Meeting Tim Cook!!

Meeting Tim Cook!!

(cheering) – [Justine] This is so exciting! We’re at WWDC 2019, it
is registration day, everybody is checking in for the big event coming up this week and I am so excited. Oh look, there’s ice cream! I got distracted by ice cream, but anyway. (chanting) I’m just joining in on the chant. (cheering) I’m not sure why they do this, but it’s a thing that they do. (wooping) So I’m joining in. (upbeat music) Oh my God! Tim Cook is here. I don’t think, I don’t think
any of them notice yet. – Hey guys, so we have one
more special guest for you. (cheering and applauding) – WWDC has an awesome scholarship program where 350 winners are
chosen from applications all around the world to
attend the conference. Over 75% of them are first time attendees, which speaks to the huge adoption of Swift and the Everyone Can Code curriculum. It’s expanding coding
to so many more people, and if you want to apply
to be a potential future WWDC scholarship winner, you
just have to be a student or a member of a STEM organization. I’ll put a link in the
description so you guys can check it out for more info. This was so fun to witness, these young developers getting
a chance to talk to Tim and show them the things
that they’ve been working on for the past year, and in a few seconds I’m
gonna get a chance to chat with a few of these developers, and see what it was like to meet Tim. But first, I got to meet Tim, too. – [Tim] Good seeing you.
– Good luck, yes, it was so nice to meet you, yes. – See you tomorrow.
– Yes, see ya. – You all good? – I think so!
– Okay. (upbeat music) We’re about to head into
the scholarship picnics. So he just told me this story. You said you were like 15
– Yeah, yeah when you first came
across some of my videos. Last year you saw me at WWDC on YouTube. – [Student] I saw you at WWDC,
yeah, and then I was like, “I hope I see her this
year, it’d be crazy, “and if I did I’ll get a picture.” And I did and it just happened. – And we just took the picture! – We got it on video.
– That’s so great, have a great time, it
was so nice to meet you. We just met briefly. Did you get a chance to see Tim? Like, did you get to talk to him? – Yeah. – How was it? – It was really great because
there was moments that he said, “Oh, guys, I’m leaving you.” And then I said, “Do you wanna
see my playground with you?” My submission, and he said yes. And he, yes, it was amazing. – [Justine] And what is
the app that you created? – Yeah, it’s called “Clever.” It’s like HQ Trivia. – Oh, that’s so fun! – Yeah, a magic rush. (funky music) – So my name is Jothi Ramaswamy and I created an app, Safety Pin. – This is your third WWCP, you said? – Yeah. – So what’s it like coming
here for your third time? – It’s really fun, I love the conference, I mean, I just love meeting
different individuals who code from around the world. – Yeah. So what is your app that you’ve created? – It’s called Safety Pin. So essentially it just helps people who are victims of sexual assault seek legal justice. So, during times of
emergency it’ll help them record whatever’s going on
if they just shake the phone. – That’s not a light topic.
– Yeah, it’s not. – So I think that is something
that is very serious, and with technology, you will
be able to solve these issues that previously were never even created. – We actually have a
website, – I’m so inspired right
now, like this is amazing. So if there’s any other girls
out there, the time is now! If you had any advice to
give to women or girls who are looking to get into coding, what would be your advice? – Do it, I mean, it
might seem hard at first, especially since it might be intimidating. Just taking that one leap of confidence and being that one girl, you just feel more empowered yourself, and then you might even be a role model for other girls, encourage other girls to feel confident in going into STEM. – You’re my role model,
like this is so cool! – Thank you!
– Well, congratulations, – Thank you so much!
– Have an amazing WWDC. – Thank you! (upbeat music) – This picnic is so great,
because there’s so many incredible scholarship winners, and I’ve got to meet so many amazing ones and then I saw an ice cream truck, so. Hi, can I get a vanilla? What kind would you like, Tyler? – [Tyler] Well, chocolate.
– Chocolate? And what kind would you like?
– Oh, could I have chocolate? – [Justine] Thank you! – So while we wait for our ice cream, would you like to introduce
yourself to my YouTube friends? – Sure, hi, I’m Lily Chen, I’m
a sophomore from New Jersey. So, I’m here at WWDC as
a woman in tech activist, and also an environmentalist. – So how did you get into coding? Was it just something that
you always wanted to do, or? – I’ve always been very
interested in STEM. I always did like Bat
competitions, and I still do. The past two years I just started coding, started with like, Java
and now I’ve branched off to things like machine
learning and data science. (energetic music) – This is so amazing. – I’m Tanvi, I’m a junior
at Cupertino High School, and I’m working on an app called Aegis. – I saw you talking to Tim earlier, what was that like? – It was crazy, like I was talking to the other scholarship award winners, and everybody started clapping, and I was like “what’s going on?” And I turned around and it’s him! – I don’t think any of them noticed yet. (background mumbling) – Look, you guys were all
super focused on like, just talking to other executives, I’m like, when is anyone gonna notice that Tim is standing behind them? So it was really great. And what’s it like for you, you know, of course, being in high school
and getting to come here, is this your first WWDC?
– It is, it is. – So, coming here, and getting
to like, show your work to people that work in Apple. – It’s really crazy,
because I actually live like right across from the campus. Like seeing him is kinda
like seeing my whole like childhood, like it’s like, whoa, I see you every day.
– [Justine] Yeah. – It’s crazy, like on TV, and now I’m seeing you in person. – You showed him your work today! That’s incredible, I was
freaking out for you. So what is the app that you’ve created? – Yeah, so it’s an app called Aegis, and it means Athena’s Shield. I know that one of the biggest problems on university campuses is safety, for women and men. Sexual assault is a really big deal, and I really wanted to
do something to like, help aid that.
– Yeah. So I created this app that’s basically a buddy system for men and
women to friend each other and like, connect to each other so they can get to destinations safely. I started creating it at a hackathon. – One of the greatest
things that’ll happen to all you guys, and people in general who have this passion,
is, you see a problem and you’re like “I’m not just
gonna stand by passively, “I’m going to fix that problem.” – Yeah, I think that’s
the best part of being like a programmer because if
you don’t have these skills you always think like “there’s
something I should do” but like, you don’t know
how to really handle it. But when you have, like
this kind of power, there’s so many things that you could do. Like you could really
create apps like this. – I mean you really can do anything. – Yeah that’s true.
– Which is crazy, and I think that’s the joy of programming. You guys are the future!
This is so cool! Thank you so much for
chatting with us, thank you! – Thank you! – Oh my goodness, hi!
So nice to meet you! So you were at WWDC first?
– Yeah. – You inspired her, so
how did that all happen? – Like, every year I watch the keynote – [Justine] Yeah. – And I saw Tim announce
a girl who got in also, and then I saw that I could
apply also and I was old enough. – He got in last year, and it was like, I was jealous of him.
(Justine giggles) And I was just like “next
year I’m going to get in, and I’m gonna go with you.” – I didn’t think you were gonna get in. I started learning how
to code after summer, and he told me to use
Udemy online courses. So he helped me with that
and I did it after school. – That’s really cool,
– Yeah! – So now you guys are both here, are you guys working on apps together? – We’re gonna start working on one. – Yeah.
– That’s really cool. That’s so much fun, I work a lot with my sister
too, so it’s always so fun, cause I feel like you guys
kind of get each other, and you don’t have to say anything. You’re like, you know! Congrats on your first WWDC.
– Thank you. – Congrats on your second one!
– Thank you. – This is so awesome! Oh, I’m so excited to see
what your guys create. What are you most looking
forward to, being here? – Seeing more girl coders
– [Justine] Yeah. – And other girls who are just here, cause I had to like, look
through a lot of engineers to talk to who are girls,
there was only like, two or three a year.
– Really? What would you say to other girls that might be interested
in becoming coders or, you know, getting into programming? What would be your advice to them? – Just do it, I mean trying can’t hurt. – That’s true, what would
your advice to girls to do it? – Just go online, look for resources, and go learn, yeah.
– Yeah, that’s awesome. I feel like that’s my best advice too. – It’s really not that hard. Everyone’s like, “well how
do I become a YouTuber?” Like, you just do it. The first step is the hardest. Just go do something, make something. – Yeah! – Oh my gosh, it’s so
great to meet you guys! – You too! (uplifting music) – Hi, I’m Matt, I’m a third
time WWDC scholarship winner, I work on eye tracking
technology for IOS devices. – Did you get a chance to
talk to Tim Cook today? – Yeah, it was great. – I already knew that, cause I was there and I was freaking out. I was so excited for you, like that was such an
incredible experience. And what was that like,
getting to show Tim what you’ve been working on? – [Matt] I’ve made an
app that lets your draw just by moving your head. So this is again for accessibility, so helping people who can’t necessarily touch the screen, create art. So I actually had Tim
Cook play around with it, and he created a whole painting
by moving his head around, which was really cool. – I just had the most incredible time getting to meet so many
amazing scholarship winners. Getting a chance to talk
to them was honestly, so surreal, because I actually started out wanting to be a developer. Like, I wanted to be
a computer programmer, I started programming when
I was, maybe, like 12 or 13, I made my own websites, and
so I taught myself HTML, and then shortly after that I went and started learning Java, and CSS, and then in college,
I learned ActionScript and I was doing Flash development and all that kind of stuff. But, the whole point of this is, is when I started doing
this stuff I was so young, and to see people now, having
this access to technology and being able to come here and babble, and show people what they’re working on is just such a surreal thing, just for me to experience
it through their eyes. So to be able to come here and meet them and talk to them and
see the amazing things that they’re working on was so awesome. I am so looking forward to WWDC this week, and I can’t wait to
see what they announce. But it is really amazing
what Apple is doing. So they have 350 scholarship
winners that come here, so you guys can actually
be a scholarship winner. So I am so excited that
I got to experience this, I also had to meet Tim
Cook, which was a really surreal experience, I wasn’t
expecting that at all. Like, it was such a shock, that my first words to Tim
Cook were “I bought an iPod!” I just got the pink Touch, it’s great. (laughing) What?! Hey, Justine! You’re gonna meet Tim Cook
and you’re gonna tell him that you bought a pink iPod. Okay, all right. Well, I wish I could have
a redo, but either way. Being here and getting to meet the future generation of people who are changing this world was amazing. So I look forward to being at WWDC, and I can’t wait to see
what this week holds! So, if you guys are here,
make sure to say “hi!” And, there are a lot of planes here. And oh my gosh, there’s actually, all the scholarship people,
are all coming out right now. Jenna is here, and my friend Tyler who is also helping me film, so if you guys wanna follow them as well, I will put those links
also in the description and any of the people I talked to today, I will try to also put them there so you guys can go check out their work. Now, we’re gonna go to
the Cupertino Apple Store. My phone was in my pocket, it’s disabled (laughs) I kept hitting the wrong buttons. – [Jenna] What did you do wrong? – I don’t know, it was in my pocket so I kept hitting buttons. You guys wanna go to the Apple Store? – [Jenna] Which one? – Either or both! – [Jenna] Well, the one
closes in 59 minutes. – We should go there now.
Do we go there now? Should we go there now?
I’ll go there now. – [Jenna] Isn’t it far away? – I don’t know.
– Let’s go. (uplifting music)


  1. This is when "iJustice" meets "Tim Apple." What a great love story. I mean both love Apple not each other!


  3. Wow!

    How did you fight the urge to slap him for running a company that just plain rips off it's customers, has it's "igeniuses" lie to them about what is possible as far as fixing issues is concerned, consistently pushes out products with inherent issues, from iteration to iteration, that they don't bother fixing, has miraculously managed to dodge anti-trust laws while being the worst technology company in the world for anti-trust offences, making products which completely refuse to use industry agreed standards and interfaces and instead forces it's zombified customers into the worst walled garden in tech history? Google and Microsoft have been hauled over the coals multiple times for including default software in their products, Apple has……never, they must be greasing the right palms.

    If you want to know how truly dishonest Apple is, jump over to Louis Rossman's channel to see the conveyer belt of victims Apple has left in the lurch, suggesting they just buy a new computer instead of actually fixing their issues honestly and without corporate subterfuge.

  4. The Apple company will not hold it's popularity FOR EVER. There will come a time where other brands will come into popularity and Apple will decline. TRUST ME!!, at that point they will react out to you so you can do something with them. Once that time comes you will get your chance to pore your heart out and tell them how much Steve Jobs meant to you.

  5. iJustine 2019: I just bought the pink ipod touch and its great!
    Yeah! She was very shocked because the ipod touch literally came out years ago.

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