1. I just discovered you and I'm glad and I agree. Just cause it bougie or (bouche) doesn't mean it's better.. amen!!

  2. 2:23 "pumpkin pie taste like sweet potato pie….but wit a low self-esteem"😹☠️

    Dang…. that's so true tho

  3. Kalen is the kind of man I imagine knows that when you buy potato chips the stores makes you pay for the bag, chips, and the air…

  4. Hey Kalen you look like you can rock a bowtie. Just saw this guy on my hometown news named Lionel Loveless. He makes bowties out of recycled clothes. His company name is Officially Knotted. Check it out!!!

  5. If you look up "Bougie" like how he spelled it, it means this:
    a thin, flexible surgical instrument for exploring or dilating a passage of the body.

  6. Bran home video 📹 for me on show is because for my mother she say something about that as well they feel like be in you way soon see I can do

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