‘OMKalen’: Kalen Levels Up Your Barbecue Game

‘OMKalen’: Kalen Levels Up Your Barbecue Game

Actually, y’all, this may be the
best peach cobbler I done ever made. Wow! I really outdid myself today! Hey, y’all. It’s Kalen. Now, as some of you may
know, I held a barbecue at my place to celebrate
Memorial Day a few weeks ago. And the number-one
thing people were asking me wasn’t where I
got my outfit because I knew I was snatched! But they wanted to know
why my food tasted so good. Now, y’all are lucky, because
today I’m going to share the top-secret recipes to a
few of my signature dishes. It’s time I teach the children
about spices and sauces properly preparing your beets. Get a note pad
ready, because you’re about to learn a whole lot. Less get cooking. [MUSIC PLAYING] So the dish we’re going
to make are baked beans. Now, there are many
types of beans– black beans, red beans, and
my favorite, baked beans. Now, the benefits of
beans are a good source of protein and fiber,
low in fat and calories. Now, you can’t just throw
your beans out the can and think they finished. I know that a lot of people
put on the label “baked beans,” but, baby, you must season with
your sauces and your spices. So, now we’re gonna make
us some baked beans. So right now, I’ve got some
bacon cooking over here on the– and it cut off again, dammit. So let me show you
what we got in here. So we got beans
right here, right? Now, this is just
straight out the can. I’m gonna put this last can. So you need three cans
of pork and beans, OK? You’re gonna do about one
cup of barbecue sauce. This time I’m gonna use
Jack’s Steak Barbecue. I’d like to use KC
Masterpiece in my baked beans as well because it gives
it the darker kind of look, and it kind of gives
that baked kind of look. So we’re gonna add some
more liquid smoke into here, so boom, boom, boom– straight
off the smokehouse, baby. One teaspoon of
chili powder, y’all. I love to throw some
honey up in here. We’re gonna make a
little honey barbecue. Now, this is raw,
unfiltered honey. I like it because it gives
a little graininess to it, and I think it’s sweeter
than regular honey. But it’s a little
harder to push out, and, um, my muscles are a little
weak from the gym this morning. So, bear with me. [GRUNTS] OK. You see what our
beans look like? See how it’s brown in color? That’s a great color. Tastes like some good
beans to me, baby. So, now that we have our
baked means on our stovetop, we have one ingredient
that is very crucial to your baked beans. That is brown sugar. Now, you’re gonna put four
tablespoons of brown sugar in here, and that’s
really going to give it some sweetness to it, OK? Oh, yeah, look at that brown
sugar swirling up in there. Let’s taste our sauce. Wow. Wow. That’s perfection, baby. Ooh! We eating good in the
neighborhood today. All right, so now all I
need to do is take my bacon and cut it up and throw it
in this pot of baked beans. And then that is going to
make it and seal the deal. I’m gonna save this one for me. So you’re gonna want to
put your stove top on about medium-high heat, OK? And you’re gonna cook this
or here for about 30 minutes, because pork and beans
are already cooked. So you’re just gonna let the
flavors cook into the beans. But that’s all you need to do. So I’ll see you in 30 minutes. [MUSIC PLAYING] Mm. Ooh, they’re perfect– sweet,
got a little kick to them. That’s it. I need to open my own
restaurant, honestly. Bar-be-kay! Boom. Come on. Stay tuned. My homemade hamburgers–
do I have a name for it? No, but that’s fine,
you know, because I ain’t released a cookbook yet. Maybe one day. Right now, we have in this
bowl are regular ol’ hamburger patties. We’re gonna make them into
one big ol’ meatball, OK? Put a little hole in the middle. Some onions– do I know
how much onion in this? I don’t know. But for this hamburger
meat, all I know is I need a little bit
boom, boom, boom. So, the reason why I’d never
know what the measurements are, because if you’ve been
in any black household, we don’t measure
our ingredients. We just already know
how much to put in here. So that’s kind of how I operate. Ooh, that’s some strong garlic. You’re gonna want to do
one teaspoon of garlic. Pfft. OK, so some stuff you can
measure, cause, you know, I got one teaspoon of garlic. I know I like garlic. I’m gonna mix this
all up together first. Now, I do this because
most people, you know, like to put on their
toppings after they just had the meat in the seasoning. But I think when you put in
the onions and the garlic, it adds more flavor to the
meat and when you cook it. And then the onion is actually
like caramelized and cooked through and grilled as well. And I really like cooked onions
more than I do fresh onions. Now the next part
we are going to do is we’re going to
season the meat. So let me get a paper
towel, wipe off my hands, because I want to have clean
hands when I be touching stuff. No, I did not need to
wash my hamburger meat, because I know folks will
be like, you didn’t wash it, Kalen. Don’t worry. I only wash my chicken and
my veggies and my fruits, OK? Mind your business. I’m gonna use this KC
Masterpiece, because I’m from Kansas City and this is
one of my favorite barbecue seasonings. But then I’m also going to
mix it with this McCormick Grillmaster Smokehouse , maple
because I love that maple and that smoky kind of taste. I am not one to tell
people to be like, well, use four tablespoons
of seasoning when it comes to this kind of seasoning,
because I look at the meat, and I look to see if I can
actually see the seasoning. I believe that you
have seasoned the meat well enough when you can see
the seasoning in the meat. If you can’t see the seasoning,
you didn’t season it enough. I threw the paper
towels on the floor because I was told that it
looked tacky that’s on top. You know, my mama used to
always tell me, clean as you go, clean as you go. I was never good at
it, though, clearly. Smells absolutely wonderful. And you want to make sure
when you’re mixing the meat, if you’re using your
hands, you gotta make sure that you
mix it all together. So you have to really
pull from the inside out. So as you know, I’m
from Kansas City, and Kansas City is a big
barbecue city, right? So, I put barbecue
sauce on everything. And what I do to my
burgers is that I actually put the barbecue sauce in the
burger meat when I cook it. Today we’re going to use Gate’s. And this is the Sweet and Mild. The thing about using
these barbecue sauces, and the reason why I’m trying
to put Kansas City on the map, is because you don’t have
to live in Kansas City to be able to access these. You can actually
order them online on each of the
establishments’ websites. That is how I get
mine, actually. Even with Jack’s Steak, you
can actually order barbecue to be delivered to your house
already, and all you have to do is cook it. Oh, smells great. Reminds me of home. I like it to be smoky. I like the smoke. So I have here
some liquid smoke. And this is really going to
give it that smoky flavor. A lot of the seasoning in
the sauce gets into the meat as well, so then you really
help not making a bland burger. Look at me being a chef. [LAUGHS] Somebody better
give me a cooking show. And we gonna make us
some burger patties. And we gonna stick them
all up in this frying pan. You hear it squishing? Here, I’ll hold it
close to my mic. Yeah, that’s what it
need to sound like. Flatten it out. Get us a little patty. So here we go. We’re gonna cook this patty. Is this on? But you want to make sure that
it cooks enough on this one side that when you try and
flip it, it doesn’t fall apart. It smells great. It’s looking good. Now, I know there are people
out here that don’t eat meat, and I’m just gonna
tell you this. Meat for a barbecue
is essential. Now, no disrespect to the
vegetarians and the vegans. Ooh! Look, them onions are
starting to caramelize. Right, so our
burger is complete. And then we gonna place
our burger here on our bun. And you can put whatever
topping you want. I prefer barbecue sauce. Now I’m gonna use the KC
Masterpiece because I like to mix up the barbecue sauces. And also, the KC Masterpiece
has a very thicker consistency than the Gate’s, so
it’s easier to stay on, because I hate it when like
stuff be falling off the burger and you’re trying to eat it. Slap that on top. Well, everybody, that is
how you make Kalen’s world famous hamburger. That ain’t really world
famous, but you know. You get it. People in my
neighborhood like it. [LAUGHS] Now we are going to
move on over to dessert. And I’m going to make something
that many people have always asked me to make and
wanted to know the recipe. Well, today is your lucky
day, because today Kalen is going to make his world
famous peach cobbler. I’ve been making this peach
cobbler for many years. In fact, when I still
lived in Kansas City, people used to pay
me to make them peach cobblers for the holidays. So I am very well-versed
in this recipe. So what I have first
is a bowl of peaches. Now, this is three
pounds of peaches. Now, let me tell you this. I don’t use fresh
peaches, because I think that sometimes
they are not ripe enough, and I think it’s just
a lot safer for me to get canned peaches, and
then I just strain them and rinse them out. And the first thing we’re gonna
start with is our cornstarch. Now, what the cornstarch
is going to do is that it’s going to make sure
that our juices are thickened and that it’s not just
running all over the place. Because a runny cobbler
is not a good cobbler. Nobody wants that. Now we’re going to
add one cup of sugar. You don’t want a
too-sweet cobbler, either. Ooh, what kind of sugar is this? This some bougie– oh, look at
them crystals– bougie sugar. Now we’re gonna do two
teaspoons of lemon juice. Now we’re gonna go
over here, and we’re gonna put in the most
essential seasoning. Most people just put
in nutmeg, or they just put cinnamon and
they call it a day. I do allspice, cinnamon,
and nutmeg and pure vanilla extract. You know I’m all
about the smokiness, and I think allspice has a very
smoky kind of flavor to it– Christmasy, very
warm kind of feel. But it works good
in a peach cobbler. Now this is a very
bougie vanilla extract. This is actually a Madagascar
bourbon vanilla extract– ooh. I know a lot of people that put
liquor in their peach cobblers as well. I’ve never done that before
because I don’t like to drink. The aroma is just
absolutely wonderful. It’s so warm. It really makes you feel like
you’re just back out at home. See, no one taught me
how to peach cobbler, but I based my
peach cobbler recipe off of actually Patti LaBelle. And what I did was just
I just took her recipe and then added my own little,
you know, pizazz to it. Now what I’m gonna
do last is I’m gonna add honey to this as well. [GRUNTS] Ooh, Lord, this
is making my muscles hurt. Ah! That’s enough. I ain’t got time
to keep squeezing. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’ve done it again. Now, the last thing
you’re going to need is a half a stick of butter. You just gonna cut it up, just
gonna throw it up in here. I prefer to use salted butter. Get that butter evenly
divided within the peaches. Right now I have a pie
crust in the oven in a pan, and that is cooking,
because we’re gonna put a pie
crust on our bottom, and we’re also going
to put it on our top. Don’t we love a
versatile peach cobbler? So now we have
our pie crust that has been cooked in this dish. We’re gonna put our
peaches in here. And we’re gonna put
this crust on top. Ooh, sorry. I used to make my own crust,
but that take too long. I ain’t got all day. I have seen some people
use croissant dough, and I tried that one
time, but I didn’t know you supposed to roll out
the croissant dough first. It overflowed. The dough was real raw. It was just trifling. People talked about me. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. So, now that the
crust is on top, you gonna take the cinnamon. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that gives
a little flavor to the dough as well. Boom. And now you’re gonna set
your oven to 375 degrees, and you’re gonna pop this
in there for about an hour. And then, baby, bon appetit. [MUSIC PLAYING] And there you have it,
ladies and gentlemen. Here it is, my world famous
peach cobbler, straight from the biggest peach himself. No, I really don’t have a peach. I’m working on it, though. I’ve been working on my squats. Now let’s just cut into
this and get a little taste. Ooh, look at that crust. It’s flaky– oh, yes. I like to get a lot
of crust, y’all. Actually, y’all, this might be
the best peach cobbler I done ever made. Wow! I really outdid myself today! Somebody better call me. We about to give me
my own cooking show. Child, yes, please. Oh, my God. Now, that’s how you bring
it to the barbecue, baby. Hope you enjoyed
learning my recipes. But do not share them
with anybody else, OK? I just kidding. If you make any
of these, tag me. I want to see what
you’re cooking, even if it makes me hungry. But don’t you be adding
extra [BLEEP] to it. Comment below if you have
any go-to barbecue recipes, and I will see you
all next SaturKay. You wonder what
happened to my food? My crew ate it. Because it was that good. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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