Mediterranean White Bean ”Aspromitika” Salad | Cooking In Nature | #DoStathi

Mediterranean White Bean ”Aspromitika” Salad | Cooking In Nature | #DoStathi

Good morning friends of Do Stathi channel! For those who do not know me I am Stathis and I cook in nature for you. Today we are in a chapel of Prophet Elijah from this point we can see the 2/3 of the island of Lemnos. Enjoy this view behind me as we will see other shots later. In today’s recipe we will make a salad because wherever I go I want to highlight the local products which the place produces in the current season so today we will make a salad with beans called aspromitika which are produced ,grown and sold only on this island is the same as mauromitika beans but in lighter white color you will see them along the way during the recipe. Now I will show you how to make this delicious salad with aspromitika beans I will not be able to cook them here because it blows too much and there is a risk of fire above all we respect nature now you will see the video right here on the screen how i cook the aspromitika beans which are these one. cooked for about 25 minutes not salted them and marinated I will do it here in this bowl Ι’ll mix them and serve it on this dish the ingredients for the salad are fresh peppers from my uncle’s garden onion ,fennel fresh onions freshly cut tomatoes and parsley. After we cut them ,into this bowl we will marinate them with olive oil ,vinegar ,salt and pepper. Everyone asks me why pepper in the salad because the pepper with the bean creates a perfect combination. We talked about it! When we cook without extremes to know the proportion of our ingredients to get a perfect balance. amazing aromas of freshly cut vegetables I can’t go faster with the cutting of the vegetables because the table is wobbly. tomatoes are already washed remove the stalk from the tomatoes because the tomatoes are small, I will cut them to four pieces so juicy fennel parsley onion After finished cutting the vegetables I will mix them with aspromitiko beans I will now show you the marinade and are ready to eat them ….so simple ….so tasty the aromas of our vegetables during the cutting were incredible one thing I like about salads is acidity the different acidity that each vegetable gives us and how with a marinating can come to a perfect balance. The balance of flavors in cooking is everything up to 1000 videos I will learn you how important it is to keep the right balance in the food final stage is to mix them all together and enjoy this delicious salad watching this stunning view extra virgin olive oil some drops of vinegar black pepper Testing time 🙂 as a conductor I feel the ingredients is my orchestra and give me the sweetest notes now you understand the reason I love salads because of the acidity of each ingredient the oil in turn embraces all the vegetables softens the acidity of the vegetables, thus sweetening their taste as well as salt highlights the flavors. I want to thank you so much where you were here watching the videos from the island of Lemnos. Unfortunately we have to go back to our base in Athens new series is in the works I’ll let you know soon a big thank you to those who helped me ,to make these videos, for the fresh ingredients they gave me for these videos I hope to come back soon in this magical island it’s a promise to come back Subscribe to see latest news Soon I will go live on YouTube so if you subscribed you will be able to watch it right away because it will then be removed from my videos I feel sad leaving from Lemnos because i had a great time here until next time and next destination!!!!!


  1. Φοβερή η θέα φίλε Στάθη, πολύ ωραία η συνταγή καλοκαιρινή.


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