OMKalen: Kalen Hilariously Reacts to Unseasoned Mac & Cheese

OMKalen: Kalen Hilariously Reacts to Unseasoned Mac & Cheese

Adult mac and cheese. That’s good to know
because I’m grown. I don’t eat that
kitty mess, no more. [LAUGHTER] What the hell
is adult mac and cheese? Mac and cheese is
mac and cheese. OK, unsalted butter. Now personally, I
like salted butter, but I understand if you’ve
got high cholesterol, you can’t do that. You’re going to mix that up. Whole milk. You’re making a roux! I love a good roux. The last time I saw
a mac and cheese video with some roux,
that was a catastrophe. Now you’re just wasting my time. You should have just stuck
the whole stick in there. I don’t have time for this. What’s next? We got pasta. I don’t really understand
why people do this, especially if you
didn’t season the water. Baby, that’s just
nasty and bland. I don’t want pasta
debris in my food. You mix that up. Look at those little
specks of pepper. Wait, Parmesan, as in
the grated Parmesan? That comes in the green
can, next to the Velveeta? In aisle seven? That doesn’t melt. You
can’t use Parmesan. That goes on top of the
pasta, after it’s done. Y’all need more
cheese than this. Where’s the cheddar? The Gruyere? The Monterrey Jack? OK, more Parmesan cheese
in with this water. So you just done
diluted this cheese, so it basically don’t
taste like nothing. You know what? This is that mess
I’m talking about. That don’t have no taste to it. Basically? You’re right, basically
basic, because that’s the basic ass mac and
cheese that I’ve never seen in my life. You know what? I should’ve known this was
going to be some [MUTED].. So you know how we just
watched the video with that mac and cheese, and it was terrible? Well, I found one
that’s good, and we’re going to watch it together. Here we go. Hey, y’all. Welcome back to my channel. Today we’re going to
be making old school baked mac and cheese. So I’m going to start
by boiling my pasta. Now I’m going to boil my
pasta in some chicken stock, because I believe what’s in the
water going to come in pasta. Chicken stock. Never thought of it in my life. Brilliant. I want my pasta to be sopped
up with a little flavor. So I’m going to boil it
in some chicken stock, ’cause I don’t want
to do no water. OK? Sopped up. Oh, my god. Even her water seasoned. Then I’m to take my
beat up pan that I got, I’m going to boil my
pasta till it’s al dente. Baby, I need to get
her some new pans, because that thing
is on it’s last leg. To about seven minutes, and
then I’m going to strain it. Make sure you don’t overcook it. OK. Then we’re going to add
our butter to the pasta. Ooh, look at all
that butter, y’all. One stick of butter, and
the ingredients with be in the description box below. Don’t you worry. And I bet it’s salty. Yes, god. We’re going to give it
a stir, but make sure you don’t stir it too much
because you don’t want to make the pasta too gummy. Right. That ain’t good. Then I’m going to
add my sour cream. This made me nervous. I’m going to add sour cream,
but this is how my mama made it. And if it ain’t broke,
don’t try to fix it. It’ll be good as hell. Be sopped up, it’s
the old school way. Add a little sour cream. Then we’re going to
add some seasoning. I’m just adding
little bit of paprika, for some color, because
you know it don’t taste like nothing, child. What did I tell you
about the paprika? And some onion
powder, garlic powder. Yo, she has me weak. And a little bit of
salt, because remember, we cooked our pasta
in the chicken stock, so it doesn’t need
that much salt. Now we’ll add our cheese here. Look at all that cheese. This is how you
make mac and cheese. Just as much cheese as you want. Maybe about a cup at time. Add some provolone,
some mozzarella, little cheddar to that, and I’m
just going to give it a stir. Yes, god. So I added about
three cups of cheese. Make it cheesy baby. [INAUDIBLE] lasagna. Lord help me. Baby, sopped up. Now before you dig
into it, just let it rest for about 10
minutes and then look. Won’t he do it? Baby. Baby. God is real in my soul. Yes he is. Amen! Talk to you all later! Oh, my gosh. I need to meet this
woman, she has me crying. [SOUND EFFECT]


  1. A girl brought cooked shells and just put cheese on it , and just used the school microwave than ate it.The Afro and Latina and my was quacking

  2. I’d definitely try that mc n cheese, the second one πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ THAT lady is so funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ gosh! I love her!! It looks so delicious!

  3. Darlin, that IS NOT How You Make A RouxπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    You start with Butter & FLOUR…
    THEN Add The Milk Or Meat Juice.
    I’m guessing that this person is TRYING [not too successfully, to make a BΓ©chamel sauce].
    Some people use Pasta or Potato water as a Thickening agent, because of the Starch.
    FYI, my mac’n’cheese is the BOMB!!!

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