Lunch With Our FAVORITE YouTubers! (Lunches On The Go Part 2)

Lunch With Our FAVORITE YouTubers! (Lunches On The Go Part 2)


  1. Hi Jennifer! I know this sounds bad but I’m actually genuinely concerned about you because you don’t seem to eat or sleep that much! I just hope your okay

  2. you always make me smile. that alone helps managing my depression. but you also made me start making lunchboxes or plates for myself. all with decorations and all. it helps get my mood lifted and learning some self-love. And as I also follow your way of doing it I always include fruits and veges and have normal portions of the special treats. And eating healthy improves the way i feel in my body and mind. you have no idea how much your videos have already helped my picking up good habits without pressure or stress. Thank you so much!

  3. Floridian here. Sam's Club is where I get pop chips. However, not all of them carry them. You can order online at Sam's or Amazon also. My little one loves the bbq, and sour cream and onion flavor. I had an Amazon subscription for the sour cream and onion ones for a while. 😅

  4. Hey love your channel!!! Your kids are so great! You inspired me to try and make my daughters lunches cute ! I wanted to ask who was your “helper” with you at the grocery store? Do you have a nanny?

  5. Watching this makes me so homesick for Utah and Grandma Sycamore bread!! 😆
    Thank you for sharing!
    Oh, and the syrups!! They’re so hard to find on the east coast. My coke is so sad 😂

  6. I still like Lunchables, and I'm 39!!!!!!!!!! They are in the back at the store I go to. We have a food bank here, and they help me out sometime at the pantries.

  7. I want to make a subscriber lunch for your kids!
    I am Oakley Abaca and I am 11 years old and I am from Australia .
    Lunch: A cheese and chicken sandwich
    Fruit: blueberrys, raspberries and bananas.
    Veggie: I don’t like veggies but I now your kids love Broccoli so do broccoli.
    Snack: a jam donut or honey soy chicken chips.
    Drink: Apple juice.
    P. S my favourite colour is lite blue.
    Thank Jeniffer for making fun videos!

  8. Please make lunch for the Ohana Adventure family! I would love to see that and for the Norris Nuts as well! (Plus maybe a part 1&2, maybe part 3, for making lunches for each member of Not Enough Nelsons?)

  9. Wow that’s super Duper cool to add flavors to your soda. I’m gonna try that at home 🏡 💗🌸✨😊 Great video as always👍🏼 what an amazing museum I hope they have something like that here in California😊

  10. the man at the fill up the bus food drive is the father of a kid that I know they have for YouTube channel to and kid is a troublemaker and it is hilarious 😂

  11. The museum looked so cool. It's so nice the kids get to enjoy these trips too. Such a nice family treat. Try the Walmart Neighborhood Markets around Orlando. They're supposed to carry the BBQ Pop Chips.

  12. You guys are such a cool family, basically 3/4 of YouTube I watch is your videos. Thank you guys!
    Love from Keira in Australia ❤️

  13. I'm late because I spent a whole day at the pool but OMG I love your videos! The lunches have really inspired me recently. Makesurenyou get enough sleep Jennifer ❤️ I've never cut my hair, just trims but the girls hair is beatiful

  14. I ❤ You guays SO much have a good day TOADY and i love your videos so much and i hoep that i made your day TOADY Form Diana good byo to you guays

  15. I really love the way you speak to your kids. We also spend hours at places like the museum. I can’t get enough of my kids learning and having fun. Thanks for sharing your lunches and adventures 🖤

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