Markiplier Makes: Creme Brulee

M: W-Welcome to Markiplier makes *screaming* It’s hot! Crème brûlée Coming from France. Obviously. It is a dish, best served cold, much like revenge. Made of cream… (Silent) In the same time that they said “let them eat cake”, they also said “let them eat cream”. And that’s what we’re gonna be making today. I’d like to welcome to the stage Uhhhh… Wingus and Dingus. [shuffling] E: Eh, cream? Melt it right in Ah, I found gum in my pocket ALL: *laughing* Alright so we’re gonna be making- (French accent)
So we’re going to be making crème- (Normal Accent)
Why are you standing there? E: Where else would I stand?
M: This is your station E: OH! We have stations
M: Yes! E: Okay, I got it now (French accent)
M: We are going to be making crème- Brrruul- Brrrûlé (Normal accent)
This is a complicated recipe and we take things very seriously here. So we’ve got a list of it- eh- uh- *audible confusion* E: Ingredients? M: No- What is- Recipe! A list of recipe. E: It’s just called a recipe M: In French it’s called “Récipé” So, um What? T: I just don’t know a word on my directions M: It’s French, you idiot. It’s crème brûlée. T: *mumbling excuses* M: Okay, can you read the ingredients for me? E: Yes M: Señor No- uh Monsieur Brruuu.. *French noises* Monsieur Bro E: Oui oui (Weird voice)
Step one Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit M: Or Celsius E: Or Celsius (Normal accent)
Those are two different temperatures M: Hey Siri! What’s- 325 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit? SIRI: 325 degrees Celsius is 617 degrees Fahrenheit. E: Pretty toasty! M: Might be right. E: *awkwardly* Cream and salt. Cook. It. Up. ALL: *giggling* E: (French accent) Step 3: Add vanilla. 4: Beat together yolks and sugar. Number 5: Combine them together. Number 6: Pour into ramekins. (Weird voice)
Number 7: Fill baking dish with boiling water halfway up the sides of the ramekins Not the full way. Number 8: Bake 30 to 40 minutes or until centers are barely set. This is where each chef will really take it on the road. And Finally, Take it out. Let it cool and then refrigerate for several hours- *breaks into laughter* (Normal Accent)
How long did you want us to be here? ALL: *laughing* E: OH WAIT! Several hours, and up to a couple days! M: I didn’t read- E: You said- “Hey guys, show up at one. You’ll be here for a couple hours.” M: Yeah! Alright, let’s preheat these bad boys. (French accent)
E: Oh, we each get own oven? M: No! ALL: *laughing* M: How many ovens do you think I have? E: Three! E: I thought- T: I see- M: This is a microwave M: Wait wait, actually- M: Hang on E: Ooh big sounds! T: OoOoOoh M: Operating modes… E: It had a master chef setting M: It’s got a bake setting! E: Ho ho hOH! You learn something new everyday dontcha T: Do we rochambeau for who gets to pick first?
M: Bu-This WHA- M: No! I’ve just discovered I have more ovens than I thought! We don’t have to rochambeau nothin’. I don’t think that glass should be in there… *laughing* M: Alright M: There you go, alright *loud clanging sounds* M: I AM A MAN Who owns FOUR ovens! I AM A MAN Who owns FOUR ovens. *clanging resumes* *clanking resumes*
M: Didya get that? M: Didya get that? I’m a man who owns four ovens. M: I didn’t know I was so rich with ovens. E: You can fix it up M: Why is it smoking?! T: What is happening?! M: It was preheating! E: I would like this boy~ *Amy offscreen* Also the toaster oven! E: Oh! Toasty boy! Four- Five ovens! M: I have- IIIIII AM A MAN Who owns FIVE ovens! T: I was gonna go with the one behind me M: I’ll take the toaster oven T: You’re gonna toaster oven? M: It’s the same thing right? E: Yes, same thing E: Wait, so is that not two ovens side by side? M: I don’t know M: Look, man, I’m- E: Hold on, let’s figure this out M: Look, man, I dunno E: How many ovens do you have? E: This is two ovens! E: There’s another microwave! M: All right, we’ve gotten through step one *laughing* E: This is some good shit E: *excitedly* these turn! M: Thanks, man E: Listen, I didn’t know you were this successful E: You have five ovens? Jeez. M: Let me tell you. There’s a reason that I’m number five on Forbes highest-paid youtubers E: They don’t- they don’t measure it in US dollars they measure it in ovens M: Alright, shut up E: *laughter* M: Step two… cook cream and salt E: Ehehe, okay…
M:*Italian Accent* Alright… E: Okay, so we don’t- we don’t have any- Measurements of what we’re supposed to do or any- E: This is like the B- Br- British Bake Off M: Everybody hold on hang a second. E: Great. M: Cook. Why am I helping you guys?! *laughing* E: Cook cream and salt E: How big are the- T: Is there another sauce dish for me? E: Yeah is there a saucepan for me? M: Yeah, here M: Yeah, here E: Wait can I have the- that- E: Can I have the steel thing? M: No! M: You want the frying pan? E: Nah, I’ll take this T: I’ll take the frying pan M: Take the frying pan? T: This is pre-seasoned for me! M: Hang on, salt *BANG* E: Don’t drop it M: I’m gonna…pour… M: I like my- Cream’s right in the name For those of you who don’t know, Crème… *Trying to remember* Stands for Cream E: Can I go to the- Can I use the stove? M: Yeah E: Alright M: I’m assuming that’s what cook means M: I like mine creamy *stove clicking aggressively* M: Oh yeah just… be careful! E: OH! Jesus *laughing* T: And a half boy *obnoxious whisking noises* E: So what you wanna do is You wanna- you wanna- you wanna put it on a lil fire Wait until it’s boiled M: That’s a low fire?! E: Yeeeeh *laughing* M: As you crank it higher M: We’re cooking the creme E: How long do we cook it? E: I’m gonna let mine sit for a minute E: Beat together yolks and sugar M: WHAT? E: How do you get a- how do you get a yolk? E: Is the egg separate from the yolk? *disappointed silence* E: Alright E: Lemme show you a lil thing called cracking an egg with one hand *Tyler giggling* T: Alright! E: Alright, thank you *evil laughter* E: Now we’re gonna do two eggs E: Two eggs- what are you laughing at? T: Nothing! M: Nothing! E: Now, two eggs E: Perfect. Ready? *struggling & disapointment* E: Oh wait- T: This reminds- *Mark laughing* E: Can you crack an egg without cracking it? T: What?! E: Gonna use a half cup of- M: Why can’t you wait for us?! E: Oh, are we waiting? M: No, I was just- E: I thought it was a race M: I was just asking M: It’s not a race! M: It’s gonna take days! M: What are you talking about? M: How do you cook cream? E: You wait til it boils M: What does that mean? Cook cream?! *Ethan panicking* E: Oh, shit M: I’m gonna just- I guess- M: It’s probably good M: Add vanilla? E: Oh I forgot it M: It’s the next step! E: Yeah but I was steps ahead M: Here, you go- you go first E: Okay M: You need to catch up E: No, I think that it’s gonna be maybe E: A tablespoon? Teaspoon. Table- M: Yeah E: Teaspoon. M: Yeah E: Teasp- M: Yeah huh. E: TEAspoon M: Yeah E: *laughs* These are yours M: Yup, those are mine E: So sorry M: You good M: Keep going E: Alright E: TEAAAspoon *perfectly timed chime* E: Oh my oven! *laughing* M: Okay, now next on my list I’d like to really get this right M: Beat together….. M: The YOLKS *awkward silence* E: Oh, I did it wrong didn’t I? *laughing* E: Well… *more laughing* M: You just dumped the whole egg in! E: See, that’s the magnificent thing about the kitchen We’re all making the same thing, but we’re getting drastically different results
*laughter* M: This seems way too watery E: Right? So does mine! *more awkward silence* *thoughtful whisking* *concerning silence* *more whisking* M: *realization hitting Mark* Is it supposed to thicken up?! E: I dunno, I’m gonna put one yolk in *intense whisking* T: Wait, are you adding more to yours?
*Zooms on a concentrated Mark* E: We have different colors M: Yeah, well E: Did you put sugar in yours yet? M: I put love in mine E: OoOh *even more awkward silence* E: We have to fill this with half boiling water? T: n-n-no the- E: OH THAT!?!? I’m so confused T: I mean, I think we all have to work together on that if all three are going in there, so I think there’s supposed to M: I ThiNK NoT M: We have separate ovens E: Yeah M: Screw you, I call the dish! M: Ah, it won’t fit in the toaster T & E: I call the dish E: I called it first T: I got it first E: I’ll find another way T: I will sit on it (please don’t) E: *drifting off* I will find another way… M: umm M: Why does it need boiling water? T: I need to cook mine a little bit more E: Oo! Kitchen :C
M: Oh. I don’t even know where it is- *Laughter* E: This is YOUR house! M: I need the- I need the small one *Conflict amongst the bois* M: There’s another one right there!
*Conflict resolved* E: If you made it in a muffin tin… That’d be kinda cute, right? *Laughter* M: How do you get the boiling water? E: I dunno. M: This is Rosanna Pansino’s muffin tin… E: Hey!
*a wILD arm appears* *Mark questioning wild arm* M: I’m guessing… That the boiling water is a diversion! E: *giggling*
T: I don’t- E: Uh, don’t- I don’t like it when you look at me like that! *Cross chatter*
M: I think it’s put there to tRICK us. T: Oh… M: I think it’s put there to trick us- E: OAH! E: It could be!
M: It’s a TRICK! M: What’s the difference? Like, I just, I splash water on it. Whatever. I don’t think this thing is built for steam. So *Clang* M: I’m gon’ make- T: I have like… That same one- M: I’ll make muffins! :3 I’ll make- I’ll make muffins! Do these rise? I’ll make muffins! E: What are ya gonna make? M: muFFINs! I’m gon’ make some MuFfINs! *Ethan giggles at the muffins* *Idea* M: GOHHHA E: Wut? M: I’mma genius! I’ll put water in the empty ones! *Laughter* M: I’m so SmArT! No, it’s the same thing! What else would water do? It’s the steam, right?! riGHT? T: Where’d the sugar go? T: *Evil chuckle.* Mah sugar… *Laughter* *Dying* *Recuperating grunt* E: Whoo! M: Don’t be stupid! T: How did yours get all foamy? M: I-
E: Are you done yet? Jesus… M: Have you never boiled water before? *Laughter* *Funky music succeeded by credits* *Still laughing* K: Hey, Ethan? E: whAt? K: What’s behind you? E: Oh! A kettul! *More laughing 2: Electric Boogaloo* M: Don’t unplug my WiFi! E: Whi- Which one is the WiFi? Tyler: Mhm… A nice pristine yellow up in here! Yes… Oh. Beautiful. Beautiful yellow… Liquid-y madness. M: I UNPLUGGED THE WIFI! NAAAOOO! E: Where do- Where do you put ’em? M: Wut? E: You don’t put it in- *Ethan slides into frame* You don’t put it in the *inconceivable mumbling*
I don’t know… E: Alright. I’m right behind you with boiling water Look out. Look out. Look out. T: Oh, ah, don’t burn me with dat! E: Hot, hot, hot, hot! sooUUP! *Realization* E: Ahmm… Maybe I shouldn’t use boiling water… Ah, fUck it. I’ll be the only one! I’m pioneer. *giggles* M: Were you really about to dump that into your crème brûlée? E: Yeah, I was! M: I shouldn’t have laughed! I shouldn’t have. E: Wait. Should I put this in there, though? Ah! I’m so conflicted… M: *Speaking through his teeth* I’m beginning to feel…that the muffin tin was a mistake. T: *Laughs* That sounds boiling to me! *Camera pans into Regretiplier* M: I’m just suspe- Hey! What the fuhf- You get your dirty hands off of that! T: They’re clean, I washed them! D: M: That’s mine… E: Mine… Are going in! M: Ge- Mine are going in! T: I’m gonna… Fill this- M: *Laughs* E: How long do they go in for again? T: Uh- Read yer cheat-sheet! I’ve never used an electric kettle before! Is it on?! M: I’m goin’ in! E: Good luck. M: Thank you! T: I’m rootin’ for you. M: I deactivated Siri… hEY SiRI! T: *high voice* Yes? M: Shut up… Hey, Bixby! E: No, it’s ‘hi, Bixby’. M: Hi, Bixby. It’s not ‘hi, Bixby’. I think you lied to me… T: *Frightened grunt* Told you I never use an electric kettle before… Are you scared? Like it’s going to explode? M: No, I’m Just scared of, you. *Whispers* I don’t like how long it’s taking him to do that. *Surprised chuckles* E: An’ you light them… M: Uh-huh. E: And you put ’em together, it makes a bigger flame. *Frightened grunt* M: Yeah, wow it’s really something. E: Thank you. M: What if you do three? M: OooOOohHhhHhH E: Ehahahah M: *Clenches butt cheeks* *FwoOoOOsh* E: *Maniacally adorable chuckle* *Growling bork at fwooshing* Oh M: Don’t check it! You’ll let the steam out. E: I have two Crème Brûlées in the oven here. Look at how pretty they are for sure. big big boys big boisterous boys Cooking up a storm in there cooking up a real big storm Will they be the best? M: I’m here now. E: Will they be they? Crème Brûlée. It will be in my mouth and everyone’s mouth and they’ll say OooOo, I have food poisoning. T: Big big cream burn boi. E: Mm-hmm. M: It’s only been ten minutes. M: Okay, It’s been. Umm How long has it been?
E: Like 30 minutes.
M: Wrong T: It’s been like 24? M: It’s been 26 minutes and 48 seconds. I’m smart and I know exactly how long it’s been… I’m also going to pull mine out early because…. *Oh lawd here comes the muffin man* Mine are muffins. So- *Laughter* Ahhh, Look at those bad boys bubble. They’re supposed to bubble. Definitely supposed to be bubbling. That. Looks. Scrummy.
E: *Laughs* Scruuumyy M: I…feel good? M: About these. M: And.. T: I think they look- They look close to what I imagine crème brûlée looks like before you torch it. M: *High pitched ramblings* It’s not too bad. Not the worst thing in the world… E: Mine are lumpy… T: *Laughs* M: *Concerned tone* Yours look sick.
T: Yours look… E: Yeah, dude!
M: *Excitable tone* Yours look sick! E: They look super sick, dude! T: They don’t look as yellow. M: Oh, cool completely. Umm. *Sudden clang* I got room for me! *Laughs* E: Oh! You’re gonna have ice too! *Laughter* E: Yeah, wait. “Cool completely *tink* refrigerate *tink* for *tink* several hours *tink*.” So bare minimum ‘several hours’ *Chuckles* M: But that’s refrigerate.
E: But, but, we’re freezing. E: So 30 minutes top… Oh we should turn off the ovens. M: Oh, yeah.. I always forget that. *laughter* M: Where are your crèmes? T: One moment.. E: Oh, come on, you can pull them out a minute early- *loud yell that sounds like someone’s getting stabbed* E: Heyyy… M: Yah, c’mon! T: She’s yellin’ at you for no- M: No, yellin’ at you for not pullin’ it out. Now pull it o- pull it out- M&E (chanting): Pull out! Pull out! Pull out! Pull out! E: Pulling out a minute early will only be good! M: Yeah, you could if you’re late what’s gonna happen?? E: It eliminates the risk completely! M: Gotta go now! E: God, always pull out… *piano music* *Tyler questions his choice of friends* E: Is all your water gone? T: No! *laughing* M: What happened? E: They look interesting… M: They look foamy! E: This is so much worse.. M: *gasps* It’s fine.. M: Apparently.. T: Excuse me! M: You’re so slow.. E: We’re ready to take out. M: Alright, I think it’s time… They’re completely cool!! *Ethan laughing* M: Completely… T: The heat on your glass racks of your fridge would break it… T: So, I can’t do that… M: Yeah, don’t break my glass racks! *Ethan giggling* *Mark immitating Ethans strange laugh* *Both laugh* T: Gotta get the second one.. M: Leave the door open! T: NAaoo! Than it’s not getting COLD! T: Wastin’ da electricity… T: Aw, I just watered mine… *Laughter* E: Anything could be quicker than this! T: SHHH! A: We sure really start making a control for these… M: Why? A: Something to compare and contrast.. M: I think people know good crème brûlée, when they see it! M: When they see ours… *kiss sound* *Ethan makes a licking sound* M: Not that! Maybe one… *kiss sound again* M: You’re just like, enjoy a meal *Mark makes licking sound* E: Bon appetit! *Bad lick sound* *Laughter* M: Don’t waste the water!! E: God you’re wasting it… *laughter* E: I’m really off my game today.. *more laughter* M: You think it’s cooled? *Ethan laughs* M: No, I’ll tell you when it’s cooled. M: If I can touch the tray… *laughter* T: OH GOD! M: ..I can touch it.. E: Do we sprinkle sugar on the top ? M: Doesn’t say SPRINKLE SUGAR ON IT! A: ..You should sprinkle sugar on it. M: WELL THAT’S NOT WHAT IT DOES SAY! A: What, you’re just gonna burn it? M: Yah.. WELL ITS GOT SUGAR IN IT! M: It’s got sugar in it.. M: That what the brûlée is! M: Righhhtttt??? E: Do you know what brûlée means? M: Yahaha! Sugar! E: I don’t think that that’s what it means.. M: CREAM SUGAR! T: I think brûlée is like… burned. E: What does brûlée mean in french? (asking Siri) T: Stir… Siri: You’ll need to connect to the internet first. *laughter* E: What does brûlée in french mean? Siri (french accent): Brûlée. E: Yeah, no one… *laughter* E: Oh, it means burned! M: Burned cream? I was right! T: AH-WH-WHAT?! M: Suck it! T: Get outta here! *laughing* T: This is when you.. you, insert the Spongebob. T (mimicking Italian): Several years later.. M: I don’t use those…stupid jokes… Italian accent: Several years later… M: *laughing* M: I’m just laughing because I know at editing I’m gonna put that… *laughter* M: I guess we could… M: play with fire… A: Where’s the fire extinguisher?? WAIT! T: WOOOAHH! A: WAIT! T: You gave us NO WARNING! M (pointing at fire extinguisher): Under there… M: Can we.. Wait.. wait.. WAIT! E: Sorry, what? E: I don’t like this… Behind Camera: Wait, move the butane! E: Oh, good idea.. T: Oh, yeah. OHH! *slight screaming, laughter and inaudible mummbling* M: We’re killing the ozone layer! NYAOOOWWW E: Can we take ’em out yet?? M: I’m gonna take mine out. All right (Ethan whisking loudly) M: It’s time… The big reveal. M: Crème… M: Brûlée! (Ethan whisking loudly) A: Just as loud over there, Ethan! E: it’s still loud? I’m sorry… A: It’s VERY loud… M: GO OUTSIDE! E: All right. M: Whip your shit outside! E: I can do it outside… M: My crème brûlée… M: I’m gonna get the water out.. M: Get a shot of that… *laughter* M: Now, to get rid of the water… M: Cleans itself. Oh, hey! E: I brought my little crème in. M: Wow E: My boys, have… E: Arrived! M: These look pretty good. T: Yours is like bread. E: Mine smells like crème brûlée. M: Mine smells like crème brûlée. E: Can I smell? M: Yah! T: OWH! *laughter* *Laughter* T: I have the crème brûlée… M: Now comes the most the, second most important part of crème brûlée, the brûlée! E: I’m so afraid…of you… M: Of me!? M: You’re the one that was just all like.. M: *weird noises* ETHAN STOP! *more noises* M: Just like this! M: ETHAN STOP! A: If you want someone to taste any of them… A: I-I’m- Don’t put hairspray on it…? Also, you need to put sugar on it, okay A: You’re good. M: I Need to put sugar on this.. E: No! You said you weren’t going to! YoU sAiD YoU sAiD YoU sAiD YoU sAiD no.. ;c M: According to who.. M: Sprinkle Sprinkle little star~ *Ethan and Mark look to each other in awe of their creations* M: That enough? *Giggles between Ethan and Mark* E: Why are you asking me? I’ve never made crème brûlée before.. *More uncontrollable giggling* M: I’ll do it in gradients of amount of sugar. E: Oh I was using a lot of sugar.. E: Well now comes the brûlée, RiGht? M: yEAH M: *Tons of YeAhS and OHs in awe of his creation* M: That actually.. I mean maybe it’s just because you can’t burn sugar wrong… but that LOOKS like.. Crème brûlée.. E: It looks like it.. Right? Don’t tell me that you see I don’t see anything Look at the right spot Do you see that? No, I don’t That’s It prolly fine. It’s fine. Okay! I’ll do the rest of mine with this Is this okay Probably not..? Should I stop? No.. Perfect that worked really well M: Voilà E: Bellissimo M: Here, you fill it. E: I feel like the flame should be bigger M: I wish it lasted longer. Save some for me if it works Let me get one E: That looks pretty good. M: Hey, that’s pretty good E: Wait, watch it bubble M: And, voilà One. Well that’s interesting E: I like it M: Who wouldn’t? And voilà! Is it French? E: Mm-hmm? M: Bellissimo E: That’s Italian Yeah Stunningly. I think we have some crème brûlée. I think we did it Are we judging this? Who’s judging this? Are we gonna try our own? First after the taps E: I think so So, Tap it Tyler Oooh M: Hey, that’s pretty good E: Should we do a taste test? M: All right. We try we try our Own first? T: Maybe we… the rule is we can’t try our own. We only try the other twos. M: That’s fair E: Okay M: Fine you go first. E: It looks like Crème brûlée T: It looks custardy It smells good I like it. M: Yeah? T: Yeah, it’s a little more liquidy than I would expect it’s kind of like, um like pudding. M: Mm-hmm, but tastes good. Mmm. Let me try Ethan’s with a little whipped cream as well It looks oddly like jello it’s a little bit but I’m not gonna let that dissuade me Okay I don’t like that So there was a problem right off the bat But it’s not bad, E: What’s the problem? M: I was blasted with a flavor I’d never had before But then the sugar came and I was happy. E: Loving the whipped cream? M: I’ll think about- let me try without the whipped cream. I know what that- it’s egg. E: So this is pretty soggy, pretty soggy. It smells I don’t know It’s not bad it’s very So bland T: That’s what I thought… That’s how I feel about real Crème brûlée though. M: Wait, Wait, Wait, Let’s rotate here T: I got a little bit of whipped cream there so That’s like baked egg, with sugar It’s not… It’s a little weird at the end. M: Yeah T: But it’s not bad M: Okay… T: but it’s very eggy E: I wonder if you’ll know what I mean M: Ahh E: You know what I mean? M: So that’s what those words meant It’s not bad It tastes like… E: Just so painfully average T: See when I’ve had crème brûlée I felt like there was no flavor other than the caramelized sugar on top That’s that’s how I… M: oh it’s got some It tastes E: I think out of all of them. This is the closest to crème brûlée It’s a little it’s a little salty T: See, I didn’t… I didn’t get much of the salt. I felt that there’s a good balance E: It tastes a little salty. It’s good though, like it tastes like crème brûlée, okay. All right now we try our own. M: Let’s see if he sees what I mean E: Right? It’s really hard to describe. T: It reminds me of like very Like lackluster vanilla flavoring and pudding. E: Yeah, there’s just not a lot of flavor. T: Like it’s not bad though. M: No, no No, yeah, you always say that at the end of it E: I think you got a spot on it tastes T: but I actually… I would eat this M: I’m getting that salt E: It’s a little salty M: Yeah This is salty. I think if I just had less salt this should be really close. E: Yeah, I think so, too M: It is running cuz but maybe we didn’t let these cool. We did not T: I don’t think we let them set enough M: You had a lot of whipped cream E: No, that just tastes like egg Oh yeah, that just straight egg M: Anyone else want to try yeah, and now is Ethan’s whipped cream A: Tyler’s? M: Yea Tyler’s K: Which one is the safest? M: Oh, if you want purely average E: I like it M: It’s not bad A: Yeah It’s like pudding T: Yeah, that’s what I thought. I think the icing probably has way too much vanilla in that one though E: It’s a lil salty. A: Yeah it’s just salty and also too sweet it’s both salty and too sweet M: Alright I’m the over achiever here. A: I don’t know how you managed to do that K: What’s the other one? E: This one. K: This is the egg right? E: Yes A: I shouldn’t have ended on this one… E: Katherine try the whipped cream A: That is good. E: Just take a whole A: You know, if instead of whipped cream you had put like cheese and salsa on that? K: Oh, yeah That is a scrambled egg with sugar on top E: Yeah, I’m gonna try… can I try another one? M: Yeah, sure… I don’t think it’ll be different K: That was a big bite. E: Still salty. I don’t know why I thought- M: I don’t know why either. Um, I would say okay in a ranking E: I think we could just put mine at the bottom M: No, I wouldn’t say that, alright I’ll say that Too much… you went wrong in the recipe and we just watched. Anyway So all in all this has been crème brûlée or at least as close as we could possibly get So thank you Ethan. Thank you, Tyler. Uhh T: that’s 𝘯𝘰𝘵 pudding (Nice live-action “How the Grinch Stole
Christmas” reference Tyler) *laughter* M: Thank you everybody so much for watching if you want to see more uh- makes in the future Let us know what other things that we can possibly make in the comments below watch the other Markiplier Makes I’ll provide them in the description. There’s a whole playlist check them all out *yawning* Thank you so much again for watching, thank you Ethan, thank you Tyler, check out their things also linked in the description And as always, I’ll see YOU in the next video… Buh bye! T and E: Byeeeee!

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