1. No one :
    No at a single soul :
    Literally no one :
    The 10 yr olds in the comments : like if you 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  2. Who's going to tell the girl who "hates vegan food" that vegan good isn't all fake meat/cheese 😂 girl you're telling me you hate strawberries, french fries, oreos…

  3. “i think vegan food is disgusting” says the person who eats the rotting corpse of a animal that has feces, hormones and antibiotics in it. smh.

  4. “i think vegan food is disgusting” says the person who eats the rotting corpse of a animal that has feces, hormones and antibiotics in it. smh.

  5. This is terrible pick a better vegan mac and cheese. As a vegan that is nothing like my vegan mac and cheese and honestly makes people think we are suffering with bad food. You should have done a frozen or boxed one for the vegan option to keep it equal.

  6. The amount of ignorant statements coming out of that girls mouth… I dont believe in eating substitutes….I'd rather eat real cheese and have a severe reaction than eat vegan cheese…..vegan food is disgusting. She needs to think before she speaks. Why doesn't she understand that people eat vegan not because they hate the taste but because they are aware of more living things other than themselves? Including the planet we live on.

  7. They have creamier vegan mac and cheeses. Daiya makes a great one! My friend makes great homemade one and I'm having some tonight!

  8. I know it’s mean but Michelle has been getting so much on my nerves in different videos that I had a moment of appreciation when she started eating her napkin

  9. Yall need to try some actually good vegan mac n cheese, not just try one and say f them all lol. You need to try the daiya boxed kind

  10. I didn’t care for this one because the viewer wasn’t told which was vegan before. They all look like Mac and cheese. We are just going by want the people are saying. There was no inside joke vibe of oh this one is it and they aren’t getting it haha

  11. This is a horrible representation of vegan Mac and cheese to make it seem the vegan options is always “different”. Try again with box Mac and cheese vs vegan box Mac cheese. Not this sad attempt.

  12. Why do vegans refer to non-vegans as "meat eaters" lmao we eat an omnivorous diet consisting of plants AND meat. It's not like all of us have steak for every meal

  13. The „I don’t like substitutes“ argument gets so old… If you want to eat everything as it naturally is go on and serve yourself some raw meat.

  14. i think buzzfeed is patronizing the vegan lifestyle. veganism isnt about you selfish clickbaits. its about saving animals from needless death and suffering.

  15. Still working to find a really good homemade cheese sauce for vegan Mac and cheese but Mac and Chao original is 100% the best store bought vegan brand.

  16. Why tf are they using frozen and restaurant quality. Just use boxed Mac and cheese and boxed vegan Mac and cheese, Annie does both and the vegan option is amazing!! So real

  17. Dann the ignorance in destiny is embarrassing
    She's the one at work eating cheese and making making the bathroom stink badly

  18. Wow it's almost like they're trying to discourage vegan options by purposely picking the least appealing version for the vid

  19. That vegan Mac and cheese look nothing but crap 💩 always picking the worst vegan dishes so people don’t give it a try

  20. I think vegan food is great…even though honestly I'm not vegan…I like to incorporate vegan meals almost every other day🤔

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  22. K, not ALL vegan Mac and cheese is going to be some ristauranté version with no actual non dairy cheese happening. Daiya makes the most amazing dairy free cheddar. It tastes exactly like normal cheese. No lie.

    Becel makes vegan margarine. Hellman’s makes a delicious vegan mayo that tastes exactly like regular mayo. Panago has an entire vegan pizza section.

  23. That is the saddest looking vegan mac and cheese I have ever seen. It's dry as a desert. If you know what you're doing, vegan mac and cheese tastes the same as dairy mac and cheese, and is just as creamy. Folks never know the difference when I make baked mac and cheese during the holidays, and regular stovetop mac for regular dinner.

  24. Destiny, vegan substitutes for dairy were literally created for people like you who have these severe intolerances. Also how the hell do you have your own mac & cheese recipe if you're severely intolerant? Like general intolerance, okay, fine. But you specifically used the word "severely." Do you just enjoy living life on the edge of the toilet or…..?

  25. That’s literally the worst vegan Mac and cheese. There are some BOMB vegan Mac and cheese THAT ACTUALLY TASTE LIKE MAC AND CHEESE

  26. Why pick the mac and cheese that's doesn't even look good. Why not choose something like mac and chao cheese. My boyfriend is a true carnivore and loves that mac and cheese. I'm saying this one sucks

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