My £5 Mac & Cheese Maker! – kitchen gadget testing

My £5 Mac & Cheese Maker! – kitchen gadget testing


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    Or if you prefer a few gadgets bunched together here is the other playlist

  2. It works.. i,ve seen Emmy use it. Only with the typical American box of kraft mac n cheese. Thats what its designed for really.

  3. Thanks for the entertainment, Barry 🙂 I feel like, if you buy this (and you don't plan to show it to your YT subscribers), well, maybe you are a bit nuts. Because this is just a hot plate with a terrible kind of spatula. Use your own stove and spatula 😀

  4. Anyone else disoppointed that Barry and Ashens haven't been in a video together for ages? Come on we need a Bashens video!!!

  5. Barry! Please don't burn your house down mate! This mac and cheese boiler thingy is rated at 1200W while your little converter is only rated at 45W. You are absolutely torturing that thing and I am surprised that it actually still works. You have to buy a way heavier step down converter or you will actually end up with fire in your kitchen again. This thing has to run insanely hot delivering about 25 times(!!!) it's rated power…

  6. I understand most gadgets are meant to help people, but this is a literal waste of time and money. It's the funko pop version of cook ware…..

  7. Chocolate mac and cheese! Yes please! ❤

    Personally, I would rather have a banging savory yet sweet recipe for this to bring to a party that I would make in a sauce pan verses this dodgy appliance.

  8. Bucket of plastic lovin! 😂😂 I don’t even need to see the outcome to know it’s not going to be great. But I will watch because you’re so funny and entertaining. I wish I had the joy that you exude. How do you not have clumpy flour in that? When I make homemade, I cook the flour and butter together to cook the floury taste down. I’m thoroughly shocked that it worked.

  9. Hey you read my comment about salt bae! Love you Barry, and trust me you literally are keeping Salt Bae alive lol ❤️😘

  10. It is one of those devices where light on means ready to use, and light of means it is still heating up. Your converter may affect current, or voltage is too low, or your water is colder than their so 6 minutes was in accurate assumption.

  11. I can't imagine why anyone would ever want to use this instead of a simple pot. Don't say people with disabilities, because the cord and the steam shooting up makes this even more dangerous than just using a pot!

  12. Of course you can use a pot but this product was designed with students in dorms in mind. In most university dorms you can only have a hot plate kettle, no stove. Yes you can have a microwave but this product actually makes mac and cheese better than in the microwave. Also really good for lapping. We often had cabins with electricity and a sink but no stoves. This is perfect for certain circumstances, it is not meant as a replacement for making Mac and cheese in a regular kitchen.

  13. Safety issue… I've noticed that in your new, and previous house, that you've always needed an extension cord to plug in items on your countertop work area.

    Is it feasible, to put a power outlet on the walk through side or table side of your countertop work area?

    This way no one could walk into the extension cord and pull the appliance off the countertop or burn the cord with the cook top (hobb).

    Wouldn't want to see anyone burned or the cord catch fire.

  14. I always wonder if… Whoever sold whatever the item at the time is on Ebay is watching Barry's videos unaware of their accidental contribution. Odds are real low but it'd be funny and cool

  15. instead of bringing cold water to the boil, take the water out the hot tap, expedite the process. I ain't waiting 9 minutes to boil water ffs.

  16. I've seen reviews of this gadget, all of them not that good lol. But omg, 40 pounds for that thing brand new?! That's a robbery!

  17. i love getting deals. I picked up a CHEF'S CHOICE INTERNATIONAL 662 Meat Slicer for $50 USD and put a NEW Blade on it for $45 USD from Amazon. a STEAL of a deal.

  18. Probably better than nuking stuff in a microwave but this seems like an attempt by some offbrand fisher price to break into cookware.

    Lid seemed way too tight for something that contains hot water, safety warning or not.
    The bacon step seemed backwards as it makes more sense to me to fry the bacon as small bits in some butter (with garlic or mustard) thats then used for the sauce to get the flavour going through.

  19. Absolutely a single-use gadget. It's fun seeing the home-made stuff come out of it, though. EmmyMadeInJapan tested it with the boxed stuff…..

  20. Why, why, why do you keep taking off the whole lid instead of using the safer ingredient drop in hole??? Bypassing the safety feature, you might as well use a regular pot…

  21. Barry I know this is horrible but i rewound back to you scalding yourself about 5 times. It was the child like reaction had me in stitches!

    Great content mate you keep being you!

  22. Has anyone made the "Barry Burns Himself" compilation video yet? It's literally every single episode. It's gotta be on purpose. 🙂

  23. Thank you for saying you’re not mad about that, instead of that you’re not mad at it.

    Also, thank you for confirming for me that I was pronouncing my cheese name correctly today. I got an advent calendar of British cheeses and today’s was Red Leicester.

  24. I wear thick gloves when handling boiled water like one would handle something in an iron forge, because I am NOT dealing with THAT pain.

  25. I've seen this being rewieved before and I think this is the only one that actually turned out ok.
    To be fair though I think this is aimed to e.g. American college students, I believe a lot of them have to stay in dorms for at least the first two semesters and they don't have stoves in their dorms and aren't allowed cook tops so I guess this could be useful to them when used with an oven mitt.

  26. I could've sworn I heard you say cook the bacon to preferred Christmas. I was so confused until I realised it was preferred crispness.

  27. Just hook it to the clock tower just as lightening is about to strike and wait for lightening to strike and that bacon will be cooked. Bam! Cooked bacon. Hahaha

  28. While the end result looked stonkin' (sorry, just speaking Barrese 🙂 ), the gadget itself is unnecessary. It makes nothing easier, it improves nothing about the process and you could do it with fairly common items. Besides, the fact that the hatch door was broken is a sign of the quality.

  29. You are going to love the pasta maker! I got mine off EBay for about $60 usd. Made ramen, lasagne & pasta for Mac & Cheese. Your kids are going to love it too!

  30. Can you please show how to clean these gadgets after use? How time consuming or easy it is? Because for me a gadget only makes sense if its easy cleanable… This pot for example looks like a nightmare to clean afterwards with all the cheese, flour and grease… and the power cable still sticking to it

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