My wife is super lazy. 😣 [Hello Counselor Sub : ENG,THA / 2018.02.05]

My wife is super lazy. 😣 [Hello Counselor Sub : ENG,THA / 2018.02.05]

“Honey, Let’s Do It, Please.” Hello. I got married just a year ago. I always tell my wife, “Honey. I will work hard to make you happy.” “I don’t feel like it. Just don’t do anything.” My wife is super lazy. When I get home from work, “You didn’t wash your hair again?” “I don’t feel like it.” “We don’t have clean towels. Why didn’t you do the laundry?” “I don’t feel like it.” The house is always a mess. She doesn’t want to cook, so I only get rice. When she does decide to cook… “It’s salty! How can I eat this?” “I got lazy, so I didn’t taste it.” (How a lazy person cooks) “I didn’t taste it.” “Why are you like this? If you keep this up, I’ll go on Hello Counselor.” “I don’t care. Don’t bother me.” So here I am. It’s a serious concern, right? Please help me. Let’s see how he feels. Please come on out. (Who’s concerned about his lazy wife?) (Park Haeil) (Welcome!) Welcome. Tell us how lazy your wife is. Today is the one-year anniversary of our marriage. – Today? / – Yes. Congratulations! You’re here to expose her on your anniversary. Right. We’ve been married for a year but she has never cooked me breakfast. – Not once? / – No. She only gives me rice when I come home. So you order delivery food at other times? Yes. We eat out or order delivery. You can’t usually finish cooking without tasting it. She really doesn’t taste it? The only soups that my wife can cook are kimchi stew, soybean paste soup, fish cake soup and soft tofu soup. – Just those. / – So she cooks the basics. But she throws everything in without tasting it. She makes me eat it nevertheless. I asked her why she doesn’t taste it and she said, “I didn’t feel like it.” (I want to eat a nice home-cooked meal) Do you both work? No. No? My wife stays at home and I work. What does she do at home? So she stays at home and you work? What did she do at home? Does she just stay home and rest all day? – She takes care of our baby. / – I see. What do you do? I own a small restaurant. I work alone, so I have to do everything by myself. – You work by yourself? / – Yes. I go to work at 10 and get off at 10. It must be tough. So after I come home at ten, the place isn’t clean. So I have to clean and cook. Have you ever talked to her about it? Yes, but it feels like I’m talking to a wall. I suggest that we work hard and live hard and she just says, “Let’s not.” She doesn’t wash her hair for 4-5 days. (Are you really newlyweds?) You didn’t know this before you got married? My friends tried to talk me out of marrying her. It’s so bad your friends tried to stop you? I thought she would change once we got married. I can tell who it is. It looks like she didn’t want to get dressed. She looks very comfortable. In one color. It looks like she’s right at home. I thought she was doing a temple stay. (She has a stain, too) We were supposed to leave at 10 this morning and she woke up at 9:30. When you were supposed to leave at 10? She didn’t wash her hair to be on TV? No, she didn’t. (Oh my) (I don’t care if I look good on TV) She got up 30 minutes before leaving. But I am grateful that she came here today. Let’s meet her now. Hello. (Who’s the lazy wife?) Please hold up the mic. Hello. Are you really too lazy to do anything? Yes. Is that why you’re wearing clothes in one color? No. So you put a lot of thought into your outfit? No. I feel like I’m talking to a wall since your clothes are the same color as the wall (One with the wall) It’s like she’s part of the wall. It’s like she’s sticking her head out of the wall. He just wants a nice, warm meal after work. He’s not asking for a lot. So I give him rice. That’s all you give him. Right. What about the side dishes? He can take them out of the refrigerator. Can’t you put them in small bowls for him? No, I don’t do that. She’s saying, “Why would I do that?” Why don’t you taste your own cooking? I don’t do it because I don’t like tasting it. Then you can’t tell what it tastes like. My husband can taste it later. You don’t eat at home? I do once my husband fixes it. So let’s say you made soup. It’s salty. Your husband adds water and boils it again? Yes. Then you shouldn’t have added any seasoning. But you need to add seasoning to cook. Did you know the recipes beforehand? Or did you get it off the internet? I got it online and add in the amounts I want. – You add in amounts as you see fit? / – Yes. (Can’t understand) What do you think your role is at home? Our child is 9 months old. So all I do is look after our child. Today is your one-year anniversary. Your baby is 9 months old. Were you 7 months pregnant when you got married? – 6 months. / – You got pregnant first. That was quick. It wasn’t cumbersome to do that? (I guess she likes to do some things) She must’ve wanted a baby pretty badly. Can’t you be more understanding if she’s too tired from watching the baby? She’s lazy when it comes to the baby, too. Really? It was before we bought a bottle sterilizer. She was supposed to boil the bottles, but she went 5 days without doing that. (That’s terrible for the baby!) She only rinsed the bottles with water. The bottles? – Even for baby food… / – That’s bad. She went 5 days without giving the baby solid food. – Solid food? / – Yes. How are you taking care of the baby? You’re just mixing formula? No, that’s not true. I do a lot of work at home. I make solid food for the baby at times, but it’s hard, so I want my husband to help. But he doesn’t. When she was 7-8 months pregnant, the baby was upside down in her womb. I suggested that we exercise in the evening, but she’d say she exercised earlier and refused to budge. The baby never turned and she had to get an early C-section. Shouldn’t you have exercised? It wasn’t a dangerous situation. That’s dangerous too. I did exercise, but he doesn’t acknowledge it. What did you do? The cat pose. You mean this? (Is it this?) (Shake shake) That’s a tiger pose. (Hahahaha) Weren’t you told to take walks outside? The doctor never told me that. – She only told you about the cat pose? / – Yes. – That’s why you only did that? / – Yes. It was very cumbersome for her but she made some dishes for us today. Really? Did you taste them first? She said no. We’ll do it. Give us some seasoning. We said there are 8 of us, but she barely made enough for one person. She had a hard time making it. She put it off until the last minute. I think it was 4:30 in the morning. She woke up at that hour? No, she got home then after drinking. Your wife? Then they must really taste bad. It’s not cumbersome to go out drinking? – No, I like to drink. / – I see. She was drunk, but still cooked for us. Let’s see what she made. Oh my. Come and taste them. I’m looking forward to it. There’s soup. Let’s take a look. There’s fish cake soup. Fish cake soup. Kimchi stew. – Japchae. / – They look good. What’s this? They can’t taste bad. These are all tasty dishes. She brought dishes that taste good. (Sniff sniff) I just smelled them. They smell very bland. What is this? Spicy meat stew? What is this? Kimchi stew? Kimchi stew. It smells bland, right? (Sniff sniff) (How can this be kimchi stew?) The fish cake soup smells okay. What’s wrong with the quail eggs? (Help my tongue!) Jaehyo! You must eat. – What is it? / – Try it! It’s salty. You can’t really ruin quail eggs. It’s hard to ruin it. (In the shape of the container) (Japchae is reborn) It’s hard to do that. (It’s hard to make Japchae look like this) (This is not a rice cake) I thought it was a rice cake. (Oh my… I’m so embarrassed) (I’m impressed hahaha) My tongue hurts. (Tasting beef in soy sauce) – My tongue hurts. / – Why? Tell us. My tongue hurts because it’s so salty. Oh, my tongue hurts. (Cough cough) It’s too salty. I like salty food, but it’s too salty. If you eat one quail egg, you must eat 3 spoonfuls of rice. This makes you eat lots of rice. I could finish the whole bowl with this. (It’s so salty) You must eat 3 spoons of rice. (Chanwoo tastes kimchi stew) (Hmm) It really makes you eat more rice. What is this kimchi stew supposed to taste like? You didn’t taste any of these when you cooked? What is this supposed to taste like? How can this be kimchi stew? What is this supposed to be? (What is this?) I’ve never tasted anything like it in my life. And it’s supposed to be kimchi stew. This fish cake soup barely has that flavor. What is this supposed to taste like? (Tasting it) – This isn’t fully cooked. / – It’s not? I don’t know. – This… / – Unbelievable. What’s surprising is that these two taste very similar. What is this taste? Wow. They are two different dishes, but taste the same. Let me ask you? What did you season this with? – Salt. / – You added salt? When you made kimchi stew did you stir-fry kimchi before boiling it? No. Oh… (Speechless) He just sighed loudly. (You realize how serious it is, right?) This is supposed to be kimchi stew. The fish cake soup only smells like fish cakes. – This isn’t fully-cooked. / – It isn’t? The noodles are hard. This tastes like that radish served with sashimi. (Tastes like shredded radish) It’s hard to undercook the noodles this badly, right? I wish I could give all of you here the chance to taste these. It’s not about her being a bad cook. How can I put this? What is this supposed to taste like? I’ve never tasted anything like it. Everything is so salty that I must eat this much rice. – For one quail egg. / – The rice tastes the best. Did you make the rice? No. Oh, this is microwaved rice. Our production crew microwaved it? No wonder it tasted so good. I can only eat a little bit at a time since it’s so salty. (The golden ratio to eat beef) (In one bite!) I don’t know what they’re supposed to taste like. (Now it tastes good!) Look. All she put in the japchae are bell peppers and noodles. I put in onions, too. I can only see bell peppers and noodles. This dish has no meat. There’s no beef in the beef in soy sauce. How did you choose these dishes? To cook for today? They are my husband’s favorites. – Oh, your husband’s favorite. / – Beef in soy sauce. Let’s give them to him then. (No… Thanks…) Since they’re your favorite. Does it usually taste like this? Or did she make it better than usual? (Nervous) Give him some rice. (It tastes the same… Oh gee) (He desperately needs rice) You want some more? (Oh, woe is me) (Is it that bad?) They have someone here with them today. – Welcome. / – Hello. How do you know the two? I’ve been his friend since high school. I’m one of the friends who tried to stop him. – Why did you try to talk him out of it? / – Why? They worked together before. I thought they would divide up the chores. But my friend did all the chores after work. She would just watch television and ask him to get her some water. I see. Before you got married, you two lived together. So I tried to talk him out of it since I felt it’d be tough for him, but he didn’t listen to me. Neither of them are bad people. But something is just so frustrating. I feel so frustrated. I need a solution. You let her get away with everything before. It’s not easy to change that now, right? Why were you so lenient with her? She can’t do anything by herself. She can’t go to a supermarket to shop by herself. She always asks me what to wear that day. She asks how she should dress the baby. She asks me how many towels she needs. How many diapers. She calls when I’m at work. – Oh, my head. / – That’s stressful. She can’t talk to her hairdresser at the salon. So I go with her to say what style she wants. That’s quite serious. She can’t order delivery food. – Delivery food? / – Why can’t she order delivery? Since I’m the man, she asks me to do it. I think she is very indecisive. Why do you ask your husband everything? I think, “Maybe he knows a little more than I do.” Know what more than you do? You both are parents for the first time. To whom did you ask these questions before you got married? My friends. Don’t you think she’s indecisive? I think she’s very much so. She calls me whenever the baby cries. She asks, “What do I do? She keeps flipping over when I try to change her diaper.” There’s nothing I can do when I’m at work. So I get frustrated when I get those calls. Why can’t you change her diaper? She keeps flipping over. Then you flip her back over. She keeps getting away. Then you flip her over on her back again. She keeps crawling away. – She does? / – Yes. – Is she as fast as a cheetah? / – No. “Oh, she’s already over there.” “Sweetie!” That’s not how it goes. Is she that fast? So let’s say you asked him and he told you to pack 4 handtowels. Then you can pack 4 handtowels next time. No. I ask him every time. “How many should I pack?” (Ah!) But you already know the answer. – You don’t know? / – No. You don’t know how many you need to take? Right. You don’t know how much formula to take? No. You should find out. Have you ever not called your husband for a day? No. She just can’t. She lost her ID card and had to get her photo taken. She said she couldn’t go alone. She couldn’t go take a picture alone. So I closed the restaurant and went with her for an hour to take a picture. That’s serious. Why couldn’t you go alone? Because I have a baby. How can I take a picture with a baby? You could’ve taken him and ask an employee to watch him while you take a picture. The photographer works alone. Then you could’ve put him in a stroller. There wasn’t one. – There wasn’t? / – No. Oh darn. (Frustrated) You must have some complaints, too. My husband helps out a little after work and plays computer games until 3 a.m. When our baby wakes up in the middle of the night he never goes to check up on the baby no matter how much the baby cries. I want to talk to him, but he won’t talk. Because he’s busy playing his games. When we eat, he only stares at his phone. I can understand where she’s coming from. No wife would say, “Since you worked so hard, get your rest by playing computer games.” You must be zonked out to look tired. – But he comes home and plays games. / – He’s up. I think it’s more healing and relaxing to do something you like rather than sleep. She didn’t choose to watch the baby. – True. / – She was angry. I’m sorry. There must be a home life that you dreamed of. I wish we could live happily as a family. You don’t think you’re happy now? No, I don’t think so. Why do you think that is? Is it due to your husband who only plays games? – Yes. / – None of it is your fault? I don’t think I did anything wrong. (How can she not realize anything after this?) I’m sorry, Kyung. I now realize that he needs to use video games as an escape from this. (Hang in there) When I try to talk to her, but she doesn’t like it she just shuts down. She won’t talk to me. One time, I got mad and stormed out. She just locked the door so I couldn’t get in. We had dinner with family the next day. But she was so angry that she didn’t care whether the baby was crying and just kept sleeping. So I told her mom that she’s sick and went by myself. When I returned, she was still sleeping. You knew about the dinner the next day. You knew you had to eat with your parents. But we had a fight the night before. That’s just between you two. Do you get enraged when you two argue? – Yes. / – I see. When you’re upset, you want to do things your way. Don’t you think that’s why you two can’t talk? No, I don’t think so at all. So you have to talk to her first after a fight and she calls you to ask everything. She’s like a young child, right? It seems like your mom was quite lenient on you. How were you brought up? I was raised… I grew up with my grandma. With your grandmother. I guess that’s why. She must’ve said yes to everything for you. I guess her husband is everything to you. He’s your mom, your dad, your advisor. That’s why you decided to marry him. “I can show my weaknesses to him.” You must’ve thought that before you married him. – Not really. / – I’m mistaken then. (She’s greatly mistaken) What do I know? I am still single. You talked for so long… Forget it! I’m going to raise leeches. Kyung. How would you like a wife like her? I don’t think I could get through to her. Narsha, you should know. You’re married. I’m honestly angry. At him? Or at her? At her. Because… (Getting emotional) Why? What are you crying? You must be upset. You can understand her, right? We can understand her childhood. She needs her own mother to care for her but she wasn’t able to have that. So she doesn’t know how to express herself or what’s right or wrong. Then she became a mom herself. Right? But I think this is why you should be more devoted to your life. You shouldn’t just give up. You’re crying. Why are you crying? All of a sudden… I am sad. Tell me if I’m right. You want to be a loving wife, but you’re crying out of anger and that things aren’t going your way? Yes, that’s partially true. Can’t you tell him how you feel yourself? I didn’t take good care of him. I was terrible to him. I feel so bad. Is this what you think, too? If you had someone else in your life to tell you things you could maybe lift that burden off him? – No. / – I’m sorry. – We don’t mesh well. / – She’s charming. When she says no, she means it. She’s unbeatable. Why don’t you say a word to her? I always tell you, “I want you to have a dream.” I want you to pursue your dream, too. And please do at least the minimum as Soyul’s mom and my wife. I love you. Narsha, we’ll start with you. No one will be nice to you unconditionally. You have to work at it, too. You must help him out, too. I don’t think it’s a concern. I think she feels at a loss. I don’t think it’s a concern. I think it’s a concern. I don’t think it’s a concern. Please press the button if you can relate to him. (What does the audience think?) Please stop. Please show us the result. (Announcing the result) (The last digit is a 7!) (Will they get over 100 votes?) (They got 97 votes)


  1. She is depressed. Probably had depression before she got married and now has postnatal depression and I suspect has never been diagnosed or given medication. I agree with one of the comments below, she needs to see a trained psychologist and put on meds. She seems to mask her depression well but you can see her eyes watering over with embarrassment. I truly hope she is better now😌💖 I suffered from depression for years and after the birth of my eldest child. Its not an easy thing to go through in fact its hell, but with help, the right medication and support and learning to believe in yourself all helps. Lifes a journey not a destination 💝

  2. She doesn't wash her hair for 4-5 days? That is totally okay! It's okay if you wash your hair once a week. Washing your hair pretty often is not good

  3. Well this is unhealthy. Wow did they make fun of her clothes and compare them to a wall? Did they rate her food? And She gave BIRTH to her first child 9 months ago child. She has her own mental health to think about. She has the same personality as when they were dating and that was fine enough for them to have sex, nobody lazy there. Well, baby makes 3. Sounds like she needs therapy to cope. She Low-key depressed. Let’s talk about that husband of hers acting like a victim of marriage fraud too. F off👏🏾.

  4. She's probably severely depressed… it's normal for young mothers to fall into extreme depression because they feel as if they've limited their life as well as hormonal drops. She probably needs to see a doctor :/

  5. I understand the boy but i also understand the girl sometime. X) taking care of a baby is so tiring! But she should do more by herself

  6. this is the reason y most men dont want to married bcs of this kind of relationship, it so frustrated when just only u need to tolerate in any situation . . .
    i feel lucky bcs in my country, u need to go seminar before married. It call 'married seminar' for couple who plan to married . . in tht seminar they will teach u how to manage married life n so on . . so u will feel more confident . .

  7. Personally I think the best thing for them is divorce as she isn’t capable of taking care of herself or her child, she should be able to look after her child after she learns how to look after her self and the people around her instead of being lazy… T.T

  8. Stop saying that she has depression! She's just used to things coming to her without fighting for it. If she wants to be a good mother., she should ALWAYS take care of her child and not sometimes don't because of a fight that happened between her and her husband. And her husband has a life too!! He's working all day and your too lazy to make him dinner? And your upset that he plays video games till 3am? So what he wants to live his life too like you do…

  9. I don't know what's wrong with these people , almost half of the people says it's because she is in depression and stuff. Imagine if there is a boy in the place and wife need to do work and cook then how people would have reacted ??!! There is no such thing as gender equality exists right ?

  10. She dont wahs her hair and wear shabby clothes but she is still so pretty! Shes even prettier than one if the guest with full make up on.

  11. I wash myself atleast once a day but i dont look anywhere as good as her. Her husband is so nice! Hope she finally changes for good

  12. Oooo i hate lazy person, i understand if sometimes u want to be lazy but remember u have ur own responsibilities…if those lazy trait just for urself it's ok but if it effect another person, u're the most selfish person ever

  13. Excessive sleeping, indecisiveness, lack of joy or enthusiasm, lack of self worth, struggling with cleaning and personal hygiene, these are ALL symptoms of severe clinical depression. I hope she seeks therapy and medication, they can both help a great deal in many cases.

  14. Is this a joke? Sometimes I wonder if these people make stuff up for the prize money the show offers. How can a person be like her? Calling her husband on what to do when the baby rolls over, how many diapers to pack, etc. Just read a parenting book or search on YouTube.
    If this is for real, I think she has some mental issue, maybe autism. The fact that she doesn't know what an adult should know, just basics of life and has the life skills of a child leads me to think she has a mental disability.

  15. I love this show actually. Sometimes they just have fun with the concerns and make people relax etc. But this kind of gender role issues are just on the women all the time. I don't get it, really!! She doesn't have to cook, clean the house, take care of the baby and do all these shits as perfect! They all talk about helps. If someone helps you it means the thing you have to do is your duty! Household chorses are not only women's job. Men are also responsible for all of them! Please stop being sexist!

    Also she's probably having a serious postpartum depression and needs help for this. And you guys are laughing and just judging her for that?! Especially the women guests on the show just shocked me. I'm really ashamed of my fellows and don't wanna see these kind of sexist behaviours and comments on the shows like this one. Because these kind of programs should teach somethings to the society! I'm really sorry to see this, really!!!

  16. She's depressed and hung over and depressed and hung over and depressed and hung over and depressed and hung over. Quit drinking!

  17. 여자랑 결혼한게 아니라 완전 애랑 결혼을하셨네요..ㅉㅉㅉ 저렇게 딸을키운 엄마도 한심하고 남편은 더 대단하십니다.

  18. This woman is exactly like me. I relate to this woman so much. I can feel her depression and anxiety. I am the same way with my boyfriend too. I'm glad I was brave enough to get help and medicine for my depression. I honestly don't know how she even gets up in the morning. Everything just seems way too hard when you're depressed.

  19. I felt mad at how lazy she was at first but it kept me wondering why she doesn't even see the problem herself. But you can see her holding back her tears throughout and when Narsha spoke, her tears finally went out. I hope they continuously tried to talk to her with open-ended questions instead of just a yes or no ones because I feel like she has stuffs buried in her mind which can actually help find the root or even help her express her emotions 🙁 instead of being mad I'm starting to feel sad for her. I hope she finds help. This show really needs a psychologist D:

  20. She’s lazy as heck but they need to consider her feelings. They’re not professionals and she really seems emotionally not motivated and depressed .. her husband calling her out on this show is also stupid but she’s also just as dumb for agreeing to come on this show.

  21. Korean people are too kind to the point they are kinda toxic to think this is not a concern…. She should get some rehabilitation to be an independent human but she's so lucky to have got a extremely naive husband that loves her unconditionally… I hope she continues to behave that way so her husband can truly realizes one day that they are made for each other lol

  22. Obviously this girl has chronic depression. She does not even bother to care for herself is an obvious sign. People with depression don't bother on what people think. Their hearts and minds are dead in a way. They don't have motivation to do anything. Therefore she don't bother to look after her family.

  23. To the husband, just because you worked whole day at your restuarant doesnt meant you can skip daddy duty at night by playing uselss computer games. I am a mother, and i know very well how difficult it is to take care of a child. I bet the mother would rather she worked at the resturant and the father takes care of the kid. Lets see then who will eventually become "lazy"

  24. Its natural to be lasy sometime but not all the time. Im also lasy sometime but i can't stand saying may room mess so i clean it🙂

  25. Have a baby it’s not a play game
    It’s a serious thing , she need to take care of her baby and her husband before it’s too late!

  26. Why are these people trying to solve issues that specialists, social workers, psychologists, etc should be doing? What is point of this show if people really want help?

  27. Not gonna lie.. This relationship can't last longer, the guy eventually lost his patience and left… Hope he bring his baby..

  28. “She doesn’t wash her hair for 4-5 day”

    Me:….. what’s the problem I only wash my hair on the weekends



    Me: oh right I’m black

  29. Uhmm where is his mom so she can knock some sense into her . Any other time the mother in law is on the girls ass lol

  30. This is my cousin problem too his wife not only lazy but dirty as hell she doesn't even bath her own child ..he divorced her

  31. I think she got used to other people doing everything for her that her brain is catching dust from long inactivity…that's why she ask her hubby instructions for everything. she needs to grow up and learn to face the world alone (hardships)

  32. "I thought she was going to change after marriage"
    Neither partner changes after marriage.
    What you see prior to marriage is what you get after marriage.

    Not being able to cook and being a genuinely "dirty" person is one thing.
    But a mother that gets angry and stops caring for the child? That is another. That is an alarming concern.

  33. This woman is obviously depressed. She probably had issues with depression, and perhaps some anxiety, growing up, but she never got help for it. Now that she's a mom and wife, she's probably overwhelmed. HOW IS THIS NOT A CONCERN?!

  34. This was a serious concern so it should be more votes, she's so depressed and she can't do anything by herself, how is she going to take care of her children? Ay, the hubby is really kind and I don't know how he still believes in her, I hope she got some professional help, she's so stubborn and if I were the husband I wouldn't be with her (I know she has problems but still)

  35. I can see in the comments that most of you are defending her.

    We'll. You shouldn't. I understand that she's depressed. And she should get some legit psychological help.

    She has a child now whether she likes it or not, she needs to take responsibility. She still goes out drinking, but doesn't do much chores? She can't be like that, specially when her child grows up. She needs to wake up early for her kid.

  36. 4-5 days……i was gonna say thats not that bad but then again i have cury hair i dont have a choice to wash mine more often

  37. Them trying her food and then having that reaction must’ve been really humiliating for both the lady and her husband

  38. The husband should get some employees as soon as possible, so he can leave earlier, and they should get some councelling with childcare and home routines. Since her parents didn't teach her and he doesn't have time.

  39. I feel so bad for him. I just want to go and help him with the chores and cook for him. Imagine having to work for 12 hours and coming home to see that nothing is clean, theres no much food and your wife is just laying there. She doesnt deserve him

  40. I have never seen someone as sad (as in he’s been trough to many times) as the husband while eating food, I mean he looked like he wanted to give up in life for a moment while eating

  41. I have a same behavior with her. But i can cook delicious food. I have a mental issued called "bipolar disorders". Because when i was child, my parents did physically abuse to me. And when they divorce and get new partner. They never give me and my sister care anymore. So when i marriage stage, i really hard to try to not do something like my parents did to me. So i choice to live my life as enjoy as i can, i just cook sometime when i want, and i clean my house when i want. I don't want to push my energy to do something not my priority. Because my priority now is raise my children with happy, and stop the mental issues just in me. And i proud my husband had understand my condition, because he always by my side when i check my mental health in phsyciatris.

    I think she had depressed too,as she said she had raised by her granma, and why her parents didn't take care her. We don't know what happen when she was child… It's maybe make her behaviour like that…. She's need a psikologist ASAP!

  42. She’s lazy, irresponsible, doesn’t even want to try to take more responsibility and has a horrible combo

  43. Do feel bad or pity them…just worry if you know what i mean.. because we dont know the full story even if she's either just too lazy or something else yea the husband if doing most of what a parent would do and thats hard work just pray that the relationship will get better

  44. Suddenly everyone become psychiatrist while she already say she live with her grandma.. You guys acting like depression is involve in everything but depression is when they isolate themselve or their attitude is change but this woman already behave like this from early age.. What kind of depression is that?? I know you can get depression from early age but you guys disgust me.. I lose my friend because depression by jump to the building after saying "i'm sorry daddy, i'm sorry mommy" so many times in his room.. If she have depression she will not go watching TV happily and ask other people to do the chore.. I'm not a psychiatrist, but i know when people is lazy

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