[Oh no! What did the doctor say?] Healthy Habits_Eat Right l #Blueprint 2

[Oh no! What did the doctor say?] Healthy Habits_Eat Right l #Blueprint 2

– Why don’t you tell me what
you’ve eaten in the last 24 hours. That might help us figure out the
reason for your stomachache. – Hmm. Mostly fast food. I had
pizza, ribs, and a burrito, I think. – Well, I don’t think you need me to
tell you that fast food is bad for you. – I stay active. I’m
not overweight. Plus, I lift weights and
play sports all week. – That’s not an excuse to
eat so much fast food. Not to mention that most
of those foods are sugary. – Pizza is sugary? – Yes. The tomato sauce in
pizza often has lots of sugar because it’s made
from old tomatoes. – What do you mean? – Fast foods are often stored for
a long time before they’re sold. They’re not fresh, and they
don’t taste good anymore. So companies add sugar, salt, and other
chemicals to hide the bad taste. So if you keep eating fast food, you’ll continue having
health problems. – I had no idea! I guess I do need
to cut down on the fast food. – Also, you’re eating
a lot of protein. That’s good for your
goal of gaining muscle, but don’t forget about
the other food groups. You need to make sure you eat
a balanced diet. Understand? – Yes, doctor. – What’s up, Lucas? Want
some of my noodles? – No… – Lucas saying no to food?
What’s wrong? – Actually, I went to the doctor a few days
ago because I was having bad stomachaches. – Oh no! What did
the doctor say? – We mostly talked
about my diet. She said to stop eating so much fast food
and told me to eat a more balanced diet. – Sorry to hear that. But it’s good advice.
You do eat a lot of fast food. – What will you eat, then? – Well, I have some grilled
chicken, broccoli, rice, and fruit. – Sounds kind of bland. – It’s not so bad. My coach says this diet will help
me stay full and gain muscle. Also, if you add the right spices,
the food tastes all right. – Yeah, it doesn’t sound so bad.
But broccoli? Yuck. I’m not a fan of broccoli. – Yeah, me neither. But it’s
full of vitamins and nutrients. You should start worrying
about your diet too, guys. – I agree with Lucas. In fact, I’m
thinking about becoming a vegetarian. – Why? There’s no way I
could give up eating meat. Plus, men need protein
to stay strong. – Well, besides saving animals’
lives, I just think it’s healthier. And you can get protein from
sources other than meat. There’s protein in beans
and certain grains. Being vegetarian can be really
good for your health, you know! I read that vegetarians
have a lower risk of developing heart disease
and cancer, for example. – That sounds good, but I
think I’ll stick to my diet. It hasn’t let me down so far. – What diet is that, Sophia? I just eat whatever I want. Starting
with some of Bomin’s tacos. – Hey! – What? If you become a vegetarian,
you won’t need this anyway.

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