Miracle Benefits of Ash Gourd Juice/petha, How to make Ash gourd juice

Miracle Benefits of Ash Gourd Juice/petha, How to make Ash gourd juice

Hello everyone Welcome to our Channel BAAT PATE KI I am Deepa Today I have come up with a very Special Topic Today I shall tell you about Ash Guard This is Ash Guard This is a very big Vegetable you will be surprised to know its uses This is no less than a miracle vegetable it has a lot of medicinal effects. Everyone should include it in their diet it has many names it is called Ash Guard because it has white-colored Ash or dust on its surface it is also called Wax Guard as this outer layer is waxy and sticky in nature It has many names. It is also called as winter Mellon it is also known as Kushmanda in India it is quite big and heavy. It has 96.5 % watery juice it has a lot of minerals and Vitamins too which are extremely important and beneficial for our body It is called Winter Mellon As it helps to cool down our body Before moving ahead I will like to show you a clip. In many parts of Indian traditional ceremonies It is hanged in front of the home It is believed to bring positivity to home It helps to remove the negative energies home In most of the South Indian homes It is kept like that in front of homes all the time When I researched on As Guard I came to know about many uses of the Ash Guard And it proved to be connected why it is considered so important in the traditions It is surely a Miracle As it has a very positive influence on our body It has many Vitamins like Riboflavin, Vitamin C, and B Complex like Thymine, Niacin it also has minerals like Calcium and Phosphorous which is very important in bone growth It also has potassium which is very important for blood vessels and Heart It helps regulate Blood pressure Apart from that, it is also very beneficial for our overall Digestive system It is very benificial to our Stomach. It even reliev stomach ulcers fatty liver Its juice is very beneficial for them It helps protect the mucosal lining of our stomach This mucosal lining is the protective lining in the stomach which protects our stomach from Acid Though acid in stomach is important for digetion. But Excess of acid due to food habits, stress, etc may erode the internal mucosal lining, which may lead to conditions like ulcer Ash guard Juice contains glycosides, Sterols, Flavanoids, and terpenes too These constituents act as antioxidants and show the healing effect and heals all the digestive problems like Constipation, hoemmoroids, Internal bleeding, Gum bleeding Excessive menstrual bleeding, Leukaria It helps in all these conditions. Many people are addicted to tea or coffee. It leads to disturbance in our Digestive System, Leads to Acidity and ulcers If you want to get rid of this addiction, Ash Guard Juice can prove to be a healthy replacement Tea and coffee increases acid secretion and disregulate our body sysstem While Ash Guard Juice helps calm down and cool our system Apart from that, there is another very important benefit for those who are addicted to affeem, or other opoids addiction Ash guard juice helps to get rid of these addictons too. It is also beneficial to maintain a healthy heart. Those who have angina and other heart problems can take this Juice to get the benefit. It is also helpful for BP patients It is also useful for Cancer Patients In research, it was seen that Ash Guard Juice inhibit Cancer cells, Suppress tumor cells It is not only cancer preventive but also helps kill cance cells It is also benificial to our Vision. It has riboflavin, which is very important for our eye sight. it is a very good detoxifier. it helps clean our body, regulates bile juices It is also beneficial to remove bile stones and kidney stones Another important benifit is that it improves our cognitive power. helps improve memory. And overall brain power Everyone can take this Ash Guard juice, Diabetic, pregnant women, All gae groups, Child, youth and elderly all should consume this Ash Guard. If you will take this juice regularly for 1 week, you will start feeling its benifits. You will get energised throughout the day The correct way to take the Ash Guard is to take it in the morning, empty stomach And dotn take anything else post 1 hour of consuming it. To get 100% benifit out of it This is Ash Guard 1st of all wash it and remove its ash, it quite sticky and waxy. Its washed now. Lets cut it. We need to take 250gms per person serving. You can see there are a lot of seeds at the centre. These are also very useful. These can be dried and the seed core can be consumed. Which can help kill the stomach worms. Lets remove the centrally seedy portion. Lets remove the outer peel too. We shall cut it in small pieces. We can grind them without water, but if you feel too thick to grind, a little water can be added. Here we have the Ash Guard Juice You can add honey and a pinch of black pepper, pepper can help relieve cough and allergy. I hope you liked my Video Plz like my Video Request the viewers to Subscribe to my channel to show support. Dont forget to click the bell icon to get the notificiation of new videos We shall meet in the next video Till then Stay blessed, be happy and
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  1. Mam pls put subtitles so everyone can understand by the mam I have fatty and enlarged liver and fatty liver and also over weight .so can i drink this?

  2. मैं पेठे का बीज तो निकालती हूँ लेकिन पेठे का छिलका नहीं उतारती क्या छिलके सहित जूस बनाना सही हैं या फिर ग़लत?

  3. दरवाजे पर कितने दिन रख सकते हैं, ये खराब भी तो हो जाता है.

  4. Hi mam, can u tell if we can mix wirh mosambi juice and drink it in the morning as we drink mosambi juice every morning ?. Thank u

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