Making Gourmet Mac and Cheese

Making Gourmet Mac and Cheese

green the people behind a food tonight i am chess jock walking to my kitchen and
you know i love to cook gourmet food but you know sometimes that we’re gourmet
gets in people’s way they don’t understand it %uh it’s not a mystical word it just means
maybe it’s some ingredients that you haven’t used before may be something that’s in just a little bit
different or a preparation or something like that we’re just makes little difference and
you want a kind of show off just a little bit with your gradients now i’m going to take one of the basics here
when the basics comfort foods of our whole universe mac and cheese this there’s no blue boxes around here and this is right from scratch so and we’re gonna make a gourmet mac and cheese
start off with a little noble macaroni that could now that they all bent it just means
to the tooth that just means it’s for me it’s not much
cheaper hasn’t forgotten bake this in the other morgan and some cream philip %uh we don’t want it over cook so it turns
out myself machinery so this is albin pic now we’re going assuming gradients that maybe
you’ve heard of before and then you wouldn’t associate with mac and cheese %uh we’re going to make way
for cheese sauce or right away or not to use anything powder or anything like that have to my %uh and end date macaroni here i’m going to have
some good a she is now there’s a lot of times do then see them other stuff from denmark
comes in that %uh round container that you bright red has a
wax %uh wax covering on the outside and we shred this all the streets or the film
meld all in our in our mac now this is called fund tina and
this is another %uh good shoes from europe from denmark and i think the belting shoes this one here is called aman follower and
and follow resists west cheese %uh this is actually a domestic swiss cheese at the process so their story of our cheeses right there
so just kinda turn those into a casserole dish we’re gonna make a casserole here that’ll
probably feed about three or four people now we start having some unique ingredients these are sun-dried tomatoes and so we’re
going to put some color in here we have a little color with some price sun-dried tomatoes and this is pushing a bill and nice battalion ham very thinly sliced who will proceed with their now another thing that that you can add to
it to make it more may and then some things that %uh used all time and i think she is or mushrooms these are shipped hockey’s and
these were dried mushrooms i kinda rejuvenated them with some hot water united softness kind
of cut in half you can view this mushrooms are in season %uh dissolution talkies it some %uh %uh there was a little forty need sporty mushrooms
are actually very good for this too and if you can find those good central the
bright yellow ones the central cannot turn some of them so right away we’ve got some ingredients that
you won’t find in the womb boxes that you by the store but we’re going to make a very very delicious cheese now what we’re trying to turn this all together
and get this all mixed up together in here we’re going to add some cream now if you don’t %uh want heavy
cream this is forty percent butter fat cream love using this because on the card mrs at least forty percent butter fat so the fighting me
forty one forty two forty three we don’t know love that word at least so we just put a little bit in their just
the kind of get this west and get it all smoothed together we’re gonna
bake this in a three hundred and fifty degree oven for about ten minutes and since the macaroni
is already cooked everything else is passed it on a melvin can
accompany the other now for a topping for this we’re gonna add
the fourth cheese this is polish on it as you know i don’t use which is a nice italian
cheese and we have put some of that right on top and become a little popping on it and then i’m going to use the bread crumbs
bizarre panchal breadcrumb which the japanese seasoned bread crumbs i
like using these because the records they’ve got just a little bit assault in houston we’re gonna make a little crust on populus you know when it comes out of the
elements myosin bubbling and cross the and will put a little bit of a panchal tight breadcrumbs right on top and in just a little more cheese just a little more just to kind of note on
top additional data crack fresh pepper unfair couple of things you can do this you can put
fresh crab on here right on top of that and wouldn’t that be interesting to have a lot melting cheese and crab all bubbling together
and they’re so now this is exciting here so we’re gonna take this and %uh what we’ve done here is that in just
a few minutes put together a gourmet mac and cheese and
we’ll show you this when it comes out of the other the this is ready to go awry that look at that
nice and brown how young is that


  1. oooh, that's tricky. I was on weightwatchers before and I know you can eat anything you want…you just have to count it. Sure, you can have some – but this is so rich and yummy, I don't know if I could stop at 'some'!

  2. I never liked mac and cheese. (*gasp!) Maybe it's because my mother never prepared anything with cheese in it. I used to barf at the smell/taste of mac and cheese when I was younger, but now I'm quite fond of it if it's made with good quality ingredients.

  3. Homemade is the best =)) I stopped buying those 'blue boxes' once I learned how to make it myself. Tastes so much better, imo. Good ingredients is key!

  4. I want to try it with some fresh crab, like he said. I think that would taste really good…and it's in season now too.

  5. laleebee. Might as well just stick this stuff right straight onto your hips! Right along with some slices of cheese pizza.

  6. I thot it was perfect – but you can always add more cream! I'm always tweaking recipes to fit me and my family… that's part of the fun of cooking! =)

  7. Aiee, Gouda and Edam are cheeses from the Netherlands…. Unfortunately, our government forgot or refused to register them as trademarks with the EU (like mozzarella or brie were) and so anybody can make cheese and call it Gouda or Edam. It doesn't even have to taste like the original, sigh.

  8. I'm a Mac and Cheese hound, Watched it twice… Once for the good ingredients and once more for the sneeky entries in the captions, Lol

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