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“Fruity” music Greetings my beautiful lovelies! It’s Emmy. Welcome back to another episode of Fruity Fruits where I taste fruits that are fruity…. If you’ve missed the previous episodes, I will put the playlist above and down below, and you can check out out on your own leisure. So today I’m going to be tasting noni. So here is an example of a noni fruit. It’s also known by its scientific name, morinda citrifolia. And it’s found in Southeast Asia, Australia, and widely spread in Polynesia. So according to the National Institute of Health’s website, noni has been shown to have antioxidant properties; Immune stimulating properties; and tumor fighting abilities. So, lots of promise in this fruit. But I think what is the major deterrent and what I think it’s become infamous for is its smell? Noni, when the fruit is ripe is very very odorous. I would describe the smell as being a bit like dill pickle it has that kind of vinegary Tang a bit like Limburger cheese kind of foul-smelling cheese not like cheddar cheese but a very ripe ripe cheese and a bit like Excrement as well. Yeah, so it’s it’s pretty unpleasant. So noni is known by a few different names including the famine fruit It was eaten during times of desperation and starvation. These were quite expensive. I order them from Miami fruits I got a small box of them for $87 they arrived Green and I place them on this tray and I put them in my garage to allow them to ripen Because I knew that they would develop the smell when they arrived they didn’t smell of anything and as you can see some of these Are still green? So after I do the taste test I’m going to put these back into the garage to allow them to finish ripening So once they’re green, they start to turn white. They still remain quite hard then they get kind of yellow and then they get this translucent quality to them where you can almost see through these kind of pores and they become very very soft and very, Smelly so there’s a few different ways to tackle noni You can eat it raw which I’ll be doing today and then you can roast the seeds afterwards I think most traditionally how noni is prepared is that it’s made into a ferment drink So I’m also going to be doing that today But then I’ll have to follow up in a couple months because the fermentation process Takes quite a while So then I’ll do a follow-up video where I’ll consume the fermented noni juice After we let it sit for a couple of months It turns into this brown Pulpy liquid that you have to strain and then you can consume the juice you can store it in your refrigerator At that point to stop the fermentation process all of It sounds very curious and I am super excited to see what happens to this odoriferous Fruit after it sits around for a couple of months So stay tuned for that video But in the meanwhile, let’s try a noni. Raw. All right. Here we go. So this looks like a very nice example So it has gotten very translucent. So it’s very interesting the way that noni grows on the branch so the ones that are farthest away from the trunk of the Noni are the youngest so it’ll be the most green and as they get closer to the trunk They get larger and more ripe. Currently we are in fall here in New England and it’s been pretty cool So these have been sitting in my garage and it took about three days for them to go from this state to this state? I imagine if I did this inside or if you lived in a warmer climate this probably could happen Within a day or even overnight. All right, so let’s cut this open and see what it looks like inside. Woo, it’s actually quite firm in the inside Wow look at that. This actually reminds me the interior of a soursop, which is the most recent fruity fruits video I did a similar kind of vein in the middle here and kind of seeds that are radiating outwards and also this kind of translucent quality of the fruit now you can really smell the pungent-ness of this fruit now in Terms of pungency and strength and concentration of the odor It reminds me a little bit of fish sauce if you’ve ever used fish sauce in Southeast Asian cookery It’s a very concentrated condiment made of fermented usually small fish like anchovies, but it’s very very pungent And this has a similar strength of pungency. The smell is quite different. This does not smell like fish at all Sometimes called the vomit fruit or the cheese fruit and it does smell a little bit cheesy So, let’s give our noni a taste. Itadakimasu Hmm… A lot of seeds Actually, I think you can just munch the seeds as well So I’ll go ahead and do that Rather than spitting them out because they’re so many. Well. Hmm.. very interesting. That smell definitely does carry over. It seems to reduce a bit in terms of when it goes into your mouth it’s significantly tart, more tart than I expected and That flavor afterwards is kind of lasting. It does still taste a Bit fetid and sour and now it tastes more vomited. It does taste a bit like after you’ve had Something you weren’t supposed to eat and you toss up your cookies and that you have that kind of residual kind of bile flavor It’s not pleasant But what I find most interesting is that there’s a tingling sensation Kind of a numbing sensation that happens almost immediately. Once you start eating the fruit my tongue feels a little bit raw and it’s all kind of numbing and tingling I still can taste and I can still feel but it reminds a little bit of when you Have like Szechuan peppercorn and you get that a little bit of tongue numbing quality It’s a bit like that or if you have a pineapple, that’s slightly Not ripe. It does that kind of Something-something to the inside of your mouth. That’s what this is doing The flavor is not very good and there’s not much fruit to this. Mostly it’s seeds So inside your mouth when you’re eating it texturally you just get a little bit of the fruit itself, but mostly it’s seeds uh-huh It’s not really a nice texture either The seeds are very woody and Hard to get through it’s kind of like when you’re chewing melon seeds but much tougher Again, the flavor is not very good It’s tangy and just smelly I’ve heard if you put a little bit of salt it can be a little bit like cheese Let’s try that. Makes it more savory Hmm Wow So as you get closer to where the noni is attached to the branch The concentration of that numbing quality seems to increase when I ate the end here there was a bit But then as I got closer to the end here, it’s very very strong Also, the pungency is much stronger too as you get closer to the stalk very very pungent and stinky and when you have it with the salt it definitely enhance it and makes it taste more savory; and more like Limburger cheese, but I don’t find this pleasant at all… Perhaps if it was cooked or something? [If] it was paired with something? And this comes from someone that appreciates stinky things: I like fish sauce, I love natto, but this is just a little bit over the top for me It’s just kind of overwhelming in terms of the strength and concentration of the smell It’s kind of similar in terms of intensity to Surströmming the fish that has been Fermented and then canned and it produces so much gas from the fermenting process that the can actually bulges Its intense like that, not as intense. That was probably the most intense smelling thing that I’ve ever eaten But it’s probably in a similar class, but let’s go ahead and make some juice. Shall we? So what I’ve got here is a cleaned one gallon glass jar So before I ripen my fruit, I washed it already And now what I’m gonna do is simply put it into the jar. Now we want the fruit to be very very ripe as it ripens It kind of oozes a little bit, it kind of sweats. So that’s exactly what we want Just place them in the jar and pack them in there really well Some of my noni are not ripe I’m gonna wait till these fully ripen before I add them to this jar so right now I have Four and then I’m gonna add the one that I cut up as well Although this is green on the end here. This one is oozing already and very translucent on the top So I’m going to add this one as well. Now what I’m gonna do is just close this up and then you set this out in the Sun and then the fruit will begin to weep and Start to exude its juices you let that sit there for about two months and it will become very dark at that point We’re going to strain out all the pulp and then the juice is ready to serve So in the meanwhile What I’ll do is take a picture of this jar every couple of days and watch its Progression and then in a couple months. We will give this a taste. All right I hope you guys enjoyed that edition of fruity fruits Let me know in the comments below if there any other fruits that you’d like me to taste or try; be sure to check out the Fruit Fruits playlist so you can see some other interesting fruits; and yeah, be sure to share this video with your friends; follow me on social media; subscribe; and like; and I shall see you in the next one! Toodle-oo! Take care! Bye!! Mahhh!!

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