Madame Cristo – Grilled Ham & Cheese – Food Wishes

Madame Cristo – Grilled Ham & Cheese – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with the madame Cristo that’s right this started out as an attempt to do a
little bit of a twist on the croque madame but upon completion I realized
that basically I’d made a Monte Cristo sandwich with a poached egg on top so
with the help of a new friend on Twitter who goes by the name of zap Shakur who
came up with a much better name for sure we’re actually gonna call this a Madame
Cristo but mashed up names aside this really was extraordinarily delicious and
here’s how you put one together and first up we’ll make the batter in which
we’re gonna dip our bread and that’s gonna start with one large egg to which
we will add a splash of heavy cream and yes if you want you could probably go
with milk here which won’t be quite as rich and then we’ll also want to toss in
a big pinch of salt as well as a little shake of cayenne and then we’ll follow
that up with a little bit of nutmeg which as usual we will freshly grate in
and then because I do want some lemon flavor but don’t want the acidity I’m
gonna go ahead and grate in about a teaspoon of zest and believe it or not
that’s gonna be it for this very very simple batter all we have left to do is
take a fork and give this a mix until two things happen first all of our
ingredients get mixed up thoroughly but also we want to keep forking this until
the mixture goes from kind of thick and viscous to something a little thinner
and more runny okay something just about like this and once that’s been
accomplished what we’ll do is simply set that aside and move on to talk bread and
for this I’m suggesting we’d go with something white tasteless and devoid of
any nutritional content and while yes you can make this with whole-grain bread
you never should and then one little trip we’re gonna do before we build our
sandwich and dip it in the egg we are actually gonna give it a light toasting
first all right not too dark be careful and what that’s gonna do besides
obviously adding some toasty flavor notes it’s also going to dry out the
bread a little bit which is gonna help it soak in the batter so just a little
trick I came up with back in the 80s I think it was eighties and then once our
toast is done we’ll go ahead and add our ham and cheese or in this case cheese
and ham and traditionally we would use Greer but because this sandwich is going
to be pretty decadent and Greer has such a rich buttery nutty flavor I decided to
go with some milder and used Havarti but literally
any melty cheese would work and then once ass down will place on our ham
except we have a major problem our bread is square but our ham is round a problem
that stop mathematicians for centuries but eventually a famous ham geometries
discovered the solution which was just simply cutting the ham in half thereby
creating straight edges which allows us to perfectly align our meat up to the
edge so it really was quite a breakthrough and way easier than
inventing round bread and then what we’ll do for those shorter sides is
simply cut those last pieces in half and we’ll finish that off as shown and by
the way since we’re gonna press this together we could have just done that on
1/2 but it really doesn’t matter as long as we eventually and carefully press
these two halves together at which point we’re gonna dip it into our egg mixture
and I say dip but I really mean soak since we want our bread to absorb the
maximum amount possible so take your time flip it back and forth until you’re
sure can’t take any more oh and I should mention I’m doing a totally savory
version here but if you wanted you could use our regular french toast batter
which has a little bit of a sweeter flavor profile and includes things like
a little bit of cinnamon and vanilla so if you want to switch that up go ahead I
mean you guys are after all the San Francisco’s of your madam Christos and
speaking of friars once we’ve reached full saturation let’s head to the stove
so we can pan fry this in some butter over medium heat until golden brown and
crispy on the outside but also until the inside heated through and our cheese is
nice and gooey and other than just keeping an eye on it the only tip here
would be not to use too high of a heat all right I said medium but you might
need to adjust since we don’t want the outside cooking too fast and possibly
burning before that cheese inside gets all nice and melty and then besides pan
frying this we will also want to fry or poach an egg to put on top and if you’re
just doing one or two of these you could probably do it at the same time but if
you’re doing these for a large group I’m gonna put a link in the blog post that
explains how to do that completely stress free as well as it will show our
complete poached egg technique since I’m not showing that here but anyway the
point is we’re going to need to cook an egg and while that finishes up we’ll go
back and check kirpan where as you can see everything’s
looking quite nice and I really should have thought to do a fork scrape here so
you could hear just how crispy this was but it didn’t occur to me
so I apologise but anyway once we’re confident our crust if ocation is
complete we’ll transfer that onto a plates and possibly garnish it with some
greens and once our prop salad is set we’ll go ahead and top with our poached
egg which of course we’ve gone ahead and pulled off any of the ugly stringy white
parts and we will finish that off with a little shake of cayenne as well as some
strategically placed sliced chives and while ultimately this didn’t turn out to
be the thing I plan to turn out to be it was still absolutely magnificent and
would have been amazing even without the egg but with the egg well just watch oh yeah that’s the stuff and I’m
actually getting smarter in my old age as I cut a piece from the back so as not
to wreck that full frontal view and if you’re thinking that hot honey ham with
melted Havarti sandwiched between crispy fried french toast top of the poached
egg would be delicious you could not be more correct this really was phenomenal
and even though I did go 100% savory here is that was eating this I was
thinking this would be really good using a sweeter batter for the French
toast which in that case I might top it with some maple syrup or not depends on
my mood so whether you’re planning on making this for some fancy brunch or for
just some casual weeknight dinner or you simply can’t decide between having a
croque madame and a Monte Cristo sandwich I really do hope you give this
incredible concoction to try soon so head over to food wishes calm for all
the ingredient amounts and wonderful as usual and as always enjoy you


  1. I thought I was the only person in world smart enough to cut the meat in half. Oh well, I'm beside myself now. A fried egg works great. do it all the time. I want that runny yolk over that toast. Great breakfast sandwich or anytime.

  2. Croque Madame? With a twist. Someday I hope to have invented a Michael Cristo. Are you going to show us a Croque Monsieur?

  3. How about 1 slice ham and 1 slice salami. I always like adding salami as a 2nd meat to a sandwich because it has a lot of good flavor

  4. Every food wishes video ever: Mmm yes, this is looking very good, but we forgot the most important part of this recipe… cayenne.

  5. Damn that 1st cut took me back to my 1st croque madame. It was at Bouchon French Bistro in Las Vegas. I miss that restaurant. Good job on the Madame Cristo

  6. Chef John, I love this recipe but then I’ve watched lots of your recipes and really understood your extra (usually naughty) touches.
    Your food has an exciting and fun side to it. Not for dieters but for normal people who loooooooove to eat. Thank you.

  7. The name is croque madame. It is not a Cristo sandwich nor is the croque monsieur. A crystal sandwich is dipped in batter and deep-fried dusted with powdered sugar and served with lingonberry Jam. So you would do the same thing with the Madam sandwich I might leave the powdered sugar off but it is dipped and deep fried it's not made with two pieces of French toast or toasted bread or like a grilled cheese sandwich. The deep frying is what makes it special and the reason it is served with Jam is because that helps to cut through the fattiness of the fried sandwich. I had my first sandwich at Disney World when I was 9 years old. It's not a favorite sandwich but it is one that if it is on the menu somewhere I am likely to order it.

  8. If people persist in making this sandwich like you are then when it is dipped in the egg yolks it needs to have all four edges coated as well.

  9. Also Bechamel is always spread on both sides of the bread inside. And at times topped with Bechamel as well and cooked in the oven as well as dipping in the egg. If I make this at home it is a huge Splurge so I make it and then I diagonally cut it and put one poached egg on each triangle so that's two poached eggs and then I don't eat for the rest of the day because I don't have much of an appetite anyway and usually eat once a day between 10 p.m. and midnight. This is nothing me of the original sandwiches and if you have never had a Monte Cristo sandwich then do find a place near you that makes them or find a traditional recipe with the batter. One sandwich fried a few times a year isn't going to hurt anybody! 🙂

  10. I made this added some left over thai coconut curry sauce I had left over in the batter then I made a hollandaise sauce and poured it on top of a over easy fried egg along with some of the coconut curry sauce.

  11. This is stupid and pretentious. You could just put it in the sandwich like normal people who arent stuck up san Francisco snobs

  12. Really great recipe and video. But man… this guy's cadence drives me insane. All that upward inflection for no good reason. Like, why are you asking so many questions? Why are you cutting your sentences in half and asking a question with both halves, even when making a statement?! Whyyyy?

  13. I disagree with you when you said never use whole grain bread. The best I ever made was with whole grain Italian bread. It was delicious.

  14. Im sorry but your voice is god awful to listen too. Your voice just changes pitch at the end of every sentence and is aggravating.

  15. The moment you start pushing SJW bullshit (renaming a Monte Cristo to Bitch Cristo) is my jumping off point.
    Get well soon.

  16. OMG I make a french toast version of this with pork sausage. no cheese on mine but the kids and wife like a thin layer of cream cheese.

  17. I made this a little while ago (before I had seen this video) and did in fact use a sweet batter and topped it with maple syrup. I also did have the egg and used cheddar. Personally, I didn't think it was all that good. I think the flavours clashed way too much (probably the syrup and the cheddar), but that was just my experiment. This savoury version sounds way better!

  18. I've followed you for years. (Sounds "psycho," but it's not; it's how things go on Youtube when you "discover" a channel you like.) Your puns, cooking skills, idiot-proof recipes, mad chef skills are unparalleled. So….what's with the weird, sing-songy, vocal delivery? I must know. (Because it sounds 'gimmicky' to someone like me; someone who's followed you from the get-go. I "get" the appeal,of the gimmick; I just don't understand your need to employ it, ultimately. You're so talented, witty, funny, and enormously-helpful, and a generous resource when it comes to things culinary.

  19. I was honestly MIND BLOWN by that ham cutting technique used to matching up rounded the off ham to the straight edges of bread/TOAST! Hahahaha. Great idea.

  20. it's easier than inventing the round bread! hahaha, best episode ever, I gained total new perspective on fitting roundly shaped ham to square sliced bread, love it

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