On Golden Pond

On Golden Pond

Who the hell is that?Someone’s at the door! It’s me, you poop! Open up! Well look at you. Quite a sight, aren’t I? Where have you been? Oh, in the woods. In the woods? How nice. It’s beautiful. Everything is just waking up. Little tiny birds and little tiny flowers. i saw three chippies and a whole patch
of little tiny flowers out by those summer hold. And there were millions and
millions of little tiny black flies Oh, in my eyes, in my hair, just terrible! What were you doing out there in the woods? I’m catching kindling. Oh my, just look at this place. Yes, it’s a mess, isn’t it? Oh not really. It’ll just take a second.
It will all be shipshape again. Come on, come. Help me with this dust
cover. What happened to the screen door? It fell over. How? I pushed it What do mean? I pushed the door and the
door fell over. Well, it’s not supposed to do that when you push it I didn’t think so. I’ll fix it later. Well you might at least have closed the big door. I didn’t want to touch it. I was afraid of what might happen. Well, now we’ll have every black fly in
here! We’ll be swapping a black flies for the next few days. I don’t see any. Oh, well you don’t see them till it’s too
late. Of course it’s never quite as bad on the lakeside Not when the wind blows. Whitecaps today. I met a very nice couple What? Where? In the woods. You met a couple in the woods? A couple
of people? No, a couple of antelope. Of course a couple of people. Now you needn’t be too careful with that. I’m going to hang them on the line anyway. What are these people doing in the woods? Walking. Their name was Migliore I think
or something Migliore, what sort of name is that? I don’t know, dear. Italian probably. Here, help me with this. Do they speak English? Yes, of course they speak English How do you suppose I talked to them? Here, help me with this. They’re a very nice middle-aged couple. Just like us. If they’re just like us, they’re not
middle-aged. But of course they are

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