Melting Pot Fondue – Classic Cheese Fondue

Melting Pot Fondue – Classic Cheese Fondue

Stephanie Manley: Hi everyone. This is Stephanie
Manley with Today we are revisiting the Melting Pot. I just love that restaurant.
It’s a fondue restaurant where every course is a fondue and today we’re starting out with
one of their starter courses. We’re doing their traditional cheese fondue. So let me
tell you what we have in here. Now, we’re using a wine. We’re using an inexpensive
chardonnay wine. You need to use a dry wine for this. And again, it really doesn’t matter
which brand, just don’t spend too much money on it. You do want to make sure that the wine
is drinkable, but it doesn’t need to be fabulous because we’re putting so many other things
in there. We need about a half pound of Emmentaler cheese.
We also need about a half pound of Swiss or like Jarlsberg cheese. We need a little bit
of lemon juice. We need some flour and we also need some garlic. All right, the first thing we want to do is
go ahead and we want to chop up a couple of garlic cloves because this is what’s really
going to give our fondue some nice flavor. You can be more generous with the garlic if
you like. As an individual choice there, I like just a couple of cloves in there. One
thing I love about fondue is that it comes together very, very quickly. Now, if you don’t have a fondue pot, you can
use a double boiler so that’ll work really well. So, we’re going to go ahead and turn
on our fondue pot to about a medium heat. We’re going to start by adding in four ounces
of wine and our garlic. And while this is heating up together, I’m going to go ahead
and grate the cheese. I’m actually going to grate the cheese into a bowl because we’re
going to toss a little bit of flour with it. That’s going to help bind the sauce together. So now we’re going to go ahead and sprinkle
in the flour. So, I’ve sprinkled in the flour and we’re just going to toss the cheese and
the flour together. Next, we’re going to go ahead and add in our lemon juice. You need
about a quarter cup of lemon juice in here. I’m going to go ahead and add in mine now.
We’re going to start by adding in about one-third of the cheese. When it gets nice and melted
we’ll add in some more cheese. Okay, so we’re going to go ahead and add in
some more cheese. These gets nice and melted add in another handful. So at this point,
some people would add in a couple tablespoons of Kirschwasser which is a cherry type of
liqueur. We’re not going to add that in today, but you are definitely welcome to add that
in. Once your cheese gets nice and melted like this, we are ready to enjoy cheese fondue. So you can serve your cheese fondue with breads
right here, just like this. You could also use baby cut carrots, broccoli, just about
anything you’d like. But as you can see it’s really easy to put together, cheese fondue,
just like the Melting Pot. If you enjoyed this video, please be sure to give it a big
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  1. Stephanie, I just happen to have gruyere and white wine on hand – that looks amazing and I have to try it!

  2. 1. You don't chop up the garlic until after you rub the pot with it. 2 Riesling is a better wine choice, and 3. you mix the wine, corn starch (not flour) and cherry schnapps. Lastly, there is NO lemon juice in Authentic Fondue. 😒

  3. Thanks so much Stephanie for the lovely video recipe!! Our culinary school makes fondue and there are so many ways to make it. I love your recipe and your teaching is very simple but organized and precise. Keep making videos!!!

  4. With all the fondue snobs in the comments, it leaves so little room for creativity! Thanks for the recipe! I LOVE the melting pot!

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