MS sufferer getting diet advice from well meaning people who just read an article on MS. what to say

MS sufferer getting diet advice from well meaning people who just read an article on MS. what to say

thank you I’ll have a look at it later
that’s my response that’s what it should be when someone sends me inevitably
you’re gonna get this way where someone sends you a well-meaning message about
some bird who changed her diet or stood on one leg or did some exercise or did
whatever she did or he did or they did to cure their symptoms to get out of
their disease modifying drugs to get off medication whatever it is they did to
cure their ailment people will send you a link to the article about that now
there are three types of people that will send you something such as this you
got number one I was thinking about this earlier you can tell is the benign
purely meant for the best reasons I only meant well kind of message but just cuz
you mean well doesn’t mean it’s okay to send it but if they are compassionate if
they are empathetic if they are sensitive to your feelings then they
will understand now the best response to spend to send to someone like this even
best of intentions it doesn’t matter is thanks I’ll take a look because that
reinforces their goodwill without coming I don’t feel like shit and also it stops
you thinking about it cuz sometimes of an obvious one to say I did it this
morning and I really shouldn’t have and I should have just said thanks and be
done with it is if you try to educate someone
you ain’t gonna educate them if they feel that way if they compassionate if
they care if they feel for you then no matter what your say they’re gonna go on
then the number two person that is like this it’s like the vegan vegetarian
effect it’s like that old adage how do you tell
a vegetarian at a party you don’t they tell you it’s like I told the vegetarian
once I said I told him this joke I said do you know once I was on the plane and
someone was having a heart attack and one of the stewardesses does it
there’s anyone a doctor and this guy stood up and he said you love me and
they said are you doctor I said no I’m a vegan I told of me good that one’s oh
those before I was such an asshole now I’m only a little bit of an asshole
oh look at the flowers I got for my missus talking about being an asshole
that’s an orchid lovely Oh Bea is not damaged in the scooter
again blown away bald windy right and the third type of person to send you
messages about Terry walls fucking prehistoric Pollock Pollock if someone
that is a religious dogmatic the believes in miracles that believes in
sky daddies and such if you want to believe that that’s fine but don’t tell
me you’re good because you’ve got God fuck off with you God if it’s all
fucking if you die well that’s God’s plan if you live well I thank God it’s
all his plan I tell you what though if it is the mysteriousness of God try
punching someone in the face and say what are mysterious
no if it is all God’s plan then what the fuck are you praying for
is it gonna change his plan because you want some new shoes you’re a fucking
idiot type of person that believes in tooth fairies of all the thousands of
deities and billions of people that truly believed it to be true all of them
are full of shit and you’re right because you got born in the right
religion oh please I ain’t saying that you’re wrong I’m just saying that I
don’t know if you’re right so don’t be telling me that you are because you feel
it you identify as as creative I saw a funny on Facebook
it’s like if you identify as a pilot can you fly a plane so like so and so
identifies as a lesbian male so they must be a lesbian you gotta treat him
like that because they identify if you couldn’t be identified by someone and be
treated as that someone because you feel it John identifies as a pilot he will be
flying you today but don’t worry there’s only a few bad apples in the pilots
there’s only a couple that will kill you good luck
roll the dice Who am I to know about anything but in that same manner who are
you to know about anything either so that’s Rob’s tinder but yeah back to the
subject thanks for telling me I’ll have a look later that is the best
response I learned something similar to this
before when I used to have a lot of YouTube videos and Facebook videos and
blogs and sites and stuff just delete the rubbish comments just you’re gonna
get some idiots in the world of the internet in you know they just got it
you don’t even have to look from them just turn up the best thing you can do
is just delete a message and they’ll be done and that also accounts for people
not Indians but people that really care don’t want to do the best thing that
have the best intentions Thanks I’ll look at it later
number one it doesn’t tell them to fuck off okay would you do sometimes well by
you I mean me oh gosh I already take a control of that and also number two you
don’t dwell on it I know when I get messages from douchebags that talk about
holistic healing because I had a necrotic tissue in my in my bluh bluh
blah blah bland then I’d you know if I just delete it
then I don’t have to think about it otherwise I do think about it I do or go
on about it and FX me and I’m not gonna do that again so the lesson to be
learned the big takeaway is when you get advice about these things ain’t saying
whether they’re right or wrong but telling them they’re wrong they won’t
agree with because they wouldn’t send it to you otherwise telling them they’re
right might do more harm than good so the best thing that you can do for them
and for you is thanks a lot I’ll look at it later and then boom is done there you
go that was a public service announcement on how to deal with people
that tell you to change your diet oh look Joseph Clayton


  1. Hi Andy I really enjoyed that. I don't have a blog but I can identify with a lot of what you say, coz I have a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury and people say, you'll get better soon, they also say I should stop drinking when they hear my slurred speech, luckily the incident that gave me the brain damage also made me deaf in my right ear. When I am depressed which is often they tell me to pull myself out of it, when I am happy they tell me to calm down. I have given up with Facebook because they all offer advice and I have to keep unfriending people who get on my teats. Well I won't be telling you there is a cure or offer you a diet because I know somethings don't have a cure and you just have to live the best you can while being grateful for each day, cheers mate.

  2. My Wife has Devics and she was told to "just try to ignore it…Stiff upper lip and all that…." I won't tell you what her response was but it involved a set of directions on going away, several expletives (many of which I hadn't heard of before) and punctuation that involved several pieces of smashed crockery and a wheelie bin travelling at high speed in their general direction….. I love that Woman.


    Thought you might like this blog post maybe . Keep up the good work. Love your videos.I know how hard it is to keep upbeat when you feel like shite 😘
    Ps ….Have you checked for necrotic tissue in your gums? Ha ha ….😅 x

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