MUNCHIES Presents: Taiwan’s Funeral Feasts

MUNCHIES Presents: Taiwan’s Funeral Feasts


  1. keep in mind these funerals are really taxing on the family's finances. more often than not, the funeral becomes almost like a soup kitchen where the poor and homeless come as well. keep in mind that due to the culture and the "ritual" you're not allowed to turn people way ever. this means that if someone demands more food and you're done cooking, you're required to reopen the kitchen. it would result in bad karma for your deceased relative and etc. also, if you don't provide a grand funeral the local smaller villages are incredibly judgmental and will complain directly to the head of the house.

  2. I'm from Taiwan myself. I feel like this kind of tradition is suitable for weddings and celebtrations but not so much for funerals. Imagine having your dear ones pass away and still have to spend thousands of dollars on food that you will have no appetite eating. It might makes since in the past but not anymore in my opinion.

  3. My grandfather recently passed away and seeing how sad this man was almost brought me to tears. He's right, elders usually die around that time. Given it took forever to cremate my grandad because of the amount of bodies they had to go through.

  4. Could we like get Josh Frank to do more hostings for munchies like foreal this guy is probably one of the best munchies host I've seen.

  5. WHERE THE FUCK IS BRONSON!?! Who the cock is this guy? Is he not supposed to be running around in the rain forest licking frogs to get high? White, skinny, comb-over. At least the frog-licker did some actual real stuff, man. WHO THE COOCH IS THIS GUY?!

  6. love the sense of community and the struggle of keeping tradition alive in this modern age.
    very similiar to indians way of life
    engaging to watch

  7. So awesome! Thanks for the Taiwan spotlight Munchies! I wonder if Joshua knows how to speak Taiwanese, or if he was just confused the whole time.

  8. This guy is so humble, the way the host says how he was hoping the film would honour his friends grandfather… damn man. feels ;_;

  9. dude this guys mandarin is not just on point in pronounciation (fairly good) but also his grammar and sentence structure is good too wtf

  10. The thing tricky here is… there's no distinctive 'traditions' of Taiwan… it really is a melting pot of way too many Chinese and non-Chinese traditions… there are those who arrived after the civil wars between the KMT and the communist party… and there are those who's lineage are from Taiwan since hundreds of years ago, they are more 'local' Taiwanese… but local Taiwanese also have some that recognizes themselves strongly with Japanese because they were heavily influenced during he Japanese occupation during the early to mid 20 century… and there are Aboriginals that are the original settlers and has been here probably thousands of years… different dialects, religions, cultures, it's so diversified here… I am a Taiwanese who grew up in Taipei and New Zealand… and this would never be a part of my 'tradition' or 'culture'… But this is a part of the reason I love Taiwan… but it is also the reason why the country is still so divided in all kinds of political and social issues… it's great to be rich in culture, but some how we need to make it work, and the differentiation is almost 'racist' like… in which people's background and viewpoints are not exactly respected… which is a shame and a problem in our education system…

  11. I wonder if he knew Taiwanese or he was just nodding along lol. His mandarin is good for sure but them Taiwanese they randomly throw in there sometimes though even I can't understand that.

  12. It is actually not necessarily for funeral only. This is a Taiwanese traditional feast. People do this for weddings too. Basically this can be done for any special occasion.

  13. I love it when a host is not only respectful , but also fluent in the language that is spoken in areas he visited. Great video and great host!

  14. Thoroughly enjoyed this video. The host spoke the language so well too which made it even better. Respectful to the elders, ate the food and all that, just great. This sort of banquet, catering style is still quite common for weddings and funerals back at my place, I'm a Malaysian of Chinese ethnicity, not a Taiwanese but we're quite similar. During the Chinese/Lunar New Years, we have something similar. We call it the "Tuan Yuan Fan", which is a family gathering of sorts. Families overseas or outstation travel back to eat with the head of the household, in my case is my grandparents. Everyone comes, the kids set the table, the mums cook and the dad gathers ingredients. Honestly speaking I enjoy the new years because of the family gatherings, but I do come from a large family and most of the time only half or so make it back home which is about 50+ family members only which includes all the newborns and kids.

  15. This is a really traditional style of funeral. And the host is pretty impressive, able to understand mandarin with heavy taiwanese accent. I doubt he understood the "Taiwanese" (a variation of mandarin) portion of it, but at least he was respectful and just listened.

  16. For once the comment section on a Munchies video isn't toxic! That, and the fact that the host is a real down-to-earth, respectable, and knowledgeable individual. His ability to speak mandarin is also impressive, and he's Canadian (like me) so he gets bonus points.

  17. love this episode. im taiwanese, and was only talking to my dad about these town cooks not two days ago. well done vice for teaching us about taiwanese culture. and kudos on the multilingual hosts. his chinese is better than mine haha

  18. Not only did I like the host for his calm, charismatic presence, I also really appreciate the reception he got from the natives. I really didn't expect the Taiwanese elders to be so open and warm to Joshua, so it was a bit of a surprise when they were so accommodating.

  19. Does he understand Taiwanese? lol there's lots of Taiwanese incorporated into their mandarin. I'd be super impressed. As you can guess I'm Taiwanese lol!!

  20. First of all, I dont wanna shit on traditions but is weird the quests just eat lunch while the "parade" is going on. On my mind its kinds disrespectful.

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