Marshmello & Sceptic Make Fortnite Loot Llama Candy | Cooking with Marshmello

Marshmello & Sceptic Make Fortnite Loot Llama Candy | Cooking with Marshmello

Happy Tuesday mellow gang and welcome back to cooking with marshmello Oh I’m not interrupting around a fortnite. Am I well? How about we make this a round of duo’s because this week we’re making our own Lou llama It’s your friend skeptic here to join us in today’s creation For our loot. Llama will need gelatin sugar food coloring vanilla extract and googly eyes first things first We’ll need to create several colors of sugar In several plops, add a cup of sugar and each shade of food coloring ,Thank You skeptic mello™ care to join us In a mixing bowl add the water and gelatin While we wait for the gelatin head to the stove and in a saucepan combine a cup of sugar and water Utilizing a thermometer heat it up until it reaches 238 degrees exactly (114 C ) once heated add the mixture to the Mellow can we speed this act? Excellent , now mix away Once formed transfer the mixture to a piping bag and use it to create the llama shapes carefully After constructing your masterpiece scatter with sugar and add the eyeballs for the final touches and there you have it a delicious Iteration of fortnite’s lute llama. Thanks for joining us again on cooking with marshmello


  1. 0:18 *fortnite sound*
    mom: IM IN THE KITCHEN *Hears it like IM COMIN
    Me: *looks out the windows and sees plane then jumps out the window*
    Mom: ima check if there mail outside
    Me: ow my spinal cord

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