Mission Report: The Sontar 6k!

Mission Report: The Sontar 6k!

Pitiful human scum! Your incessant demands
that you be given advance notification as to the strategies and planning for the next
WRC event have reached insufferable levels, and in an attempt to silence your ridiculous
whinging, High Command has decreed that you be given these particulars. Behold! The Sontar 6k, possibly the most desirable
and aesthetically perfect virtual running medal ever to be offered to the insipid human
race. Furthermore: this helpful piece of human attire,
completely useless as tactical armor, but functional in the identification of mood parameters
for any brave Sontaran clone warrior. You WILL maintain absolute secrecy with these
details, else face the business end of an atomic pulse trebuchet. For the glory of the
Sontaran empire! Sontar-ha! Sontar-Ha! Sontar-HA!

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