Meal Prep – Mediterranean Chicken And Rice Recipe

Meal Prep – Mediterranean Chicken And Rice Recipe

what up guys and welcome back to the pitman cook kitchen for today’s meal prep recipe I got a banger for you today it is a one skillet recipe and it’s also Mediterranean inspired which y’all know is one of my favorite cuisines we are making some chicken and rice and the rice has a little bit of a twist we are going to make this dish much harder by sneaking in some steamed cauliflower rice I’m telling you if you got people that hate cauliflower rice and they always say that today is the day we’re going to change their mind we’re gonna trick them and every bite that you take is gonna be crunchy and savory and soft and Irby and salty and just just watch the recipe guys it is that good all right let’s get started ah bitch era watching like keV where’s the joke you know I did not forget about y’all so here’s that quickie right where do greet wait this is why I can I be a stead of communities okay we’re are Greek animals stored in Zeus zoo I love these all right guys so the first thing we’re going to do is prep the chicken so you can use some chicken breasts or some chicken thighs or if we’re going to sprinkle in a little bit of oregano a little bit of cumin and a little bit of sage get your hands dirty everything together and if desired add a pinch of sea salt and pepper next you’re gonna fire up a skillet add in a little bit of oil in toss in a chicken thighs and we’re only gonna cook this long enough to get a nice sear on one side I know once we’ve got some good color you’re gonna take them out of the skillet and don’t worry we’re gonna continue to cook them right now if you’re gonna go to the plant-based route it’s gonna be the exact same thing but with portobello mushrooms and with some eggplant so you sprinkle in some oregano a little bit of sage and some cumin I bet you’d need a little bit of help so we’re gonna toss in some olive oil get your hands dirty get everything together then just fire up a skillet and add the veggies [Music] okay bring the heat all the way down and a skillet scrape out any of the hard parts and we’re gonna toss in some garlic and some onion we’re gonna caramelize the onion and garlic together until the onion turns brown and translucent and we don’t need to add any oil to the skillet we’re gonna use the oil from cooking up the chicken to caramelize it next we’re going to pour in some brown rice it’s uncooked mix everything together and fold the brown rice so that way it’s covered in onion garlic and oil pour in your choice to stock and some lemon zest add a pinch of sea salt and some pepper then we’re gonna add our chicken thighs right back to the pot and Nestle them right there in the rice and broth so everything cooks together cover and cook for 30 minutes okay so while the chicken or rice comes together we’re going to prep the other ingredients for the rice so in order to boost the hardness of this we’re going to add in some steamed cauliflower rice so just pop this into the microwave let it cool and then we’re going to add it to the rice once the rice is finished cooking I don’t like to add the Steam client flour rice to the rice while it’s cooking because cauliflower has a ton of water and when you add in more moisture it just makes it really difficult for the rice to be cooked all the way through so steam it and then add it to the cooked rice we’re also gonna be adding in some chopped parsley and some pitted kalamata black olives and bell pepper for the bell pepper we’re gonna chop it up really really finely because we want every single spoonful of rice to have a little bit of bell pepper it changes the overall texture and also the flavor after all the liquid has been absorbed take the chicken out one last time put all that flavor in there add in our steamed cauliflower rice bell pepper kalamata olives and fresh parsley pull everything together add the chicken right back to the rice top it off with a little bit of sea salt and pepper as needed this is one of my favorite recipes there’s got so much flavor look at that when this one little teaspoon you have rice cauliflower bell pepper parsley and olive and tons and tons of flavor crunchy its soft its Irby savory salty and peppery seriously this is hitting I’ve already finished a little one little sample the final thing that I’ll say about this guys is that if you’ve got people in your family that say I will never like cauliflower rice this is a good way to trick them just steam it first and then sneak it into the rice recipe I promise you you cannot tell the difference and the cauliflower just will absorb all of the flavor of the surrounding rice and the broth and the veggies that you put into that mix so try it out I know you will love it that is it for today’s video I hope that y’all enjoyed it if you like videos like this then i invite you to smash that like button below and remember to subscribe to the channel by ringing that bell so you can be notified every time we post hot new content until next time I want to thank you for watching keep it healthy but of course never ever boring ooh bye guys [Music] [Applause] [Music]


  1. Cauliflower rice here cauliflower rice there…for christs sake i do sports and want carbs. Recipes start to move a away from pure fitness purpose…dunno if i like that

  2. Is it enough to put the cauliflower rice into the micro, or first i have to steam the cauliflower and then make rice of it? Thanks 😊

  3. I was like😯no JOKE😭😭😭😭😭BUT yeah🐆🐯🦁🦓🤣🤣🤣oh the dish 🤢just kidding🤡😂😂😂😂😂L👀ks YUMMY😋😋😋!!!💛

  4. Just amazing!
    At first, I wanted to ask you to make a fried rice video. But this! Is a game changer! Thank you!

  5. Nice recipe, Kevin! Next time you make this, you should de-glaze the pan with some liquid before adding your garlic and onion, etc. This just helps to loosen up those brown bits on the bottom and bit more and prevent burning of this brown bits. Your liquid could be chicken broth, wine, a little lemon juice, or even just plain water.

  6. Tasted superb! Thanks Kevin it was a hit with the whole family… once we could convince our 5 year old daughter to try something new

  7. I really don't like cauliflower rice but I think I might like it more if I mix it with regular rice. And bell peppers make everything better 😍

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