Midnight Snacks: Thanksgiving Dinner Pringles, Mac & Cheese Candy Canes

-♪ Late Show Snacks ♪ -Now there’s a lot of good
snacks out there. But there’s also a lot of
weird ones. It seems like every day they’re
coming out with some new food that has some strange
ingredients or some crazy food combination. Well, I wanted to try some
of the weirdest ones right now so you don’t have to. And to help me out are two
well-known foodies, Questlove and Tariq
from The Roots. [ Cheers and applause ] Now, all the snacks we’re going
to try are real. And we’re going to use
our paddles. We will decide if each one
gets a thumbs up or a barf emoji. Now, let’s try the first snack. Okay, here we go.
These are — These are Pringles. Okay — Thanksgiving Pringles. Again, these are real. This is great Thanksgiving
dinner for someone on the go or recently divorced.
Whatever. The three flavors are stuffing, pumpkin pie, and the flavor nobody
asked for, turkey. [ Light laughter ] Turkey Pringles.
Here we go. Okay, let’s try
the stuffing one first. -Okay.
-Stuffing, here we go. I think this’ll be good.
But who knows. Don’t judge it yet.
All right. [ Laughter ] Okay.
I got you. Pumpkin pie. [ Laughter ] -Mmm! [ Laughter ] -What?
-Okay. Okay. [ Laughter ] -Really?
-Turkey. Yeah. -Definitely. -Quest is like, “I know
what I’m doing for Thanksgiving.”
-I love it. This my Thanksgiving right here. [ Laughter ] -Turkey. Turkey? ♪♪ -All right, okay, that middle
one is interesting. All right. Let’s vote.
What do we think? Let’s vote.
One, two, three. Yeah, I like it.
-Love it. [ Cheers and applause ] -It was pretty good.
Stuffing was my favorite. -Yes, yes.
Stuffing was good. -Pumpkin pie threw me for
a little loop there. -Yeah, it’s a little weird.
-Yeah, it’s a little spice — I wouldn’t do pumpkin pie,
really. and Turkey a little — -Turkey’s really subtle.
-Yeah, it’s subtle. Not really but anyway. Here we go. Subtle. Oh, guys, hey,
here’s the next thing. You ever sit around the fire
sipping on hot cocoa, grab a candy cane off the tree
and think, “Instead of peppermint,
that fresh minty taste, I wish this candy cane tasted
like cheese powder and dried pasta.” You are in luck. These are Archie McPhee’s mac and cheese
flavored candy canes. Let’s give them a try. Here you go, man. Good luck. [ Light laughter ] Oh, we have a bucket here,
too. [ light laughter ] ♪♪ -Oh, my God. Ah, man.
Oh, God, okay. Yeah, okay. [ Cheers and applause ] It took a second.
-It took a second. -It took a second.
I was like, “Oh, this is good. Oh, no it’s not.”
-Yeah, no. -I don’t know.
it’s almost like, I think, ready, one, two, three.
Yeah, that’s disgusting. Tasted like butter popcorn
or something. -Yeah.
-Weird butter popcorn thing. All right. Good. This next one here,
check this out. These are all the rage now. These are Cricket Chirps. I’m sorry, yeah, Chirps.
Yeah, they’re cricket chips. They’re called Chirps. These are made with real
crickets. -Wait, what?
-Yeah, apparently. I didn’t tell you guys what
you’re eating tonight. Apparently crickets are
a good source of protein. Sounds gross to me.
But here we go. These a Cricket Chirps.
-Nah, he’s going first. [ light laughter ] -Fear factor. ♪♪ -They’re smaller than
your normal size chip. [ light laughter ] -Wait, where’s the cricket? -It’s in there somewhere,
I guess. [ Laughter ] Oh. No. -That’s good.
-Yeah, I don’t know. Well — I think we can just vote
on this one, right. -Yup.
-One, two, three. Wait, what?
-I mean. [ Fog horn ]
-What? -Doesn’t taste like anything.
-I know. That’s why I don’t like it, man.
It doesn’t taste like — tastes like cardboard. -I mean, it doesn’t taste gross.
-Doesn’t taste gross? -Nah, you say crickets, I’m
ready to — yeah. -Tastes like — no. The bag feels weird, too.
Feel the bag. -It’s definitely a weird
feeling. It feels like the bag is — -Too heavy or something.
-Yeah, no thanks. -Yeah, I don’t like the bag. Feel that. -Oh, way too heavy. -All right let’s do one more. Quest and Tariq, if you would
each grab a plate that’s underneath there.
-Mm-hmm. -This is a double whammy. -Oh, God. -No, no this is okay. This is IHOP Green
Grinch-inspired pancakes, okay? But that’s not all.
We need some syrup. And this is Ghosted
Maple Syrup. It’s made with ghost peppers. [ Laughter ] This sold for some reason,
sold at Trader Joe’s. -Ghost peppers.
-Ghost pepper syrup. -Very little.
-Oh, come on, dude. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] All right.
Come on, we got to do it, man. All right. Ready? Here we go. -Fluffy. -All right, yeah,
it’s a fluffy pancake. ♪♪ [ Laughter ] -Oh, man! -No! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughter ] -No way, man. -No! No! Whew! Whew! Woo, woo, woo! -Good morning!
Good morning! Yes!
All right. Let’s vote on the pancakes.
The pancakes I would say, okay. Let’s vote on the syrup.
Yes, I love it! -Okay, okay, okay.
-I think it was fantastic. -This is for the syrup.
The pancakes are good. -Yeah, but the syrup — -The syrup had a little
kick to it. I loved it.
-Too much cake. -Too much what?
-Too much cake. -Too much cake? It was good.
I loved it. I’m psyched. All right, guys,
there you have it. The popular votes were — Thanksgiving Pringles, yes. Mac and cheese candy canes, no. Cricket chips, yes. Pancakes and syrup, eh —
mixed bag. All right,
that was “Midnight Snacks.” Thanks to Tariq and Questlove.

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