Making Raw Milk Cheese

Making Raw Milk Cheese

It’s Sunday and I’m at Alexandra Palace farmers’ market with Luke Kempner Hello! …of the husband fame. And we’re off to try and hunt for some organic milk. By organic milk I mean raw milk because that’s what Max says is best. Success! Got the raw milk. Was meant to be a fiver, but she gave it to me for 3 pounds because I’m Scottish. Bonus. So! A good morning is to be had. I’ll be back. So, we are going to attempt to make cheese. [Lisa]: I’m behind the camera because of my great camera skills so… Lisa’s behind the camera where she belongs. This is the big cheese-making kit that I got Luke for a Christmas Present. Yeah. Some people might get a watch, I got a cheese-making kit Now we didn’t quite get enough milk; it’s meant to be 8 pints and I only got 2 pints… So first step: measure 1 ½ teaspoons of citric acid into 50mls of cooled boiled water. Pop it in. Stir and allow to dissolve. Pour the milk into the pan. [Lisa]: All of it? Yeah. [Luke]: Okay, done! Okay. Pour the citric solution into the milk and mix. Yup, and then we go to the heat. Heat the milk to 185 degrees on a medium heat; stirring gently and occasionally to avoid scorching. So we’ve covered it and we need to wait for 20 minutes. Let’s hope that the curds and whey separate. It says: “the curds will be solid, and the whey a yellow-ish-green liquid” This is us having waited 20 minutes and it actually looks a bit better now don’t you think? [Luke]: Yeah it’s separated. Right in we go then. Oh dear lord… Okay so attempt one failed! You want some of that?! Attempt number 2 and I’m going solo. This time I’m going to follow the recipe to the mark by using 8 pints of milk like it said. This looks much more like it… See? If you want to get a job done just do it yourself. So then you can add your salt and seasoning at this point. And the last bit is just leaving it to drain a bit further. We just take up all the sides, tie it round, then leave it to drain. There we go – some lovely ricotta! Yaaaay!


  1. Nice one! Next video a taste test then? I actually bought some good for the gut cheese yesterday, now to not eat it all in one sitting! argh

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