Most BIZARRE Foods In The World!

From fried brains in a sandwich to some critters
that might actually kill you, join me as I reveal to you 11 of the weirdest foods from
around the world. 11. Fried Brain Sandwich
Believe it or not, the notion of eating animal brains is not foreign to many. In fact, some brains of animals are considered
a delicacy in many countries, including France, which likes to serve cat brains and eggs to
patrons of certain restaurants. Um..I’m not so sure about this, what about
you? In the United States, especially in the Midwest,
there used to be a very common meal known as Fried Brain Sandwich. It was basically a burger-like meal, with
the exception that instead of the burger meat of a cow, it was actually their brains that
you had. And for a while, it was actually very popular. Then, Mad Cow Disease came around and it curbed
the appetites of many who wished to try it. The meal is actually still available to have
right now should you have a desire to try it out. The catch though is that because of the Mad
Cow epidemic, there are regulations on how old these brains can be before they’re served. They cannot be older than 30 months upon serving. However, some people now use Pig brains in
this meal to help ensure that Mad Cow Disease doesn’t happen to their customers. 10. Insects
In the world at large, insects are viewed by many to be “creepy crawlies” and thus things
that are meant to be looked at, and yet not touched for a variety of reasons. However, while many do indeed fear insects,
others see them as a natural delicacy. And so all over the world you’re going to
find meals that are actually focused around insects of some shape or size. In Shanghai, China for example, there are
street vendors that’ll actually serve you fried scorpions on a stick. There are also people who bathe insects like
grasshoppers in chocolate and serve them as a dessert of sorts. In South Korea, they actually serve silkworm
larvae as part of a meal, and the more countries you visit, and the more off the beaten path,
the more “unique” bug meals you’ll find. While this may seem disgusting to many, the
fact of the matter is that most bugs are actually nutritious and healthy to eat…for the most
part. Granted, there are bugs that need to be prepared
because of venom/poisonous reasons, but things like locusts, grasshoppers, ants and more
are actually able to be eaten right now. So thus, people partake in this “gift from
nature”. 9. Puffer Fish
If you know your sea creatures, you’ll understand why it’s weird that anyone would serve a Puffer
Fish as a meal. Mainly because the Puffer Fish is without
a doubt one of the most deadly creatures in the world because of the toxin that it has
within its body. You see, within the Puffer Fish has tetrodotoxin,
a toxin that is so powerful and deadly that there is no known cure for it in the world. That’s why it’s one of the most dangerous
foods out there. How it’s secreted though is just as interesting. If a human, or a predator, cuts into the Puffer
Fish’s skin in the wrong way, the toxin will emerge, freezing your muscles until you die
(though to be clear, there are times when it’s non-lethal, the amount does count here). Because of the very deadly nature of this
fish, most countries have banned the fish from being eaten or even imported. You need to be an expert in dissecting it
to ensure that the poison isn’t put anywhere in the food. 99% of all countries (and chefs) on Earth
won’t take that risk…except for Japan. Japan not only knows how to carve up the Puffer
Fish, they actually consider it a delicacy in their country. But they don’t call it Puffer Fish there,
they actually call it Fugu. And because of the “seasons” that the fish
have, they often only serve it between October-March. If you’re going to try it, make sure the
chef has experience!! And now for some 8-legged friends, but first
if you are new here be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. And let me know the craziest thing you’ve
ever eaten in the comments below!!! 8. Tarantulas
Despite getting confused, insects and spiders are not the same for a whole host of reasons. But, like insects, spiders are hated and feared
by many because of their looks (not their fault). But even so, many countries, including The
Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia are more than willing to cook up tarantulas (one of
the more feared spiders in the world) and serve them to customers. That must be interesting! In fact, in Cambodia, the serving of these
spiders are actually consider a national treat among the people (despite the admission that
the taste can be rather bland at times). And make no mistake, these are no small spiders,
each tarantula can be the size of the palm of your hand, ensuring a long-lasting meal
as you chomp down. The thing that does detract some people from
trying it out is that since you are eating ALL of the Tarantula, you are eating its insides,
which at times includes spider eggs. Surprise!! 7. Bird Nest Soup
When you think about a bird nest, you likely think about small twigs, branches and leaves
woven together by birds to make a strong foundation. But in truth, there are some birds, like the
edible-nest swiftlets, Indian swiftlets, and other swiftlets, that actually use hardened
saliva to make their own nests. The process is effective, and the results
are a nest that is safe, strong…and edible. In China especially, Birds Nest Soup is made
from these hardened saliva nests. And they’ve been making it for over 400 years. While it may sound disgusting, the Chinese
are more than happy to point out that these nests are actually very high in nutritional
value, which is why they’re such a popular meal there in certain circles. Not sure how nutritious saliva can be though. That being said, while the soup is popular,
it’s actually hard to make because these nests are hard to get. You have to climb up a cliff and grab the
nests off of ledges. To that end, the lower range of the nests
per pound is about $3000. And some of them, including a red nest made
by a Swiftlet, can cost $10,000. So because of these costs, Birds Nest Soup
is actually one of the most expensive meals in the world today. 6. Escargot
If you were to make a list of many famous dishes that you can get in France, Escargot
would no doubt be in the Top 5 of that list. Which is interesting, because Escargot is
just a fancy way of saying that you’re eating snails. What has confused many tourists over the years
is that the snails are actually served within their shells. You’re supposed to use a fork to get them
out, and then put them on a piece of white bread and smother it with the sauce that is
also in the shell for the best flavor. First impressions notwithstanding, many tourists
have found Escargot to be rather delectable, and it’s a big reason why the dish is continuing
to be served in the country and many other places in Europe. What’s more, you can actually try and make
your own Escargot via certain supermarkets that provide you the correct snails. And in case you’re curious, Escargot literally
translates to “Edible Snail”. 5. Balut
All over the world, eggs are served in a variety of ways and with a variety of flavors and
seasonings. But in The Philippines, they decided to take
the development of certain eggs to a new level for food, and created Balut as a result. What is Balut? To put it simply, it is an egg that is actually
already developing the embryo of a duck. Once the embryo has developed, the egg is
then boiled, and the egg, along with the embryo is served to the customer. Why go that far to make a developed egg then
cook it? It’s because while the egg on its own is high
in nutritional value, with the cooked embryo, it’s even more nutritious. The dish is so popular that it’s considered
one of the national foods of the Philippines. 4. Surstromming
The Swedish are known for many things, including the wide variety of fish meals that they make,
but one of the more odd versions of fish that they make and ship is Surstromming. Basically, it’s Baltic Herring that is being
fermented in a large can. They’re actually sold and shipped in these
cans, which has occasionally caused problems for those handling them. Plus, the fermenting process can sometimes
take six months to do. At first, this may not seem too odd or weird,
however, a test in Japan with Surstromming actually revealed that the process of making
it releases an odor that has been described as some of the most putrid odors in the world
today. Yet, people still eat it, mainly outdoors. 3. Cobra Snake Heart
Snake meat is actually a well-known food that many people, especially survivalists, eat. As long as they know what kind of snake they’re
eating, they’re fine. But with the Vietnamese, they take it to another
level by actually cooking Cobras. To be clear though, they don’t just eat the
meat, they actually have a superstition about the heart of a King Cobra. If you catch one, then chop off its head and
cut out its heart, then eat it, it’ll give you superhuman vitality. And to help you get it down, they actually
put it into a drink (such as Vodka) and have you take a “shot” with it. Anybody tried this? Anybody?? 2. Haggis
On the surface, Haggis is without a doubt a unique meal, one that is a nationally recognized
food of Scotland. To explain it simply, Haggis is a pudding,
but one that is made up of the liver, heart, and the lungs of a sheep. That’s not all though, it’s also mixed with
beef and oatmeal and seasoned with onions, cayenne peppers, and other various spices. After all of that, you put it into a sheep’s
stomach and then boil the whole thing. It seems like a lot of work to make!! To help you eat it, you’re usually given some
Scotch or another hard drink. But here’s the rub, you can only get this
meal in Scotland because the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) has decreed that
it will accept no foods that have an animal’s lungs in it, which Haggis does. Scotland has appealed their ruling, and has
tried to make concessions to lift the ban, but it hasn’t worked as of yet. Still, that doesn’t stop the Scots from eating
it in their homeland and offering it to many who want to try a unique and beloved Scottish
meal. Bon apetit!! 1. Hákarl
To put it simply, Hákarl is a shark, specifically a Greenland Shark. But one that has been left to ferment and
rot for about 5 months. Yes, you’re technically eating a rotted out
shark. There is a reason for this though, the natural
form of the Greenland Shark cannot be eaten fresh, as it’s poisonous to the human body. So, by letting it decay just a little, the
poison leaves the body. Or you could just not eat shark… This type of Shark is beloved in Iceland and
is served year round and at special festivals. But to those who are tourists in the area,
be warned. The sharks, due to their rotted state, do
have a rather potent Ammonia smell, which has caused many to get the meal and gag at
first because the smell gets to them. If you are brave go for it!! Thanks for watching! What did you think of these weird foods from
around the world? Have you ever tried any of them?? Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to subscribe, and I’ll see you next

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