Mutton Kosha Bengali Recipe | Kasha Mangsho | Bengali Slow Cooked Mutton Curry | Kali Pujo Special

Mutton Kosha Bengali Recipe | Kasha Mangsho | Bengali Slow Cooked Mutton Curry | Kali Pujo Special

Kosha Mangsho | slow-cooked, caramelised mutton 1 kg mutton: pieces with a good proportion of meat, fat, and bones are essential; we’re using raan (leg), but we also like meat from the seena (ribs) onions 100g garlic 5g yoghurt 100g salt 15g, turmeric 5g shahi garam masala 3g massage! cover and marinate in the fridge There are no special ingredients for a good mutton kosha. All it takes is patience. big cardamom 1 pc | cinnamon 1 large | cloves 10 pcs | dried red chillies 4 pcs | bay leaves 6 pcs black cardamom 1 pc | green cardamom 10 pcs green chillies 20g, ginger paste 40g, garlic 10g coriander 3g, cumin 3g kashmiri red chilli 3g, water 100g ghee 5g 150–200g yoghurt depending
on how tart you want your curry sugar 10g, salt 8g sliced onions 400g sliced onions define the texture
of the curry; diced or puréed onions won’t
give you the same result crush garlic and green chillies to a paste heat 20g mustard oil until it smokes lightly and changes colour to a pale yellow temper with dried red chillies bay leaves cardamom, big cardamom, cloves, cinnamon cover and fry onions until brown colour of onions after 30 mins brown mutton on high heat; stir often beat yoghurt until lump-free keep frying on high heat salt (8g), sugar Be alert! This is controlled browning; stir often, or curry will burn and taste bitter. keep a 1 litre jar of hot water handy over the next 2 hours on medium heat, you will add water (~30 ml), stir cover (~ 1 min), uncover scrape browned bits, repeat browning is good! scrape and incorporate you will see the mutton getting darker when you’re happy with the colour… …add water based on how much gravy you want slit green chillies cover and cook until mutton is tender you should be able to tear the meat with two fingers ghee one last stir mishti polao


  1. Hi Insia & Saptarshi, I tried cooking Kosha Mangsho, following your instructions and recipe for the fist time in life yesterday. Our guests as well as I myself are unbelievably happy with the result. As we rarely consume read meat at home, cooking mutton properly , when required, has always been a challenge for me. Your lucid explanations about the browning process was sort of an eye-opener, which no one has been able to clarify and convince me about until date. Your measurements , indicating everything with grams is a bit tricky to follow; I had to rely on some simple math as well as my instinct to decide on the proportions for some of the ingredients. I finally managed to cook perfectly tender and juicy 1.5 kg of meat in 3.5 hours ( prep time excluded). Though I had initially decided to hasten the process by changing to pressure cooking midway, but later I discarded the idea and continued following the path shown by Confucius. Thank you for the wonderfully simple recipe .
    Also, your website and the videos are a pleasure to watch 🙂 . I have become an ardent follower.

  2. Ranna ta ottonto suswadu hobe dekhei bojha jacche..colour ta osadharon dekhte lagche.. dekhe vison e khete iccha krche.. and apnar ranna dekhte Amar vison e valo Lage…R o notun notun ranna sekhale vison e valo lagbe…valo thakben… Sustho thakben.. r eivabei valo valo rannar recipe amader upohar hisabe diye jaben…

  3. Sunday te korechilam ranna ta..oshadharon khete hoyechilo..tomra aste aste amake hotel e khaoar bod habit ta rectify kore dicho..Thank You 😍😀

  4. So Nicely choreographed Video..

    Just better than SUPERB

    TRYING hard to imitate you but it's far cry… Our channel is New and Inspiration like YOUR's one is blessing to us.

    Keep posting your good work and captivate our thoughts with mouthwatering recepies.

    SUPER-LIKE from @tastybongfoods

  5. Good day😊. Today it's the second mutton recipe video that I watch from your channel. I commented in one of your previous videos too after I watched that. Your recipes bring back lots of my youth memories in Kolkata and parts of Bengal. And the music you infuse in your videos are so good with the true essence. I really appreciate your effort for recreating these quality based videos with good detailed descriptive editing. If you don't mind can you please say which app you are using to edit this video? I hope you will answer. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.

  6. Aj first time mutton kosha banalam… Thanks to your channel. Sob guidelines follow kore banalam aj sosurbari te. Sobar khub khub bhalo legeche. Thank you❤️

  7. Dada boudi kemon aachen? Baba r asuker jonno 5 months bangalore chilam. Aapnar channel ta dekhte pai ni. Happy pujo aapnader. Amar fav dish. Thank you for demonstrating it

  8. ধন্য মা জাতি, এতো কষ্ট করার চাইতে আমি আগুনে পুড়িয়ে মাটন খাবো, যা হয় হবে, আচ্ছা টেস্ট কেমন হয়েছে?

  9. AJ Ami ei recipe ta banalam barite, khub darun taste hoechilo. Just awesome. Ami nijei vabte parini je ato valo taste hobe. Super recipe. 👍🤘👏

  10. I did try it out, with all minute details and it turned out so good my brother was praising it ..thanks!!! Shall follow you guys… amazing work, with specific details it makes it easy and simple.

  11. Had to watch it again as in the first attempt the creativity ,the direction and especially the sounds took me away on another ride . Its a pleasure to watch and a symphony to hear throughout .

  12. আমি vegetarian কিন্তু আপনাদের এই রেসিপি টা যতোবার ততই ভালো লাগে 😍😍😍

  13. I would request you to mention all the ingredients in the description box it makes it easy incase we skip on ingredients.

  14. Hello Bong Eats…
    Thank you for sharing such recipes with us just simply and amazingly…
    I did prepare Kosha Mangsho and Misti Polayo on Bhai Fhonta according to your Videos….it turned out to be a big hit in my Family…everyone loved the food…It was just Fatafati….
    Thanks a Lot…❤❤❤❤

  15. Tinte jinish niye amar ektu didha ache….ek tejpata ta orokom kore katle khaowar samoi mukhe tejpata porte pare barbar..

    Dui mangshyota kintu ektu beshi kalo hoye geche..monehoi ektu pora legeche…amar monehoi arektu age namano uchit ebong mashla gulo deowar samoi ektu jol dile bhalo hoi.

    Tin holo 8ghontar jonnyo je marrination kora holo tate peyaj bata ta avoid korle bhalo hoi…karon peyaj sabsamoi fresh use kora uchit, seta bata ba kete…peyaj dirghon fele rakhle seta bata ba kata hok, seta asasthyokor…

  16. With all the thoughtful UX put into your website and channel its a pitty with the recipies in gms… I mean seriously, 15gm of salt. 🙄

  17. Wow…great recipe and cooking. Please have a good /fresh food to have a great day and a great life…

    Joy Maa kali …

    Ritwik /Ramakrishana

  18. i am watching first time in youre channel and really i am impressed line to line you maintain youre job good work….😄😄

  19. রান্না তো আপনাদের ভীষণ ভালো,সেই সঙ্গে আপনাদের utensils গুলো ও আমাকে খুব আকৃষ্ট করে,ওগুলো কোথা থেকে কেনা যায়,যদি একটু জানানো যায় …please😊

  20. To get a real taste of mutton…all you need is high patience..and cook …one more thing my Dida used to say that massage the mutton with spices and curd in such a way that 5% of your mutton will get boiled with the heat that creates through your massage…believe me it's true…it gives brilliant taste…
    Rannar moja takhoni jakhon ashe pasher bario sei gandho pae….mmmmhhhhhhh…..aaaaahhhhhh….Kosha mangsho…

  21. অনেক অনেক ভাল লাগছে । চমৎকার পরিবেশনা । শুভ কামনা

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