My Holiday: Moroccan Food 😍😍😍

My Holiday: Moroccan Food 😍😍😍

Hi everyone welcome to Shahy’s Easy English
and today we’ll be looking at different not all types of Moroccan food but some
of it and there is a story at the end so stay tuned as you saw there is some delicious
food and there was bread and there was the baghrir pancake so what’s the
difference between a pancake and bread a pancake is made from batter which is a
liquid form and the bread is made from dough so dough is more of a lump okay so
you can hold the lump of dough but you can’t hold the batter can you imagine
it will just seep. It means it’ll just go through your hands, seep through your
hands So you can see how delicious Moroccan
food can be and I think it depends on who cooks it and what the dish is just
like anywhere else in the world right ?so the pot itself is called a tagine and
there are different sizes and in Morocco they also put spices in these pots or
honey or oil so for breakfast for example you might have different
things on the table and they may be put in small pots but the cooking is
done in the big pots okay so they also have salt and pepper
in these little pots and salt and pepper also mayonnaise sauce mint sauce all
these things are called condiments did you know? okay a condiment is something that gives you extra taste in your food okay so the others are spices that we
add in our food and the condiments are the ones that we put in afterwards for
extra taste As you may already know mint tea is very
popular in Morocco it has a very very calming effect. When you have it you can
put sugar in or you can put honey in whatever your preference is and it’s
delicious so as you saw there are mint leaves okay and they are dried mint
leaves so usually you can use both to boil the tea but there is a process
which means you have to take special steps to make this delicious tea mint
tea tastes delicious with cake we used to have it at 4 o’clock because it was
tea time and some people are known to have it at different times also so some
people also have it with their food depends but the bottom line is that it
tastes really delicious and it’s good for you here’s the time for my story
when we were in Sidi Kaouki we were invited my somebody who works there
Hussein’s mum and they are a Berber family so so nice people over there are
really humble and down-to-earth and this is a really really lovely experience
that I treasure definitely and what happened was it was a hot day which was
quite unusual because the other days we were in Sidi Kaouki it was very cool
in terms of oh you know and compared to the weather in England because it can be
very cold right if you read you know ok so that day it was hot
so we said we will walk we didn’t know how far it was and we said my family and
I we went and when we were walking it was becoming really hot and tiring and
we had children with us also and we are not used to the weather when it’s very
hot we are not used to you know because we don’t live in Sidi Kaouki all the
time or we don’t live in hot weather all the time we are
not used to it what does that mean it means our body it’s not used to this
weather it is not normal for us so we can become tired from the heat and and
we feel it’s too much we can’t handle it so this is what it means when you you
are not used to something it means it’s not your normal environment you don’t
normally live in hot weather so you might not be used to it
you don’t normally go out in the cold it’s not very cold in your country so
when you go to a cold country you may not be used to it but you can adapt
which means you can change Sidi Kaouki is a small Berber town and on
the main roads they have tar oh you know tar is black and the cars go on the
top so they can drive easily but in the side streets which means the small
streets inside the town they have gravel What does that mean? Gravel is when
they don’t have a pavement and they don’t have tar they have little stones
on the roads and it was it was an experience and we walked up and it was
getting steep sometimes and on the way we saw a well so we stopped and you
can see what it looks like and when we went and when we reached to
the house we saw who Hussein’s mum she was she is such a lovely sweet lady and she
had cooked for us I can you imagine it was absolutely
lovely but when we went in and it was very cool in that area it wasn’t hot and
we washed our hands and we went inside the room the seating area and the table
is a low table and as you can see from the video they don’t sit on our high
table and everybody eats from the same plate ok so then there is um there are
lots of benefits related to that but it’s very interesting the eating habits
that we have in our homes in our country are different to those like for example
in Morocco so it was really interesting and the food was it was actually potato and chicken
tagine but it was absolutely delicious and it had a homely taste so it was
opposite to delicious is bland so if you don’t have any taste in your food it
means it’s bland but this was the opposite she had made so much effort and
it was delicious so here is a picture of Hussein’s mum and me so this is the end of my video and thank
you everybody for watching special thanks to Hussein and his mum Zohra also
all the people who have been supporting me and who have subscribed a special
thanks to my friend Muhammad who helped me with a technical problem and I went
to thank everybody who is supporting me because it means a lot to me and
encourages me to make more beneficial videos so if you are interested in
something special and you want me to make a video about it I would love to
hear from you and if you could let me know in the comments below I will look
at it and then I can make a plan to make a nice video so it can be about
pronunciation about vocabulary whatever you feel so I will put it down
on my list and I will be able to do something to help you with your learning
so if you enjoyed my video please like and share and I wish you a wonderful day
today is not very sunny but still I decided there’s no point to moaning
about it there’s no point complaining because the weather is not going to
change right ok so I wish you a lovely day wonderful day and I hope to see you
soon and bye for now


  1. It was wonderful πŸ’• thanks for sharing this Ψ§Ω… Ψ­Ψ³ΩŠΩ† she looks kind ❀ I love your videos which is sharing like that and also giving vocabulary sweety ❀😍😍

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