Masala Cheese corn Recipe/ How to make cheese corn masala / Rain Monsoon recipe

hello it was it is there any season and
the best time to enjoy corn today we are making masala she is gone for this
recipe I have taken the kernels from one corn
1/4 teaspoon of salt 1/4 teaspoon garam masala lots of cheese you can take this
of any type around 2 teaspoons of butter and 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon
according to your taste black pepper powder to boil the corn we will first
take a nonstick pan and fill it with regular tap water and allow this water
to boil in this water will add around 1/4 TSP of salt and mix this as you see
now the water has come to a boil now we will add our corn
and just mix this we will boil this for around seven to
ten minutes and seven minutes have passed and our corn is ready now how
will you know whether it is cooked correctly or not
is you take one corn and put it in your mouth Wow it’s nice soft and very juicy and it
is not having any gorgeous that means our corn is ready and now we can start
cooking the recipe I put off the flame and we’ll strain this water to strain
the water and now you can see the corn in the colander we’ll be using this hot
pot directly in the recipe we heat the non-stick pan and add butter we’ll be cooking this one low flame as
we don’t want the water to evaporate so once the butter has melted a little we
will add our pond if you have excess water in the colander
that water will get added to your butter and it will not give a good taste so we
need corn which is completely dried now we will put black pepper powder garam
masala powder and a pinch of salt as we have already added before give this a
nice mix crackling on slope and add our cheese
you keep some for garnishing we will not cook this for more than a
minute this looks ready now and I’ll transfer this into a bowl and a little
bit of lemon you can also add it will charge masala and we’ll garnish this
with cheese I hope you have enjoyed this session of making masala cheese Khan
please share your experiences with me write a comment below and do not forget
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