MY SURGERY STORY: Lucie Fink’s Gallbladder Removal & More | Summer 2017

MY SURGERY STORY: Lucie Fink’s Gallbladder Removal & More | Summer 2017

Let’s talk about sex baby I have gallstones. Oh no.
Is it true? It’s true. Gallstones are a conglomerate of either cholesterol or
something else floating around in your gallbladder in the bile, and then when
you eat something that your body wants to send bile to, the stone can clog up
the duct and just cause pain…and in the worst cases it can cause infection or in
the WORST cases it can burst, and kill you, and you can die. Hi little baby. What
do you think about my gallstones? You upset? You don’t care? Likely I don’t
have an infection in my gallbladder which is good, but I do feel the pain. When I called my GI, he said “SURGERY.” Going to see him today to get this endoscopy, where they’re gonna knock me out with propofol and stick a camera down my throat to check out my stomach and some other internal organs just to rule out
an ulcer or anything else and make sure… and then most likely the next step is
the knife. This is me…under the knife. Have you had an endoscopy before? I had it one time, I actually had the endoscopy and a colonoscopy at the same. They go up from the bottom and down from the top and meet in the middle. You will not feel anything, but you will wake up and be a little groggy so that’s why I’m driving you because you’re not allowed to drive
yourself. Great. Exactly. Okay. That’s it. Bye. Bye! 1:35. It’s 1:35 and I haven’t eaten
anything all day and look at these two up front…munching on nuts. Smells so good. We’ll give you some on the way home. Check it out. I’m a little bit scared…my
hands are shaking. Is this where they’re gonna put the
propofol? I don’t want to fall asleep like Michael Jackson and never wake up! STOP! I’m sitting here with my IV drip, about to go in for 10 minutes. But I’m going to
see Dr. Mauer! Fran Mauer arrived and she brought me a little gift. AHH, it’s a pizza bag! Okay, I’m stopping this. Bye! Let’s talk about sex baby. What?! I was dreaming. I had a great dream. I see. I don’t remember what it was about but it was a dream for sure. Really? I don’t have an ulcer I don’t have any problems, except for a gallstone. And now I feel really great. Good. I feel great but I can’t lift my head. Ok, just keep your head down that’s why you’re in recovery. Stop talking now just relax. Did you have a good dream? Was it good?Yeah, it was amazing. I’m gonna sit you all the way up. Okay. Do you want some water or cranberry juice or ginger ale? I would love cranberry juice. This is the
life, I’m telling’ ya. Lucie had a perfectly normal stomach and is the perfect
patient. I was great? What did look like all conked out? As adorable as you always look. Thank you! just left the second GI, we went to get
another opinion. and his opinion is…take it out. I hate surgery. And if I don’t get it out
now I could be in Russia in two years and need
emergency surgery in a foreign country. dosvedanya. What does that mean? Hello goodbye. HELLO GOODBYE. If that’s what you have to do, then you gotta do what you gotta do. Time to go make an appointment with a
surgeon. We’re here. Sitting on the table. Waiting for the surgeon, to CONSULT! Right mom?
Do you have to say anything else? It’s cold in here. Why are you pacing? You freakin out? Not yet. Are you gonna be freakin out? Possibly. I hate the surg, I hate the surg! Why do you hate surg? It’s good. Because I like things to be all perfect. It’s surgery day – are you okay, Al? Are you excited? Are you? KIND OF. I’m kind of excited just because I’m kind of excited for it to be
done. Here we go, pulling out of the driveway.
How’s it feel? GOOD VIBES TANK. Alright, we’re off to the hospital. Here we are. The hospital is straight. How do I look?
Comfy. I decided to wear a flaming shirt and University of Pennsylvania sweatpants. No pictures, please. One thing about hospitals…a lot of greenery. It’s okay. Are you crying? NO! He’s crying! I’m not. Yes you are! You’re making me cry. She’s getting ready for the anesthesia. I
got a shot. It hurts. Her hair net is on, the drip is coming. Love you! Goodbye! Bye, Dr. Starr! Bye, we’ll take good care of her! Alrighty. Off we go! She just went in. She went in. We’re going to get a snack. The doors closed. Should be done in about an hour. Stay tuned. Hi little Lu Bug! Hey guys! I’m so great. Yes. I feel really good cause they’re giving me
medication. Hey, don’t do that, don’t do that, don’t do that cause you have oxygen there. Now it’s sticking out. Put it in right again.There. I wish I could sleep on propofol all day.


  1. i had mine out 2 months ago and my digestion is all fucked up :'( no matter what i eat my stomach just is very mad at me

  2. Omg girl thank you so so much for this video!! I’m having my gallbladder removed tomorrow and I’m very anxious about it!! Your dog is so cute!! 😍❤️ You’re so cute and your eyes are so beautiful!! Pizza back looks lit!!

  3. Hello Lucy. I’m getting my gallbladder removed in the next couple of weeks. My question to you is you look fine completely normal after surgery. And it looks like you eat the same. Has anything changed or has anything been hard?

  4. Im going in for this in 2 days and i am a 40 Yo Male so Scared… Ur Video Gave Me Alot of positive attitudes.. Thanks.. Glad ur ok…

  5. Just today I came from the hospital and now watching this 😟 hope u feel better even though I'm so late to say that ps idk why but this video made me emotional 💙

  6. First I thought your dad was Ted Danson I was about to say. But then I said how cool your dad, mom and sister is for filming this…. I would have been super nervous the whole time. We are glad you are okay. Thanks for sharing with us. you are so brave.

  7. Glad everything went well with your surgery. Had mine removed two weeks ago. Where and how do you get the operation room video. Did you ask for it? I'd like to get a copy of mine, that would be cool.

  8. Makes me so sad that propofol gets such a bad wrap. It is an incredible medicine that allows us to do incredible things. If used correctly, and the patient is effectively managed it is fantastic. Glad to see you are doing well, I would be interested in the advice you were given, as we see this medical complaint in people that generally eat a high fat diet.

  9. Mine came out so fast! Had a hida scan 9-1030am then saw my GI at 11:30am left the office and got a call as I was leaving the parking lot of GI saying I should go to the ER and tell them my gall bladder stopped working or to follow up with a surgeon. I called the surgeon and was seen around 1:30-2pm and he said he was admitting me to the hospital but I needed to go to the ER and I was hesitant, but he said not to worry everything will be taken care of and that I would get pain meds once I got there! Had surgery at 7:30pm that night! It was so fast! I had to stay an extra day at the hospital for pain control and severe nausea! I woke up crying in pain, but now I’m 6 days post op and feeling sooo much better!

  10. I had a slight infection on myn and needed a tube for letfover blood which was the worst week ever in my life

  11. You were so brave! And your family is amazing. ♥️ you made something scary look as normal as it is, since everyone of us can have health issue. Are you moving to Russia?

  12. Hi Lucie, just wondering how your gallbladder pain felt? I was told that I have 1 gallstone that was visible in an ultrasound. My pain sometimes feels like it’s near the surface and sometimes deeper by gallbladder area. Glad to see you stay so positive.

  13. Happy it went well. My dad also had to have that and he told me all about it, he also had and infection. He also could not go to work for 2 weeks. But he is doing good right now.

  14. I didn't think I would laugh at this video but I love all you and your families humour, the music had me laughing.
    So I am watching this, as I need to have my gallbladder out 😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬🤬😳😳😳😳 I already have an infection 😳😳😳😳 my liver was enlarged, and my heart devloped a heart murmur, I had no idea apart from feeling really sleepy and no energy, the palpitations I just put down to my thyroid as that's playing up, I have never had surgery, having the ercp last week, was nerve racking enough, but I never felt a thing. I hope I can be brave enough as you, I even watched the gory bit ohhh shit 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃😭😭😭😭😷😷😷😷🤮🤮🤮🤮

  15. You were so positive through this it's kind of insane haha. I would of been miserable but you handled it all like a champ!

  16. I have a 15mm gallstone blocking the neck of my gallbladder and am waiting for a app with a surgeon. Been told by my doctor I'm more than likely going to have it removed and I'm so nervous!! This video's made me feel a little better though

  17. Wait a sec I just saw this video for a second time and realised that on filming I was having a great time on 2nd of Aug. my b-day

  18. I have my surgery scheduled for this Wednesday, I am terrified of being put under, but your video made me feel alot more calm, thanks for sharing your experience!

  19. The footage from inside your body was incredible!! I'm having my gall bladder removed in 2 days and I'm so excited. 😂 It has been hurting for 5 months and I've been to the ER twice. A HIDA scan finally showed my gall bladder has been functioning at 5 to 10% of its normal function.

  20. Lucid, I’m having my Cholecystectomy on July 26, 2018. I want to borrow you & your family to go along with me…LOL! Watching your video lessened my trepidation about my surgery (laparoscopy). Please keep us up to date as to your post operative experiences.

  21. I just finished watching a video of your travel skincare and you your twin sister's Q&A's. And I must say you guy's personality are so infectious. And I see where you get your hyperness from. Which is so funny your dad is funny. And now I'm subscribed😊

  22. Having surgery in a few weeks. Gallstones and chronic cholecystitis because of them. So glad I found your video! Feeling less apprehensive about it now.

  23. Heya…. adding a public comment for those in dilemma to get the GB removal surgery and its side effect. Pasted the same comment on various channel to calm nerves for people in need as when i came across i found many helping and demotivating posts.

    These days surgery is far very easy. If no complications – laproscopic method is followed. Dont fear the pain as u will be all the time on pain killers till it subsidizes, pre operative anxiety is there, but talk with ur people it will relax you mind. In two to three days you will be discharged. Many are discharged even in one day as well. So you can predict how simple the surgery is. In two three weeks time you will be back to your normal routine.

    Post surgery there is discomfort, i will list out which i faced in my first to fifteen days.
    1. Right Shoulder pain usually on getting up from bed. Its common because of the technique used for operation. It will fade out within one week.
    2. Bowel movements – took me 4 days to pass my first bowel after surgery. It was bothering me as my stomach was getting stuffed and nothing coming out. Doc gave me laxatives as well. Even first gas was passed on 2nd day. Its irritating but very much natural, as this is due to anaesthesia ur intestines looses its power and dont operate at full capacity. Even for first day urination might not be possible without external help -quick simple and not painful at all.
    3. Difficulty in deep breathing. You will feel discomfort when u want to take deep breaths. Your right side of chest and below diaphragm will pain. Obviously some thing has been removed out from that area so it will pain. This pain eases out in a week. So nothing to worry. There will be tenderness below right ribcage which dies out in 4 5 days.
    4. IV Cannula site. Though it was changed regularly in an interval of 24 hours, but one site gave me lot of trouble. When discharged it was fine, but after 3 days it stared to get gruesome. Whole vein started to turn black with swelling and pain was there. But eventually it completely got better in coming week.
    5. Stiches and holes- they will keep a drain pipe in the right side lower hole to flush the bad blood or whatever. Other three holes will be sealed up with stiches. Each one having one to two stitches max. The last one will be left as it is after taking out the pipe and that will heal automatically with time. U need to keep bandage for few days change them regulary around for two to three weeks to avoid getting ur clothes dirty. Stitches wi get out in 7 to 10 days. I felt little discomfort after the stiches were removed at the hole made below chest , it developed swelling , hard lump beneath the stitches. Other two didnt gave any problem. I still have to get over with the healing part of these holes, will update after 2 3 weeks on this if something odd turns out.

    All these experiences were personal to me, some other individual can face different issues. Again tell ur doc everything, tell every issue to him. He is the best person to suggest what next steps to be taken. All thr concerns listed above , i told to my doc he only assured with valid logical answers. So even if you face similar issues as above dont ignore thinking it happens, shoot it to ur doc and get it cleared. It will give you mental satisfaction. Once discharged you will be given minimal medicines, antibiotics for week or so and pain killers for 3 4 days or whenever it occurs.

    For people still thinking for surgery, havent made up their mind or have concerns – Well its a trade off. See we can never be sure whats gonna happen next. If you think worst, then there is more likelihood of dying due an earthquake when you opened up in OT, rahter than any complications occurring in the process. Docs are there to take care for you, everyone specialising in their job. They will evalute you pre operation to know if your body is suitable for undergoing surgery. Dont hide any thing from them, smoking drinking allergies bp or any illness, it will ease out ur and docs life. The whole process is not the best of experience mentally or physically, not going on a picnic, but certainly very much bearable with slight discomfort, you are strong and you will make out of it with smiling face. Think of the mindset of a father sending his son to OT, so u have to be strong for urself and ur close ones. There are far more worse open and critical surgeries , brain surgeries, spine surgeries taking place. This one is nothing in front of those.

    Preoperative experience — For me it was once in a blue moon attack, for the first time didnt paid attention because when the attack happened i had a party that evening, so thought it was more due to overeating. Second time when i got similar attack few months later i got my self evaluated. In that multiple stones were found in my GB. Now after that my attacks became frequent. Every 3rd day i wS having discomfort. Sometimes to a point i was not able to sleep for whole night. Oral painkillers were also useless. There was whole different story of doctor getting analysis wrong, thinking for ulcer Gerd etc, i wont elaborate on that as people coming to this place already have diagnosed with GB stones. In nultrasound it was clear there were multiple stones(sample which i had after operation had 4 round balls each of 10mm to 13 mm), so i decided to get this out of my body as this was the only solution. This was hampering my daily work and social life. All this happened in a span of two to three weeks, I got the operation done. I cant comment on the post operative long term side effects as its pretty much early days for me. Similar thing happened to my mom, 3 years back and she is doing absolutely fine. Even her digestion is good with proper meal , no junk and less fat involved. But not really on strict fat free diet. She eats normal whatever cooked for everyone. And i consulted many who underwent this surgery all have me positive feedback. Few had mild discomfort but that was controlled via diet check. All said life have been easier after surgery.

    Absolutely you are taking out one organ, specifically meant for some job, so there will be mild to severe complications depending on individuals. But being in pain whole time and destroying ur normal life is not worth. Without this you can certainly live ur whole life. Thats what my personal opinion. Not removing it should be only thought when there is high risk of complications. Stones are there in many people, but if you get attacks then you should think for operation, otherwise you can leave them enjoying the bile party in GB.

    One thing more, this culprit – small baloon, started to hamper my liver as well. My Liver Function Test before surgery was absurd. All the enzyme levels were shaky. I had to get one MRCP kinda MRI scan of andomen to get an overview if any stone has paseed in my common bile duct and if its stuck there. Its a common plumbing between ur gall bladder, liver and pancreas. So any blockage can risk other organs as well in addition to unbearable pain. Again one more point to get it removed. People fearing MRI machine, its was not bad for me. Sounds level is bearable with headphones on. Infact the warm belt around abdomen smoothened my GB ache and i felt sleepy in that chamber.

    Peoplw facing this issue , surgery is ur choice, talk to your docs and close ones who had undergone this surgery and get an idea about post operative life. Internet is not the best place to understand things, because i have observed it filled up with more worst case 2%scenarios than 98%normal ones, all eventually leading to deadly Cancer. For instance i had little more pain than usual in my wrist where IV Cannula was inserted. This got worse with time. Googled it, saw there has been instances where Cannula breaks and left in the veins. When i use to touch that area it was pretty hard also. This freaked me out thinking if i am carryinf a foreign metal in my wrist. But it got better in a week. Nothing like that happened. Now when i thonk, i smile on my stupidity, comeon its stainless steel, cant break so easily. So having knowledge is good, but flooding is bad. Some times IGNORANCE IS BLISS in such matters.

    But certainly avoid aurved and homeopathic treatment if ur stone is bigger than 5 to 6 mm. Apparently there are preachers who claim tk get it dissolved whatever the size may be, but i personally never trusted them. Again its ur choice, but i dont find it fruitful for GB stones.

    PS: Long post, thanks to those who read it. Not promoting or imposing any of the treatment. It was just my opinion and experience shared with people who needed it. Its YOU who have to make a final decision – keep it , remove it, dissolve it.

  24. Don’t worry, my grandma just came back from surgery for her gallstones and she feels super sick. I am glad you are feeling much better! c:

    1 like = 1 prayer for my grandma 🙂

  25. Gallstone pain is the worst thing I've ever experienced! It's so cool cuz I got to see what might have happened to me too while on surgery haha

  26. Truth be told, I'm going in for robotic gallbladder surgery in a few weeks and I tuned in because you're super hot. However, it's your shining spirit and sense of humor of you and your Dad that shines through. Thanks so much for sharing.

  27. Should I vlog about this whole process? While I’m ready to die a quick and honorable death? Major inspo you’re so funny. 😂

  28. i removed my gallbladder through laparoscopic surgery.there was alittle pain after surgery.after two days i was able to move without any pain.after 1 week of eating watery foods i started to eat everything i wanted and it had no pain and bad feeling in my stomach. don't listen to negative comments.i have absolutely no problem.

  29. It's taking me almost 6 months to decided if I need surgery or not . I'm in serious pain and I'm ready for them to take it out

  30. i have to go through the same thing thanks for sharing it helped. how did you feel after surgery did you recover well?

  31. fun to watch. looks like you have a great family! im having a gallbladder surgery in 4 weeks, so your video helped me a bit to see what to expect..thanks for that. would have been great though to see some after surgery footage, to see how you felt in the days after…

  32. I get occassional gallbladder inflammation and pain. The doc said I don't have stones, yet. This video is a huge wake up call to change my diet.

  33. I had my gallbladder removed and my doctors said that my case was uncommon because I gotten it gallstones at such a young age. I don’t know if you were in pain or not but I was in so much pain that I had to go to the ER and find out I need it removed immediately. My surgery was so hectic and I was in surgery for over four hours so it was pretty severe, luckilyI was able to make a good recovery which I am so grateful for. Although I don’t like the scars I hope it can go away over time. Hope you continue to stay well!

  34. Thank you sooo much for taking us through your experience, this really helped me with my anxiety about surgery! I just uploaded my own video about my gallbladder removal experience (I’m one week post-op)! 🙂

  35. I’d like to hoverboard around your dad’s house with a glass full of red wine in my hand. #ghosthousekilla

  36. OMG, my dad underwent gallbladder removal surgery yesterday. He got to be discharged from the hospital the same day of his surgery. He didn't have gallstones, though. Regarding endoscopies, I underwent a downscope and endoscopy in 2012 when I was 27. Good thing your surgery went just fine, and so did my father's!

  37. Why did you remove your gallbladder? Did you have gallstones? Can you eat anything now? Do you have chronic loose stools since surgery?

  38. as a nervous person having this surgery next week, I was totally thrown off by the Michael Jackson "joke" …. Leave it up to an insensitive, priviliged white girl from the burbs to be that fucking disrespectful.

  39. That was very helpful for me. I am getting my gallbladder removed next week and its also my first time to have any kind of surgery so I'm kinda nervous about it. Thanks for sharing that!

  40. I had a gallbladder surgery on Oct 20, 2019 i feel groggy after the surgery they put me into sleep ang the next thing i know im in the room full of straps on my belly… i dont know happen next. Do you have any suggestions on your diet and what should eat after the surgery.

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