Oil of Oregano – Natural Treatment for Gastric Ulcers

hi i’m doctor james machine on and i
were talking today about stomach ulcers sir do with the lol sears and their treatment including oil of
oregano so what’s amazing about oil of oregano
that contains active constituents have been shown to kill certain viruses
harmful bacteria um… you know the fungus that causes
east infections can be a and other microorganisms that can be harmful to
the body so if he hacks like nature’s antibiotic
if you will and this is especially true for the p
seventy three wild oregano plan which is the one that i use the recommended has
the most real research behind it so georgetown university medical center
where they can attest to that they saw that it was able to kilby’s
fungal infections that are associated with sort of chronic yeast infections
candied albicans more specifically but experimental evidence also shows
that oil of oregano this particular form of
that can kill thirty different strains of harmful bacteria is well as the
corona viruses which of the second leading cause of the common cold in those providers is can also cause
pneumonia and some other wrappers for three track infections interesting uh… it’s that uh… oil of oregano
that oil ever rentals also been shown to kill the helicobacter pylori bacteria
which is a bacteria that’s that’s associate with ninety percent of do a
deal all servers an eighty percent of stomach ulcers and so you have to do this uh… away love oregano contains he’s
active volatile oils that actually kilby’s
microorganisms andy’s orals are fine mall and carve a crawl and you have very street the dow teaches
at these things in the peace every three while the retinal plant so would do a deal in stomach ulcers you can use all will have a regular
factor recommended to do it used or delivery go in conjunction with the
standard medical treatments that you would be given by your doctor to kill
bacteria and to shut down the acidity so what medical doctors typically do with
else’s they give you an antibiotic to take to kill the helicobacter bacteria then they give you a proton pump in
hitter to shut down the city in the stomach not to irritate the ulcer and they sometimes will even at an
antacid that you would take at the same time but you can in conjunction with that you
can add oil of oregano and you can also use twitter called d_ g_ l_ tablets
these these types of licorice to have a cd chu but also help to heal the ulcer now when i use is the two hundred fifty
milligram capsules orlow oregano using the p seventy three
wild oregano bland as part of the complimentary management of stomach
ulcers and do a deal ulcers uh… remember that meaning you can stay
on standard antibiotics for ever because you’ll end up with antibiotic resistance
so assure discourse of antibiotics is the
most important course and then or love oregano conservative
got the slacking keep the feed the uh… the killing effect of the bacteria going uh… and also if you’re going to use
even oil oregano for more than a week make sure you take some probiotics with
it because the role of oregano is also killing the friendly got bacteria and
you want to reconstitute it seems to be taking a probiotic at the same time as
the oil of oregano sup but that we’re talking about so we should do right now to really
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