1. you guys could've shown ONE freaking recipe!!! what's the fucking point of just showing us pictures and telling us "oh its so convenient to have someone prepare stuff for you"… yeah no shit sherlock. Wish i could've at least learnt a new recipe

  2. Nick Jonas is a diabetic, I don’t know if it’s type I or II. But he must eat very healthy foods to keep it under control.

  3. It'd've been nice to better explain flavours and textures. Like all I got was it was really good, fresh.. I mean the food looks good, but…? Didn't bother to see til the end, 'cause there was nothing for me. I mean, I can't eat the food myself, can't afford a chef – so give me SOMETHING, ok?

  4. I could have sworn priyanka said she was vegan. This is what irritated many south Asians about her that she always has two sides to her. That all her rules only applied to the average person but her. She spoke against air pollution due to diwali fireworks but had like millions of fire crackers on her wedding. She said she was 100% vegan and the whole world will be one day when she was new in the USA and her personal chef says she has a chicken salad daily. She is a UN ambassador for world peace but promoted a nuclear war on Pakistan. She has a different accent in India and a different English accent when abroad. I am a huge fan but I will call her out on her hypocrisy.

  5. How can you Americans get satisfied with such small portions ? The amount of her lunch/dinner would make no more than my evening snack. How ?

  6. I never understood why men don't just marry a woman that can cook her ass off instead of getting a housewife that can't cook and then paying another woman to do the cooking.

  7. TIME FOR USELESS POTENTIAL ARGUMENT if you have never actually worked in a kitchen making menus,paying salary's and making orders are you actually a "chef" or just a pro cook.

  8. If i could hire a chef and have the money to always have healthy ingredients in home, i would never turn to junk food. Never! Cuz if i even turn to healthy eating and start preparing my food, i can only think of chicken, eggs, meat and brown bread. Thats it 🤣🤣😂 then i end up gicing up in 2 or 3 days 🤣

  9. They are to reach to hire personal chefs..we are normal people we can learn and fo if for our self not exactly like her but lil …we can make it

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