Mukbang In Bed With My Rebound Jake Paul

Mukbang In Bed With My Rebound Jake Paul


  1. See's Jake in my feed, goes to scroll by. See's it's on Tana's channel… Clicks on video And I don't watch either of them 😂

  2. I clicked on this thinking I'd immediately ride the hate train like everyone else and I found myself liking both of them a lot I'd chill with them and do a mukbang 🤣

  3. In this video they looked so cute and genuine. Throughout the few months I feel like Jake seemed more annoyed with Tana. Which is weird because you would think he would seem more comfortable with her.

  4. When jake said tana came to watch him record music I think it was every day bro because that came out 2 yeara ago and apparently jake and tana hooked up 2 years ago

  5. I like jake and Erika better, I don’t really ship this, sorry… like she’s pretty and nice but I definitely like Erika and jake better.. I’m really super sorry, not trying to hate

  6. “We lost our edge”….cue fake wedding. *amazing *nothating But when and how does this end? Divorce after separate honeymoons? 🤔🤑😘

  7. This is so fucking beautiful like its like mixing the most disgusting shit ever and it becomes the most beautiful controversial scandalous and toxic thing ever like james charles is shaking

  8. Its crazy bcuz ii always like jake but never knew tana and like jake seems like logan now… Just normal in aa good explicit way like ii love how open and bold they are with there situationship

  9. They actually seem like they bring the best out of each other lol and it works so well. They both are just in kind of a chill “I don’t give a fuck” relationship.

  10. I feel like tana Mongeau is laughing her asses off at her dumbass twelve year olds thinking she got fucking married to him

  11. The reason I went to this video is because I was watching the q sociopath video and they sad something about a mukbang

  12. Tanas face is fat and ugly. She tries too hard. That Paul guy is like a toddler with downs syndrome.

    I see he is wearing an Everyday Racing shirt. I bet that's a competitive race team.

    His first girl was gorgeous. Since then he has had some chubby rebounds. Welcome to real life Paul. Lol

  13. @ 11:55 i was pretty sure Jake said "pop my channels rated r cherry" but the subtitle said "very own cherry" lol am i trippin?

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