Make authentic dish BIBIMBAP recipe! The most DELICIOUS KOREAN food!

Today I’m gonna show you how to make bibimbap! The most delicious Korean rice dish! [awesome intro with upbeat jazzy music] Hi, I’m Sune and I’m a food geek. Today I’ll show you how to make bibimbap. A very delicious Korean rice dish. Bibimbap literally means mixed rice. Bibim means mixing and bap means rice, but it really doesn’t cover how great this dish is. It can be made in many different ways, but will commonly contain these things: 1) Leftover rice 2) Raw and sautéed vegetables like zucchinis, cucumbers, carrots, bean sprouts and mushrooms. 3) Optionally meat of some kind. Normally beef. 4) A raw or a fried egg and 5) A bibimbap sauce Bibimbap sauce is a cold sauce. It’s made with oil, vinegar, sugar and gochujang. Gochujang is a fermented chili paste. Which is a staple in Korean cuisine. It’s not very spicy, but very tasty. I’ve left links in the description for the more uncommon things. As usual these are affliate links, which means that if you buy something I will get a little bit of money. The version I am making today is a dolsot bibimbap, because of the stone bowl that I am using. You can absolutely make it with a cast iron pot or a dutch oven. You’ll get the same results. This is a wonderful dish, so I hope you will try it. Let’s get started! The written recipe, the ingrediens and amounts are linked in the description. You should have some leftover rice for this dish. If you don’t have any, just make rice and let it cool. The first thing we do is toast some sesame seeds. These will both be mixed in with various vegetables and strewn on top of the dish right before eating. After toasting, just put into a bowl and leave to cool. Then we’ll prepare the vegetables. To slice vegetables you need a super sharp knife, so make sure yours is as sharp as a razor. First we slice the spring onions finely. If you are in the States, you should probably slice a scallion, but I guess that’s just semantics 😉 Anyway, slice it finely and put it in a small bowl. Then peel and crush four cloves of garlic into another bowl. Then slice your zucchini and cucumbers in 1.5 mm slices. That’s about 1/16th of an inch. Put them into a strainer over separate bowls and sprinkle them liberally with kosher salt. Scrunch them around to distribute the salt and leave to drain for about 15 minutes. Then you should julienne some carrots. I’ve cheated, I already had some pre-cut ones. Next clean and prepare your mushrooms. If you are using shiitake mushrooms, be sure to remove the stem as it doesn’t taste good. I’m using mixed mushrooms here. Some shiitake, some crimini and some buttons. Now it’s time to prepare the meat. First pour in one tablespoon of soy sauce into a bowl. One tablespoon of toasted sesame oil. One teaspoon of sugar and a quater teaspoon of garlic. Mix to combine! I trimmed off the worst part of the fat and then I sliced the meat into thin strips. Put the meat slices in a zip-lock bag and pour over the marinade. Massage it well, so that all the meat gets coated. Put it into the fridge until you need to fry it. Now finish preparing the zucchinis and cucumbers. Run them under the tap to remove the salt, and scrunch them with your hands to remove excess water. Put into separate bowls. Then the last thing we need to do here is to prepare the bibimbap sauce. Pour in a teaspoon of rice vinegar, one teaspoon of crushed garlic, one tablespoon of water and one tablespoon of sugar. Then put in two heaped tablespoons of gochujang. Mix to combine and leave it on the kitchen counter until you need it. Now we need to blanch the vetetables. First dump in the baby spinach into boiling water for about 30 seconds. Fish them out with a spider and drain them. Then put in the bean sprouts. Leave them in the water for one to two minutes depending on how much bite you want. Fish them out using the spider and drain the excess water. Then mix in one teaspoon of spring onion, half a teaspoon of crushed garlic, a quater teasppon of salt and one teaspoon of toasted sesame seeds. Mix with a spoon to combine, unless of course you have asbestos hands 😉 The fry up the carrots in a skillet with some oil and salt over medium high heat. Fry for two to three minutes until they are tender. Put into a bowl. Clean off the pan with a piece of pater and add oil and fry the mushrooms until they are prepared to your liking. Two to three minutes. Clean off the pan again and fry off (the) zucchinis in some oil. One to two minutes, and put into a bowl. Clean out your pan for the last time. Turn it up to high let it become scorching hot. Add some oil and fry the meat until it is barely prepared. Put in a bowl. Everything can be put in the fridge until you are ready to serve. When you are ready, put the vessel that you will be using for the bibimbap in the oven and turn it up as high as it goes. Mine goes all the way to 300 degrees which is in excess of 500 Fahrenheit. Once the oven and the bowl is scorching hot, grab it from the oven and put it onto something heat proof on your table. Add a good splash of toasted sesame oil to the bottom. Grab the rice and spoon it into the bowl. Push it down using the back of the spoon, so that it gets into good contact with the bowl. Arrange the different vegetables and meat on top. Top with raw eggs. My bowl serves two, so I will put two eggs on top. The recipe serves four, so if you’re using a bigger bowl, just put as many as needed. Put the bowl back in the oven for a few minutes. I usually wait until the white has somewhat solidified. Once you mix the egg, the heat of the dish will finish cooking the egg. That’s it. We’re ready to eat. That’s how you make the awesome Korean rice dish bibimbap. It’s not difficult at all, and it tastes absolutely stupendous. All that’s left is to slather it in soy sauce and to mix it up to some seductive music. Are you ready? I hope that you enjoyed this video, and that you will try out this recipe. Let me know in the comment section what is your favorite Asian dish. If you liked this video, hit the like button. Don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell icon so you won’t miss any future video updates. See you next time.

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