My trip to Oregen, Newport!!-Vlog 3!

My trip to Oregen, Newport!!-Vlog 3!

[Music] hello right now I’m doing a video of law of the ocean by now I’m in Oregon going down in smell of fish and crab seeing that both notice the ocean very nice and smells so much fish from there three long circuit fires or some food look out of boats there was more pups to it you know and a few people in the circle there were now to more stores datura lost stuff but those houses up there Wow there’s some big trees like down there was an errand that was bigger this house is awesome think yeah let go I’m all the way out of yours yeah but that’s a big one right there Wow why was it cool this looks beautiful right now I’m gonna get cool piece I’m like famous or something that’s really cool huh so you wonder I’m in the grocery now hello in superior this is my third blog and this is for Oregon Portman this is gonna come out when I’m done back be back home so I hope you like and subscribe and let’s head on to the video I’m back this is the third day by then we’re on the first stage because it was all packing now Jamie so we won’t sleep pretty fast and right now it’s third day yesterday what’s the second day third day right now see you over there right now I bought myself a plan this is my brothers we’re right here we were a few things only both man that’s all for a dollar it’s not that bad I’ll see you around but I’m back right now we’re fishing for crabs for food can be very delicious I’ll show you these there’s the long rope it goes all the way down catch we catch a draw female we got our it back but that’s a male boy you get people needed Wow look at that we kind of kept finally they like how much like a lot of time good good like 10 minutes or more [Music] it’s very good to check it up surf town coffee company right here under this wall boom that’s where you get ice cream very good and best place to catch the crabs I caught a red crab isn’t it cool yeah this on your over to grabbing size it looks starts dead let’s not look at the mouth it’s moving get alive so three four account of everyone and those on your able to get any size and any boy or girl and looks young it’s cool but the clogs are big yeah I caught it very far over there it’s awesome they spoke the chicken and Wow already going to go get some more traps come bring it on but yeah nothing my nuts talk to me a attended two hours fishing we didn’t catch my friends but they were too small and right now we only have three in the bag and we want five four more or maybe like well because that’s the next wave but one type of crap but the second type which is the Red Rock that it’s like any size or female avoid what I told you unless seconds ago or minutes but yeah I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen next to new things kana a new crab that’s good we got the red one again it was too small and we we got thrown away back by this we got another red one I would see little dizzy everywhere here it’s different right that blue container has the cab you serve the bag you can see it’s different that’s him out are you next Musharraf there’s not 50 lines over there that’s a sea lion it’s still short oh the one under we’re gonna grab we’re still grabbing crabs you know look at the Sun very bright why not twelve O’Clock not on one o’clock because at the one two three you know 41.4 that’s when it’s very hot so just catch warmer crab and worldly pretty cool then when I talk about swim yep I’m a shirt and everything on to go to the beach okay you actually at work teleport there Oh teleportation works back there subject kites over there here I’ll show you you can see them my tights haven’t pulled because [Music] tsunamis that’s Tony packing I’ll tell you when anything happens [Music] I’m back you can see we are returning back up to that I’m up here just statue there how much more are we going up here back to the hotel now there we go finally back at the hotel and it’s night yep it’s night so this has come the end of the video thank you for watching because tomorrow you’re asking why because tomorrow that’s when we’re gonna be okay thank you for watching subscribe and like for more videos and more vlogs this is my third one that’s good thank you for watching for all this way congratulations Congrats congratulations and bye [Music] [Music]


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