Mouth Ulcer Quick Home Remedies – Mouth Ulcer Home Remedy – Mouth Sores Home Remedy

Mouth Ulcer Quick Home Remedies – Mouth Ulcer Home Remedy – Mouth Sores Home Remedy

mouth ulcer quick home remedies have you recently developed painful sores inside your mouth the sores inside the mouth are called mouth ulcers these painful sores don’t require any medical attention since these subside within a week or two smoking and drinking in excess can cause ulcers if your toothpaste contains the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate then there is a chance of you getting mount cultures if you have been suffering from mouth ulcers for some time then don’t worry there are a few home remedies to heal the source and to get fast relief from pain one baking soda the alkaline properties of baking soda can be abused the acid that tends to trigger the canker sore making soda works wonders since it balances the levels of acid in the body it helps to kill the bacteria as well as treats the sort and enables healing it reduces the inflammation it even provides good oral helped by removing germs and bacteria you can try this home remedy by rinsing your mouth using one – by rinsing your mouth music ting one teaspoon of baking soda mix in 1/2 cup of water make sure to mix it well try to swish it around in your mouth and then spit it out repeated two times in a day – honey honey is known for its antibacterial properties since it manages to soothe ulcers and accelerates the healing process honey has the power to reduce scarring as well as speeding up the process of new tissue growth apply honey on the sore which has been mixed along with 1 tablespoon of amalah powder gently dab it on the affected area for fast relief make sure to use turmeric and mix it with honey drink buttermilk buttermilk has the magical ingredient that can heal the sores buttermilk contains lactic acid and is slightly acidic in nature which can reduce the pain caused due to source for it chamomile chamomile has antiseptic properties that can be ideally used for mouth washing because it prevents the cause of sore take a handful of chamomile flowers and try to place them in water make sure to use this as a mouthwash twice a day it does wonders in curing mouth ulcers 5 tea for another temporary relief you can place a wet tea bag over the ulcerated area black tea contains tennen which has the power to relieve pain 6 coriander leaves take a handful of coriander leaves and make sure to crush them properly after crushing them make sure to apply the juice on the mouth ulcers to heal the sword’s even guava leaves can be crushed and the juice can be applied on the mouth culture it tries to heal

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