Meal Prep – Caribbean Rice and Beans with Shrimp

Meal Prep – Caribbean Rice and Beans with Shrimp


  1. You realise the absolute confliction inside me to throw a like for your videos with that Dallas gear in the back #flyeaglesfly 😂😂 great recipe my man

  2. I will definitely try this recipe. Lol this is not the traditional Bahamian way but if you are on a diet this would be a better option because trust me we use vegetable oil, tomato paste, salt beef or ham etc

  3. Okay Sir….Us Caribbeans don't say "rice and beans" it's Rice and Peas even though we're cooking red kidney beans

  4. Do you need to drain the kidney beans first? Do you recommend this recipe without coconut milk? Do you have a substitute for it possibly?

  5. I don't think Christian doctrine has anything against drinking? I know mormon doctrine does, but they also have some stranger ones anyways.

  6. can i use regular milk instead of coconut milk? (i'm totally new to cooking)

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