OMKalen: Kalen Allen Teaches You How to Spice Up Your Food

OMKalen: Kalen Allen Teaches You How to Spice Up Your Food

So I got my bag of
seasonings here, baby. And each one has its
own specific purpose. [THEME MUSIC] So last week I went to
dinner and ordered pasta. And when I tell you it
was the absolute blandest pasta I’d done ever
tasted, it literally didn’t make no damn sense to me. So I asked for salt
and pepper, because I figured that was all they had
since it was a restaurant. You know, that’s what
they can give you. And even the salt
and pepper was bland. How in the world is your
seasoning un-seasoned? I realized that I do a lot
of salt-and-pepper bashing, without ever providing
alternative suggestions. How do I not know that
you all only use salt and pepper, because
that’s all you know? Well, today that all changes. All right, let me grab my bag. OK, now in most
households, black folk, we have a cabinet
underneath the sink, and we keep all the
plastic bags under there because people be trying
to charge you for ’em. And the lies you tell, baby,
I’m trying to keep my coin. Now, this is my favorite, OK? Now, this is Sylvia’s
Soulful Seasoned Salt. Baby, the “Soulful” sold me already. Now, listen, this right here is
versatility at its finest, OK? And if you get the
Morton’s brand– I got that kind, too– it’s called “Season All.” Why? Because it seasons all. Baby, you can put
this in everything, and it will always do the trick. But don’t get too heavy-handed,
because your cholesterol going to get high. And, child, ain’t
nobody got no time to be going to nobody’s doctor. Lies you tell. Now, another season is paprika. Now, personally, I don’t
think this has much taste or does anything at all. But they use it on Top
Chef, so I bought it. Now, you’re going to have to
use Google to figure out what the hell to do,
but I’m– oh– oh! They sell a Hungarian version. Tyler, zoom in this. Can you see it? You got it? OK, good. Now, listen. I tried the Hungarian flavor. And just like my prognosis
about the regular paprika, I can’t taste it. But to each his own. I love me some chicken wings. Preferably air-fried. Speaking of, uh,
Mackenzie, can you go heat up my
lunch for me, baby? Thank you, sugar. You are so good. Ain’t she so kind? I like to season them with a
little bit of lemon pepper. Now, I don’t– wait,
do I have it with me? No, I don’t have any
with me, because I used the last bit last night. But just know you may
need a mint afterwards. But it’s good nonetheless. OK, now how many of
y’all make pasta? OK, great. So when you are boiling
pasta, they often tell you to add a pinch of
salt. My question is, what in the hell is a pinch of salt? Baby, all thumbs are
not created equal. I got itty bitty thumbs! What if somebody got big thumbs? That’s too much salt! But anyway, what I like to do
is throw a little bit of, um– where it is at? Garlic salt or garlic powder. Let me find my garlic powder. Where’s it at? Oh, here it go. Right here. Garlic powder, OK? Now, by doing this you prevent
the pasta from tasting fresh. Ain’t nobody want no
bland, fresh pasta. Oh! Look at me doing the
good work of the lord. Oh, I’m really out
here teaching y’all. Now, some notable mentions
are onion salt, onion powder, Adobo seasoning– oh, I
ain’t got that, either– and curry powder. And, you know, since
I’m from Kansas City, I got a little bit
of extra stuff. So you know I like
barbecue, right? So here a little plug. I got me some Kansas City
Gate’s Barbecue Seasoning and some Jack Stack
Barbecue barbecue seasoning. Baby, this will do the trick
just like seasoning salt, too. Amen. Won’t it do it, OK? Now, with that being said,
I got to go finish my wings from last night. I’ll see y’all next week. Bye! Mackenzie, my food done?


  1. Kalen, you gotta get Sazon Goya! I saw you mentioned the Adobo, but Sazon is also excellent for meats and to give some coloring to your food.

  2. Ellen can you go check out BriannnLouis Channel because he sings so good and has a meaning in every song he has.

  3. It really is the truth tho us black folk are really the only ones who know how to season food
    I swear
    A pinch of SaLt AnD PePpEr iS nOT SeAsOnINg! !

  4. 😅I like Kalen,hey kaleeeen!
    So Ayesha Curry said that a pinch of salt ain’t two fingers but three:the thumb,the index and the middle.

  5. As a matter of fact, pasta cooking water should taste noticeably salty in order to properly season the pasta, a pinch won’t do the trick.

  6. Oh yes, us white folk know nothing about cooking. Really sick of the black / white comparisons he does in his videos. And all the commentary about it. Unsubscribing.

  7. Boy Pulleease… u need to come to Jamaica for a taste of our seasoning…on anything.
    No, am not bragging…but we use seasonings that are NOT in a pack.

  8. I want to see him on a tv showo or in a movie…As the main character. I need constant OMKalen. He's the clean version of Kat Williams😂🙏❤

  9. " even the salt and pepper was bland " -kalen allen 2019

  10. Epic Kalen! I like sriracha sauce and I like jalapenos right out of the jar and sipping the juice, pepper jack cheese! So basically anything hot and spicy I'm just about anything! 🙏💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Also, seasoned food has alot to do with the class system. Spice was often used to cover up spoiling foods and make lower class foods more palatable. Seasoning was a way of preserving and streatching food. Meanwhile, those who could have higher quality felt that the food should taste like itself and anything added should be simple and enhance only. You should be able to taste the quality.

  12. "how do you have unseasoned seasoning?" me when my friends take me to olive garden, yard house, bj's, and cheesecake factory 😂😂😂

  13. I always thought paprika tasted like nothing, until I tried smoked paprika. It adds way more flavor than basic paprika

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