My Story – How I Lost 100 Pounds: Diana Stobo’s Raw Food Diet

My Story – How I Lost 100 Pounds: Diana Stobo’s Raw Food Diet

My friend once asked me what my motivation
was for starting my business. I’m here to change people’s lives for the better through
food and love. I know it’s hard to believe I was 247 pounds, even hard for me to believe,
but I was so swollen with toxic waste in my body. It literally just blew me up like the
blueberry lady. And even when I got rid of some of the toxicity, I still had residual
weight and I got it to a manageable degree but I was still on medications. And when I
finally got rid of the medicine and started clearing out some of the foods that were weighing
me down, it was not until then that my body completely cleaned out toxic waste. I’m Diana
Stobo and this is my story. As a child, I loved food. My family was centered
around the kitchen. It became so apparent to me that food was my emotional crutch; when
things seemed to be sad or missing, I wanted to eat. And I even found that sometimes, when
I was depressed I wouldn’t eat at all. So I was in constant flux around food. And by
the time I was in my early teens, I had become quite a chubby child and it really affected
my self-esteem, I mean I always had that dream of being the tall thin girl but I was struggling
for a while to stay in a normal size range that seemed acceptable. It was a challenge.
So after I was married, I tried to get pregnant several times and I had to do in vitro fertilization
in order to give birth to my babies. Through all that toxic synthetic hormones, my body
just expanded to enormous toxicity. And actually, when I gave birth to my twins, they called
it toxaemia – a very appropriate name for a toxic overload.
Since my upbringing was so spectacularly surrounded around food, food was an integral part of
our life as well. The children and I celebrated around food; we always had parties, made sure
that there are barbeques on the weekend and it became our existence. I got so used to
being bigger that I just started telling everybody I was big boned, that this is just the way
I am. I’m a very tall person and this is the way I’m going to be. I was getting settled
and comforted at the right old age of 35. I had thyroid issues; I had what they call
chronic fatigue syndrome. So I was completely unaware that the medication I was taking was
also influencing the toxic environment of my body. It seemed like there was a name for
everything that ailed me, but nobody had the cure.
Until one day, I went to the hospital and I had a bleeding ulcer that led me directly
to the emergency room. I left that hospital with another bottle of pills. This is the
pivotal moment of my life. I knew something had to change. I immediately went to the library,
picked out books, learned about nutrition, immersed myself in how I can cure my own disease.
So I threw the medicine away and I began to look at food as my medicine. I focused on
the nutritional value of the foods I was eating and came up with a list of toxic foods that
I immediately had to take out of my body. I posted this list prominently on the front
of my refrigerator and every time I went to go reach for food, I looked at that list to
make sure that none of the foods I was eating had anything to do with this list. And it
was amazing at the change that occurred. My life was transforming before my eyes. Within
10 days, I dropped 10 pounds. I was waking up in the morning bright-eyed, ready for the
day. My thyroid medication that I had thrown away was replaced with a plant-based tyrosine.
People were noticing a difference immediately. “Wow, what’s changed about you? You look
lighter, you look happier, you seemed calmer.” And it was true, I had found my passion. I
loved feeling good. Eventually, I got to this place where I started writing recipes down,
I started blogging about things, I videotaped a lot of what I was doing. I started to write
my story. I really loved helping people. I took such great pride in their transformation
and it was the next big aha, it came to me. I can actually help people transform their
lives one meal at a time and this is exactly how Get Naked Fast started. It was me and
my story and being able to put it in a guide, just stripping away the foods that weigh you
down, a pamphlet that people can go through and say, I can do this, too. I never thought
in a million years I would be getting naked in front of a camera and taking a photo to
be on the cover of my own book, and I did it and I felt great doing it.
To all you out there who don’t think that you can make that change towards better health,
towards feeling better about yourself every single day, I’m here to tell you that you
can do it one meal at a time.


  1. Thank-you so much for being the inspiring and beautiful woman that you are and bringing us the joy and comfort that raw vegan truly can be!

  2. my vids are gone now from a hack but omg your story is just like mine.. seriously years and years and years…. in january last year had a stroke after a million things stacked up with no reasons why… I shouldn't be here.. docters wre guessing. I was over 300 pounds by then for no undertanding why.. I hated eating .. always have even when I was thin… then I went on 24/7 research bing for 3.5 solid days, went off med totally and started a 92 day juice feast…(… cont)

  3. (..cont) it almost killed me. the toxin dump..lost my hair even. but I'm here. I don't understand a lot still but I'm here. I tried to get help from a few raw foodists but they never have time and I can't afford it. so I watch your vids, buy your books, and learn as I go. I think I'm still doing something wrong but I never eat meat and have not eaten it for over 15 years. all I can say is. I appreciate all you do. you helped save my life. I'm not blessed to know why I am here though. love ya!

  4. Diana…I just love u…You give me so much encouragement…even before your story..
    Thank you so much…I hope to get down to a lovely size…although I am at 154 now…but I am SHORTTTT…. so…I have to drop 30 or so pounds to be within my range..I have stopped eating meat…and have been eating more vegies and fruit..but I need to take it up a notch…sigh….Thank u so much for this wonderful vid… and congrats.

  5. Thank you Diana for sharing your story and encouraging all of us that we can truly transform our bodies through raw food.

  6. wow ur awesome, i also thought i was big boned cus i dont look 240, but i know thats wrong and im going to keep going! 😀

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  10. Thank you for caring for other people and sharing your personal journey. I am blessed that I can be raw and not have to forsake taste. You are the first one I've seen that actually makes raw taste so good. I will look on your website and see if you have a recipi book. Thank you so much Diana. You are very genuine and I have already recommended your site to friends within one day. I tried one recipi today already and I'm in tears knowing I can do this. Before today, I wasn't sure I could.

  11. If you want to burn up fat fast, you should search google for "Shatter Weight Loss". That might help you get the body you deserve.

  12. Google the phrase Fast Fat Furlong… It's awesome. It's a nice video you've put together but wait until you see the diet plan taught when you buy Fast Fat Furlong… My mom lost 8 pounds in one week.

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  14. Such an incredible story!  Thank you for sharing.  One question only because it is what I struggle with…is your entire family on board with eating raw?  I am all for it, but my hubby and children are not.  Thanks again for your story 🙂

  15. Thank you for sharing with us, you are so inspiring! How did you deal with thyroid disease and what are you taking for it now? I am hypothyroid and would love to be off my meds, I recently started going half raw/half cooked vegan.

  16. I love this.You did something extrodinery for yourself and your family and who knows how many lives you saved by sharing your experience and knowledge. Thank you!

    I am a woman of substance, which means that I have lived, I have loved, I have felt great pain, and I have felt great joy. I continue to live and explore and reach out for more of what life has to offer. I have the same fears that all humans have; for example, not being good enough. I embrace each day with all the emotions that I feel, and with every grain of my being, try to stay present with them. I lust and crave, and desire like all the rest of us, but I challenge myself to remain loyal to my spiritual path and stay focused in my practice. I fail daily but prevail every moment. I have a lot to learn and a ton to teach. I travel to uncomfortable and beautiful places. I honor my body with nourishing foodsand keep it moving in nature as often as I can. I value strength and femininity. I am a woman.

  18. AMAZING story & transformation! Thank for sharing… The seven nay-sayers must be some real fatties, huh? That or they work for the meat & dairy industry… Would love more frequent vids & vlogs! Thank you again for being an incredible inspiration! 🙂

  19. So impressed with your story. Well done. We are just starting a juicing business in Ireland and UK. You are our inspiration. 🙂 Thank you and Good Luck !

  20. Hi I was just wondering if you know anything about antidepressants and mood stabilizers as far as the contribution to holding on to weight?

  21. Such a beautiful message.  Very inspiring.  Your life changing moment was similar to mine where I said NO to toxic drugs and yes to "Let food (and herbs) be thy medicine."

  22. Unless you have celiac disease; there is no good reason to eliminate wheat. I am a wheat eater and haven't noticed any issues from it. Most of the people on gluten free diets don't need to be. That said, the gluten free fad is good for people like my nephew. If he eats gluten it makes him sick; diarrhea and vomiting type of sick. So thanks to the gluten free fad there are gluten free options at the store.

    For most people; if you stick with whole grain wheat you have nothing to worry about.

  23. Then, I stopped the video long enough to say that one of those photos, right when you are tlaking about dreaming about being a tall, thin girl, is incredibly beautiful.  If you were overweight, I can't see it, in that photo, i mean .. and, your hair and face are lovely!

  24. Thank you for this…you mentioned being on a plant based thyrosine?  Are you currently still on a thyroid supplement and or medication?  Blessings!

  25. Diana, I clicked on you offer here above for "4 days miracle detox as you free gift" but instead I now have several letters from you which this and that story and recipies and offer to buy from you some products, in my inbox for which I did not asked. i feel not comfortable with this. Or, maybe I understood something wrong?

  26. I have your advertising still in my inbox. And I DO NOW WANT IT! Actually, Diana, it lowers your credibility. I even DID NOT subscribe to your channel. PLEASE do not send me any letters more – neither with recipes nor with suggestions to buy anything nor with funny stories which have to lead to buying products. STOP ADVERTISING IN MY INBOX!

  27. The Blueberry lady? he he! Hell yeah, this story is awesome. I'm about to start my journey now. Diana do you know Fully Raw Kristina?

  28. I downloaded the 4 day detox. I am wondering what you think about taking Ibuprofen or other over the counter meds to help the discomfort of the headaches and cold like symptoms you experience during the detox. I literally can't handle symptoms like that, but I"m worried about putting toxins in when I'm trying to get them out!

  29. Thanks for sharing! The problem is that I always have craving for diary and sometimes for meat. How did you handle your cravings for junk? Or did they just disappear?

  30. WOW!!!! you look amazing… you look younger now! You really do Glow! Im 40 and so tired of everything you discussed prior to your change. Been diagnosed with sleep apnea, have allergies.. im over weight… etc etc… im to young to continue feeling like this as i get younger. 🙂 Thanks for posting  and sharing!

  31. That was an amazing story to keep the weight off. Even though, you also preceded an infomercial called the Bella Nutripro juicer with host Beau Rials. The Bella Nutripro is a powerful juicer system which uses its bladeless cold press technology to get the pure nutrition to make great delicious juice that is really healthy without all the preservatives. The Bella Nutripro juicer is one of the most powerful juicers on the market. And its the only juicer which uses its bladeless cold press technology.

  32. I have lost 37 pounds since becoming vegan, I had lost weight before that, but this weight loss has not really even been trying to lose it. Being a vegan is truly transforming my life. Not only am I healthier, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years ago, but I never needed medicine because my blood sugar was not that high. Well, since becoming vegan, my A1C has dropped down to 5.8, it is NORMAL. I had a health scare in January, pulmonary embolisms, I am lucky to be alive. I know losing the weight I need to lose, all of it, will heal my body and I will never have another blood clot. I know it and I am doing the right thing. I feel so good, and I see my body transforming before me. It just amazes me. And it is not just the outside, it is the inside, I feel more confident about myself. Thank you for your story, Diana, you are one of my role models. <3

  33. Vegetarian 2 years. Vegan 1 year. 57 years old. So happy !!!! What you say is true. I have a friend with ulcers, high blood pressure, and knee replacements and pain. Dependent on prescriptions—won’t change diet. I thank you for your story. I was raised with meat and a few canned vegetables and typical desserts. And plenty of sodas. So glad I gave all that up. 😃👍

  34. Good job! The guy in the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead lost a 100 lb in two months by just juicing. Different methods work for different people. I'm a vegetarian… I would go vegan if I won the lottery so I could hire a raw food chef!

  35. I was really looking forward to seeing this video. Unfortunately I had to stop watching. The photo shoot scene was very off putting. The glow in your face was beauty enough! Thats what I was interested in how healthy you looked. A real shame.

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