a cow call or small bugle sent them the other way
or shut them up what’s the next step lots of bachelor groups still he
actually had a response from somebody else that said you know Cal called
and got aggressive cow calling and the bull came in on a string so and here’s
here’s what I found talking to other people about opening weekend some people
found success with Cal vocalizations some people found success with bugling
so it really does vary from area to area but also the mindset of that bull what
is that bull looking for what are they wanting to hear and that’s kind of the
key sometimes where it’s kind of a crapshoot when you know the elk aren’t
really really vocal and that’s why on the patreon page that I talked about the
breeding sequence because there’s parts of the breeding sequence that
recognize and understand and they know what’s going on and they want to go see
it I mean elk are a herd animal they’re very social
and so that breeding sequence Peaks that interest of hey I know what’s going on I
want to go check this out also during that mid-day with the cow
sounds only it kind of peach their curiosity sometimes so Tom in response
to you you know if you if you tried bugling and you tried you know cow
calling and you’re right all the bugles we heard were location bugles that’s
that’s all they were and and yeah younger Bulls were still bachelor group
the one thing we noticed is we did not find any of the big bulls that we’ve had
on camera all summer long and we know that these big bulls are there later in
the season but like I said that’s the first time we’ve hunted this one opening
weekend and so I pretty much gathered that I know we’re groups of cows hang
out so I’m guessing that those larger bulls had moved out of the area to where
those cows are to round up their herd before bringing them back into this area
so really excited to see what this weekend is going to produce especially
because we have a storm that’s coming in Thursday night clearing out Friday
midday and then another one coming in Sunday morning and the barometric
pressure is going up and then it’s dropping way down for that Saturday
evening Sunday morning that a lot of times tells me good good elk movement
and good vocalizations so this weekend’s probably going to be a lot different and
a lot of the reports that I’m getting from people is they are really starting
to hear Bulls crack off so so Tom that’s where you could switch and try kind of a
blind calling where you’re not you know putting pressure on them or aggression
on them they may not be in the mindset of searching for cows
it’s gonna berry from area to area but that’s where kind of doing something
like that breeding sequence could elicit that excitement and curiosity on them so
so that would be what I would say the next step would be to to try if you’re
not getting a response or you’re not getting you know them coming to you off
bugles or Cal calls mix it up and kind of do the two together so Dave we’re
starting to hear bugles in southern Saskatchewan I believe the young bulls
are practicing we hunt in forest which borders on the AG land and the farmers
are limiting on hunters on their land how far back in the forest at this time
of year do you think the elk are bedding down unfortunately Dave I don’t know
that’s just something that you’re just gonna have to get into that area and see
and that’s where if walk the edge of the AG line onto the forest land that you
can but walk that edge and find their access trails in and out of the AG land
and just follow those trails those trails will lead you to where they’re
watering where they’re bedding and that will answer a lot of the questions for
you right there so how Morgan how far off the trail
are you encountering out well we know this area we don’t really use trails to
go in we just basically you know Park and then go through the timber and we’re
just actually using game trails to move around but the first group of elk 200
yards from where we parked the side-by-side day to second group of elk
was about 500 yards so III mean it just it varies I mean how you you know we’ve
heard the term that that elk are where you find them and and that’s really the
case I mean each area is going to be different on what elevation now we were
kind of hunting that 6600 7,200 feet in elevation is is kind of
that band we were focusing on we noticed above 7200 we started getting
into more cattle but as we dropped down below 72 in 66 that’s kind of where we
were finding the oak sign we did have half the group hunt low on the mountain
kind of in the the 5800 range 5500 range they didn’t see anything there other
than some few wandering tracks and people so okay let me jump back over
here real quick and see – just marked a few draws on onyx they may have made
their way to when I heard them heading ups and that’s a cool thing – bugle me
this then in some of you others so when you go out and you hunt in that area and
you’ve kind of hiked around a little bit then when you get back home you pull up
you know the on axe then you really start dissecting especially because of
the pins that you dropped out there then you can kind of start getting a bigger
picture and going okay I was here they shut up here and a lot of times when
that elk is above you and shut up you know all of a sudden you realize oh
man there’s a saddle right there I’ll bet you he just crossed over the top to
bet on that backside then you can plan a route to get into that backside to cut
him off and increase your chances so so yeah definitely always when you get back
pull up on X or base map or whatever you guys like to use but view it on a
computer a larger screen you get a much much better idea of what’s going on
around you so any tips for rifle Elkanah will be going way back in the
backcountry using horses and trying to be as mobile as possible to find the elk
Joshua your your cow vocalizations just you know your your 2 3 4 cow sounds wait
five minutes can be effective during rifle season but also – depending on the
time of year sent it out outdoors how you doing bud sometimes that rut could be happening
late into the rifle or you could still have some cows that are coming in to
cycle late and you will get into a little bit of bugle
action also so biggest thing is pay attention to what you’re hearing around
you out there and kind of match what you’re hearing
so Justin welcome so bragging board we had success with bugles and Cal calls
but mostly Cal not really responsive to calls but they did respond so yeah I
know Andy I watched some of Sean’s videos that he posted so a third and
fourth day out ran into another Canyon ran into Bowl still in groups coming in
silent or just really didn’t respond to Cal calls like we would cal call and
they would lift their heads from eating and just keep going yeah and we saw that
too you know there was there was a group that was basically walking by that we
could see and and I mean I’m just pleading on the cow calls and kind of
doing that breeding sequence getting into you know the bull vocalizations
part of it and they would just pick their head up and look so it was it was
three young spikes so like I said I think because of those bigger bulls
rolling out it did affect those younger Bulls that were kind of in there but
like I said they were still responding well by coming in we had a blast with
some of those guys Greg bets you’re calling lessons made
for a great Labor Day weekend thank you Michael Greg I love hearing that thank
you thank you Brady Lopez how you doing bud ding excuse me Shareen call out mmm I’m
getting emotional hold on all right new to elk hunting the last few years and
trying to figure out patterns we get lots of solo elk on our cams but as soon
as soon as season starts they are gone still get young bull spikes and cows so
if you’re getting older bulls on your cam trail cam during the summer but not
during the hunting season then that’s telling you that is the
summer area where those bulls are hanging out during the summer as soon as
they start getting that urge for rut they go find the cows and they may come
back into that area for breeding they may have a different area that they
like to take those cows to for the breeding area a lot of times I’ll set
cameras at different elevations on the mountain to see it’s great seeing bulls
but I like a lot of those others where I’m seeing more cows than I am Bulls
because that’s gonna tell me where the Bulls are gonna be to the start of the
season and then you continue to learn throughout the season where those elk go
to rut so solo big guys okay yeah that’s that’s exactly what’s going on Shareen
based on the momentum of the rut already in Idaho will have 13th 14th be pre rut
or rut at this point so okay so paradigm kind of I I remember two weeks before
season when I said every bull that we saw up when we were on a scouting trip
was hard horned and I remember a lot of people immediately jumping on to it
going oh man they’re gonna be in peak rut opening weekend and this and that no
they’re not so the autumn equinox is what triggers the rut they will slide
and adjust a little bit before or after that last year was a rare extreme non-normal where they rut it extremely
late and then with all that late snow we got in February it made perfect sense
everything I’m seeing this year on winter predictions and this and that
that peak rut is going to be around that 21st 22nd now whether that 21st 22nd
falls at the end or the middle or the beginning that I don’t know but you have
a window sorry guys so phone call came in don’t these people know what suavity
wednesday but no most cows are bred within a 7 to 10 day window of that
autumn equinox and where that autumn equinox falls in
that seven to ten days can adjust but that’s typically when the peak rut
happens I can’t think of a time that I saw an early rut normally you’ll see it
along that normal time or a little later but I don’t ever remember an early rut
so to answer your question 13th 14th you’re gonna kind of be in that
transition from pre-rut to peak rut timeframe you know kind of getting ready
because that 13th 14th does fall within that 7 to 10 day window of that 21st
22nd so hope that kind of answers your question so Shireen that’s what I’m
wondering if we need to move up not necessarily move up because the thing
you’ve got to remember is those cows and calves are typically at lower elevations
because those lower elevations clear of snow first that’s where the green
grasses start growing those cows need that green grass to produce the milk and
that’s a lot of times where they drop their calves and then they’ll stay there
in those green grass lower lying areas throughout the summer and then those
Bulls will basically come down round them up and then they’ll go up for the
rut so best thing to do is kind of work different elevations you know low mid
high kind of see where they’re at but I would say you know dropping down a
little bit from your cam elevation might get you into him that’s that’s what I
would do I would drop down before I would go up so the elk went to where
you’re not yeah that does happen a lot so ok Western contours guy how you doing
oh speaking of western contours how many of you listen to the Western contours
podcast it was pretty cool last weekend because guy is normally the one running
the podcast and doing the questions but there was one that just got released
that the tables were turned and now guy is the one that’s being
interviewed by Amy Hall and I’m not quite halfway into it but it’s a great
great podcast that you guys really get the opportunity to learn about guy and
what makes him tick and you want to talk about a guy this passionate about
hunting guy is definitely one so I highly recommend going over to western
contours and listening to this interview like I said I’m about half way into it
and really really enjoying it so how does that change your tactic so okay
paradigm I don’t change my tactic or approach I do my same approach whether
it’s first day of the season last day of the season middle of the season I don’t
change my approach the only thing that really changes in my setups is the
amount of cow sounds versus the amount of bull vocalizations and all that it
basically depends on the bull that I’m working because each one’s going to be
different if you pay attention to how they’re responding to what you’re doing
they will tell you what they like they will tell you what really gets him
tickin or gets them fired up it’s your job to pay attention to that and give
them what they’re asking for give them what they’re looking for so okay alright
he’s a savage now I don’t be saying things like that about guy so alright
back to Facebook questions from earlier ha you did a review of the quote quit
eliezer awhile ago are you still using it and what are your thoughts on it now
no I’m not still using the equivalent kind of did some testing back and forth
I like the quibble Iser it is a good tool just the the other stabilizer setup
that I have just I shoot it a little better I mean I was shooting effectively
and I was shooting well with the quiver but sometimes I guess you could say I
have a little OCD fun stuff and sometimes you want to make those
groups tighter a little better and of course that’s when I end up blowing
knocks and shave and veins and I get mad at myself but no the quibble Iser is a
great product I would definitely recommend trying it seeing how it works
for you but me personally no I’m not using it anymore right now so Matt
flowers if you were starting to get into elk that are fired up and wind shifts a
little bit can you use a cow in heat scent and spray it into the air to try
and save that encounter why not yeah I’ve tried it in the past trying that to
possibly save that encounter save that situation is worth a shot it couldn’t
hurt so most definitely try it so all right bonito gain meat protector
have you ever tried this stuff which game meat protectors basically it’s a
spray that you can put on your meat and it kind of coats your meat and keeps the
flies and bugs off it bonito have I tried it no I haven’t I was given some
few years back to try it and I just I I don’t know I’m one of those ones that I
have faith in my game bags to keep the bugs off and I don’t cuz cuz your meat
basically is going to get a protective layer on it and me personally I don’t
want to do anything to interfere with that natural process and so basically
during the day my meat is hanging in game bags tied up really really tight on
the top at night I dropped those game bags off the quarters so I hang each of
the quarters off a product that I’ve been kind of developing and field
testing that’s my own product for the last couple of years for hanging those that allows me to cinch and really
tighten that game bag above the knee and the shank down on the cord that I have
it hanging but then easily at night to drop it off
the advantage of dropping off cuz bugs go to bed at night you take that bag off
and then you let that really cool night air really drive deep into that meat
then in the morning before we head back out I just put the game bag back on so
alright so that takes care of the questions from Facebook today let’s see
what we got what else Brad dizzle no I am NOT again
new to ELQ they’ve been coming on the trail cams for our deer spawn so wanted
to learn so Shareen what bribry is talking about is he’s tying about that
patreon page that’s that elk calling that there’s there’s all
kinds of lessons and tutorials in there to teach you about elk behavior elk
calling east scouting I mean there’s there’s just a ton of tutorial videos on
there and in fact I did film some more videos this weekend for in the field
kind of tips and stuff so hey chief I’m east of Mississippi and want to
eventually take a specialty guided elk hunt when the stars align do you ever
recommend a recommended state to do the hunt as far as cost Jay I’m gonna steer
you towards go hunt go hunt basically does have a membership but if you’re
gonna go out of state and hunt go hunt is probably the best tool that you can
use they gather a lot of information about each of the states and each of the
areas your draw success if its chances if it’s a draw area so draw odds harvest
success quality of bulls amount of public land versus private land access I
I mean it’s just a great great tool that you can do a lot of the homework using
that and really really does help you make good decisions so in your
experiences getting into the woods early two hours before dark and looking for
bugles paid off last year it seemed like they were already bedded down before
sunrise chance I don’t go into the woods that early when I do night googling it’s
typically off of roads and I’m bugling up into canyons and then once we get a
response then off we go and that’s on bright moon nights but
night bugling yes has really paid off for us and it’s helped us find a lot of
elk and so we’re going into an area where there’s elk every day so yeah
night bugling is definitely effective so Brian we didn’t find elk around 8200
feet and all the way in the back of canyons so yeah we didn’t find him we
found where they had been crossing over the top and nothing where they were
really hanging out at those high elevations so all right looks like solo
for me this weekend did not go this weekend as needed a root canal and got
it done today so even going solo watch out elk so Danny yeah I’m glad you got
that tooth taken care of so Mountain Hunter box not to sound creepy I’ve
spent more time with Michael on patreon patreon than have with my wife this week
well I appreciate that no not creeped out at all we’ll just
kind of smile and just say thank you so any tips on hunting solo and steep
brushy country looks like I’m going hunting solo this weekend and think I’ve
decided to go into the hellhole that a buddy deemed a 6-point or bigger area so
Andy so in the brushy country I mean the elk are gonna have trails through there
use those trails for moving and because of that brush your setups are gonna be a
little closer which can be your advantage because as a solo hunter in
that brushy thicker country they’re gonna have to come closer to be able to
see the oak that’s making the vocalization so just kind of do the same
things that Andy that we’ve we’ve talked about and that you and Shawn talked
about last weekend nice thing is timpz are gonna be cooler
so since you are solo you will have a little bit more time for getting that
out so not that there’s anything wrong with that so so are the oak more vocal
in the early morning or at evening time sooo it just kind of varies you know
sometimes it varies from day to day sometimes they’re a little more vocal in
the morning sometimes a little more in the evenings sometimes you know more
vocal midday it just really really varies and as we get later into the
season cows coming into estrus are really gonna play on that a lot more
with the cow kind of releasing those pheromones in the air that’s really
gonna create the excitement and get those Bulls cranked and even a lot more
so Western contours puts out a pretty awesome podcast all around yes they do
but I thought this one was pretty cool that tables got flipped and guy was
getting interviewed so do we have to post our questions on a Facebook page J
no you don’t if you’re tuning in from you do so what I typically do on
Wednesday mornings is you know I’ll just kind of you know announce a reminder
tonight’s Wapiti Wednesday if there are any questions you have go ahead and put
them in now or you can save them for when you tune in you know live and no
you don’t have to post them on the Facebook I normally post that on
Instagram and Facebook both so if there’s either one that you know you
really want to kind of tune into or post those questions or like I said you can
just come in live and ask him so J Dahlstrom absolutely J Congrats on on
the bull by the way to get it done early so I’ll definitely do some research on
that okay I bought Allen reusable game bags this year killed a bull on opening
morning those bags are awesome I haven’t used the Allen’s yet I use I use the
game bags from 6 a.m. have really talked with Tristan over there quite a bit
about them and the one thing that’s kind of cool is is Kelly and Carrie the
couple that do the meat processing for me
they really know game bags and breathability they could
they can tell whether it’s a good game bag or not they kind of gave the 6 a.m.
you know huge thumbs up goat gear is another one that they absolutely really
like that I’ve used in the past but the Allens I haven’t and yeah the 6:00 a.m.
are also reusable game bags just kind of what I’ll do a lot of times with my game
bags is is you know when I pick my meet up and grab the game bags I’ll come home
and I’ll put them in a tub with water and vinegar to kind of draw some of that
blood out before I throw them in the washing machine and wash them so Ryan
Mayer how you doing bud let’s see Sun setting right now so or bugling as we
speak to bed at my house right now and not in the woods we didn’t actually hear
any at sunset we heard more bugles right kind of at the crack of first light the
other one opening day yeah we were across from a bull that was cracking off
midday during his you know in his bed we kind of got him to kind of pipe off five
times six times so but just where he was at
we were we were in the dark timber bedding area and he was kind of in this
little patch of timber over kind of on a southern facing slope and I kind of made
the call instead of going after him as soon as that Sun gets another angle and
hits him he’s gonna get up and move probably to our side and we just we
never found him again so a little late to the party not sure if you covered
this yet but on Instagram you said you use the breeding calling strategy can
you go over that your strategy anything like elk nuts slow play basically the
breeding sequence that’s that’s part of the tutorials over on elk calling with all the sounds so but I mean if you just think about a breeding
sequence what’s going on in that you know that will kind of give you an idea
basically what you’re portraying but there are certain specific sounds that
we do into it because you know cows will talk all year around
Bulls will location bugle all year-round but there’s a certain set of sounds that
Bulls only do during September that are synonymous with the rut and that’s the
only time of year that you’re gonna hear those sounds so Charles if you’re Knight
bugling trying to understand if you drive and park wait a couple and let out
a bugle and wait for a response or how do you do it can you dumb it down for me
brother you bet so Knight bugling yeah it’s exactly that we’re in a truck we’re
basically driving roads and we’re either on an elevated Road bugling down into
canyons or we’re in a lower road and reviewing up but yeah when we stop we
are quiet we don’t slam the doors you know turn off all the lights shut the
doors quietly we get out and we sit there and listen for three four five
minutes kind of if you think about how long it takes for that dust to settle
from the road let that dust settle just let things calm down but the other thing
too is we just basically sit there and listen because a bull could crack off
and we didn’t have to make a sound if he’s gonna crack up on his own bingo we
got him we know where we’re going tomorrow and that’s really all we’re
doing night view willing as soon as we get a response we’ve got the location we
don’t sit there and continue to play with him I learned that the hard way a
few years back where I continued to sit there and play with them so if I don’t
get any response you’ll all bugle two three four times
you know bugle wait a little bit listen bugle again wait a little bit add some
chuckles in you know add a new element in if no response then in the truck and
off to the next spot so so we are low at 2,000 feet pretty low and that’s why I’m
wondering if we need to go higher okay with that information there yeah then
you probably want to go higher that makes a little more sense now just got a
call on a swing and a Miss in southern Colorado ooh do you show how to glunk on
patreon or can we discuss so all of my tubes are up at camp so but there’s
there’s two ways that you can glunk you can take the palm of your hand roll
your finger back and you can just pop that on the mouthpiece of the diaphragm
to the other way or the grunt tube the other way is if you take a diaphragm
Reed and you just say the term whit what what that’s another way that you can
glunk so also another big thing I’d like some
advice on I’m fairly new to bow hunting and having trouble accurately eyeballing
distance for shot any tricks judging distance is one of those things that
just is something that you have to continually continue to try J kind of
what I do a lot of times is you know if I have my rangefinder with me all
eyeball something and just kind of guess okay that’s 32 yards or this or that and
then I’ll range find it but guess your distance first and then use the
rangefinder but it’s just something that dang it it’s just something that gets
easier and easier with time so it’s one of those things you just kind of got and
some people are really really good at it naturally and other people just have to
work about it so Michael how about when to use a lip ball if her to do it so
many different scenarios what do you think so I used to interject the lip
ball into my sequence but that lip ball is basically telling cows come to me I’m
a dominant bull but it’s telling other bulls stay away I’m a dominant bull I
will use the lip ball sometimes when I’m locating if I’ve done some location
bugles especially as the season progresses when locating if I don’t have
any responses I will you know project a lip ball in there
just to see if that can elicit a response but when I’m in my setups now
and I kind of you know tested this last year
little bit more I kind of held that lip ball out and kind of added other
aggression factors in to get that bull fired up and I kind of took the
mentality kind of like a location or a challenge bugle
I never challengeable first I always wait for him to get to that point then
I’ll cut him off in his challenge of my own challenge I took that same approach
last year with lip balling on bulls and and I kind of noticed that it really
elevated their aggression level tremendously especially when they’re in
the middle of a lip ball and you cut them off with a lip ball man it just
they went through the roof so that’s kind of my take on it it’s it’s kind of
again reading what you’re getting back from the bull if you have a bull that
has already a heightened aggression level then no it’s not a bad thing to
throw that lip ball in the problem that I’m seeing sometimes is people will have
a bull that’s not elevated they’re showing kind of timid signs and they’re
hitting them with these really ultra aggressive lip balls and bugles in these
bulls are just shutting up and and they’re like oh a winded us or sauce or
this or that no it’s you intimidated him so pay attention to the mindset that
your bull is in pay attention to his aggression level and then match his
aggression level with your aggression level so if that makes sense so
hopefully that kind of answers your question about that lip ball bribe ride
try golfing that will help you get good at yardage yeah so elleven bogans
a gangster heading out Freddie for two weeks good luck to you bud J just
practiced judging every time you sit down and check with your rangefinder
exactly so while it’s hot right now are they more likely to be on south north
east or west facing slopes so all right so sue your south and west are typically
your hot side of the mountain but you don’t shy away from those because you
still find thick timber that has water in it that becomes a cool draw that’s
really right now when it’s hot that’s what you want to find is those cool dark
draws usually has a little creek through it really dark thick timber that that
Sun can’t penetrate and and you’ll know when you’re in there because as soon as
you walk into that area that temps just immediately gonna drop but if you don’t
have any of those cool draws or you can’t find them your north east side of
the mountain slopes that face north east that’s going to be the cool side of the
mountain that’s probably gonna be the side that you’re gonna find them on if
you don’t have any cool dark draws so Andy loved my 6 a.m. bags need to get
another set due to someone wanting my help more than me but I’m happy to give
Tristan my money there you go so Eric Hernandez so I wanted to get something
like caribou or black opus or whatever something light in my canvas bound bound
bags that I’ve been packing around the last week so yes the ones I’m actually
talking about are the Allens ones that I got at Walmart a while back when they
were on clearance there are two in a bag that are 20 by 30 and I compared them to
one of the caribou bags and they’re very similar I paid three bucks for six bags
and I think they’re going to work great it’s been a couple of years since I’ve
killed a bull so I wasn’t really sure if a hind quarter would fit in very well
front quarter absolutely you might be pressing it on that size for the hind
quarter especially if you get a little larger bag or a little larger bowl
that’s kind of why I like some of those other companies you know like the 6 a.m.
in fact I tested for Tristan last year and as soon as I got back I said god
Tristan if you can make these two two and a half inch inches wider and three
to four inches longer they would be absolutely perfect as we leave bone in
and he actually did make a larger set if you go to the website it has the pink
paracord on it but those are the ones that that I use so yeah synthetic bags
they’re lightweight some of them on the market claimed to breathe they don’t
really breathe and that’s what you want in a game bag and in fact over on the
patreon page we do have an article on a test that a guy did where he took
synthetic canvas cotton and basically you did age testing with some meat in
those and it was really really interesting to see how those bags fared
so all right two-minute clock is counting down Jake what do you think
about the black ovis there okay I think there’s better bags on the
market but they are okay so how far do you drive between your bugles at night
also what are your recommendations for good old Washington State brushy country
so you know how far it just depends I’m gonna go down the road to a point where
I have elevated no trees that you know if I’m on the elevated road I want no
trees so I can kind of hear the canyon a little better and it’s not broken up if
I’m on the bottom bugling up into drainages if I bugle into this one I’m
gonna drive down the road far enough where I’m bugling up in the next so all
right Utah hunt on the 14th should I be real aggressive or tone it
down sued that’s gonna depend on each Bowl it’s gonna vary from encounter to
encounter just pay attention to what the response that Bull has given you and
this is what I mean if you cal call and he’s really excited you bugle and he
gets timid he’s telling you Cal sounds stay with the cow sounds so pay
attention to what that bull is responding to you alright guys we have
just barely over 30 seconds so we’re gonna wrap it up thank you to each and
every one of you for tuning in tonight thank you for asking the questions and
participating I absolutely love having the opportunity to do this get with you
guys each week so as always keep calling keep practicing most importantly they’ll
though have fun and we will see you guys next Wednesday on the next episode of
Wapiti Wednesday Q&A brought to you by elk calling Academy have a great week
and good luck to everybody heading out this weekend shoot straight aim small
miss small we’ll see you guys later

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