Lunch & L’Chaim with a Jewish Rabbi | Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner

Lunch & L’Chaim with a Jewish Rabbi | Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner

-So, I’m meeting
a guy named Mendy today who is a YouTuber who happens to be
an Orthodox Jew. I’m gonna go to temple
with him, and then I’m gonna
spend the day with him and meet his family. So, this is gonna be awesome
because the only exposure I’ve had to Orthodox Jews, or Hasidic Jews,
is a production of “Fiddler on the Roof”
that I saw in college that I don’t think had
any actual Jewish people in it. I’m at Mendy’s house,
and we’re gonna go and meet him. He’s an Orthodox Jew. So, I don’t know
what that means. Hey!
-Hey! -Shalom!
-Shalom, shalom. Very nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you, too! I’ve watched all your stuff.
-Oh. I’ve watched your stuff.
Big fan. -I’m a big fan
of yours, too. -Come on in.
-Thanks. -So, this is a mezuzah. You’ll see it on
every door post in the house. It’s a scroll,
handwritten from a scribe. It has a portion of the Torah — the Old Testament —
written in by hand. -Okay.
-The Shema is our most famous prayer. -So,
what does the prayer say, and why is it in the doorway? -It’s basically making
this a godly house and that every room
that you’re in, you’re entering through, like,
God’s security. You know what?
Here’s the deal. Let’s make l’chaim.
You don’t have to drink it. The Grand Rabbi said
you can make l’chaim and then pour it
back in the bottle. -Oh! “L’chaim” —
What does that mean? -Well, it means “to life.” -To life!
-To life! L’chaim! -L’chaim!
-L’chaim. -I just want to keep saying it. -Ahh. -Are you a Hasidic
or Orthodox Jew? -Both.
The — Well, first — -Both? I didn’t know
you could be both. I’m learning things.
-I’m a “playa.” You have Reform,
Conservative, Modern Orthodox, Orthodox,
ultra-Orthodox, Hasidic. -How does that fit in with,
like, being a YouTuber? ‘Cause you have a lot
of YouTube videos. -They’re still under warranty.
It’s only been 40 days. Let me speak to your supervisor. Our sect is called Chabad. While a lot
of other sects stay sheltered — “Technology is evil,
stay away from it” — our particular sect —
thank God — embraces it.
Hang on one sec. -You can bring —
-Hey, Yosef and Hinda. Hey, you guys
want to come here a second? Hey.
This is my friend Zach. -Hi.
Nice to meet you. -Zechariah. -How has being a father
changed your relationship to your faith? -It’s strengthened my faith. Being a father has definitely
strengthened my faith because it’s — I mean, they’re just —
Kids are, I think, much closer to God, and,
like, they’re miraculous. All right, Hinda, go to Ima
for a few minutes. I got to talk to Zach, okay?
And then — And then we’re
gonna come inside. -Let’s talk about
this awesome yarmulke. -Oh. Here.
I’ll give — -Do all of them have
the yellow zippers? -I’ll give you half of it.
-Okay. I’ll take half. -You take half.
No, Actually, this — this yarmulke
is something that I designed. -So, you are — you are
the Calvin Klein of yarmulkes. -I’m the Calvin Klein.
-What does a yarmulke mean? What is a yarmulke? -The yarmulke is not a law. It’s not written in the Bible,
“Thou shalt wear a yarmulke.” It’s a custom
that the rabbis came up with to always remind us
that there’s somebody above. And there’s another garment
called the zizith. It’s a command
in the Torah if you have garment
with four corners, you’re supposed to
put the zizith on it. And it represents
the 613 commandments that the Jews have, so… -613?!
-Yeah. -I’ve only heard about 10! Quickly,
go through all of them. We’ve got to wrap it up
because your kids are probably
getting tired and upset that I’m keeping you outside.
-Yeah. Well, why don’t you help me
put them to bed? -Really?
-Yeah. Come inside. -Awesome. -Ooh, look at this.
The green one is coming. It’s flying.
[ Imitates plane flying ] Ah!
It got you! Whoo! Whoa!
We’re taking a ride! Aah! [ Laughter ] Did you take it? Did you take it? Ah, did you take it? Ah, she likes it.
She’s smiling. Here you go.
Pass Hinda the pillow. -[ Laughs ] -Go give it to Zach.
-[ Speaks indistinctly ] -“Here are the scissors.” [ Speaks Hebrew ] -Abba loves you.
Ima loves you. Yosef loves you. Hinda loves you. Batsheva Menucha loves you. The rabbi loves you.
Hashem loves you. Everybody loves…
-Everybody loves — and Batshe– -Hinda, Yosef, and…
-Batshe! -Let’s mack out of here. -I have to say, man,
I hope one day that I have a family that is as adorable
and as loving as your family. -Thank you. Thanks.
That means a lot. -We are so late to temple. -Yeah. I know. I’m gonna blame it all on you,
you know. -Blame it on the gentile.
That’s fine. -Yes. Should you go in first? Watch the camera. Want a yarmulke?
-Absolutely. Thank you. -This is Zach. -Nice to meet you.
-Zach’s coming to — He’s coming to visit the shul, and he wants to have l’chaim. -Thank you so much. [ Indistinct talking ] -Yes, yes. So, this is Zach.
-Look at this one. -This is Zach — hang on —
and Zach wants to know why people are paying
over 100 bucks for a lemon. -Well, that’s a good question.
Well, the answer is like this — that there’s
a special mitzvah — mitzvah means that God
has requested us to connect to God
by doing certain things. And in a week
from tomorrow night, for an entire week, there’s a special way
that we connect to God by taking four different types
of plants — this will be one of them —
and by uniting them together. And the idea is that every plant represents a different type
of person. And we only connect to God when we unite all types
of people together. If you want to do the mitzvah
next week — Thursday — then this community
is gonna buy you a set. How is that? -Wow.
-We got a deal? -Wow. We got a deal.
-We got a deal. So, let’s get him
a nice set. -You got it. -Thank you so much
for having me, putting your kids to bed
in front of me, and letting me partake
in story time. That is hospitality.
-Hey, hey, we can’t get enough —
enough Zach in our life. -People talk about
Southern hospitality. I’m gonna go ahead and say
it’s Jewish hospitality people should really be
talking about all the time.


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words and support- that's exactly what we are trying to bring to the YouTube game! We're so glad you watched, stay awesome 🙂

  2. Kyle, stay tuned! Zach will be profiling lots of different religions. We are definitely excited to watch what he is able to learn!

  3. Zach you are my favorite youtuber/soulpancaker!!! i cannot express how much i LOVE your videos. i share them with everyone i know. thank you for your love, kindness and humor on the subject of religion. i look forward to learning more along with you.

  4. Hey Zach! It is important to humanise the people in all sorts of religions. What you are doing is great! It's also important to help people understand that within each religion there's a lot of variation as well, with some parts being more traditional and some parts being more progressive and many a mix. Mendy starts that conversation in this video, but it would be good for you to take it up in whole episodes. Thanks!

  5. Zach! I am such a huge fan. watched you on Oprahs reality show and your travel show on OWN. loved this video! keep up the great work 3

  6. I appreciate the openness of this series, especially since religion seems to have a bad rep in this day and age. I think the unbiased approach that they have taken is extremely effective. I, myself, find it difficult to ask these types of questions to people of a different faith than mine, in fear that our differences will cause a stir or that they will take offense to my questions when I'm genuinely curious about their religion. Thanks SoulPancake 🙂 <3

  7. I'm so excited about this series! Thanks SoulPancake, and thank you Zach! What a beautifully open and honest approach to learning and discovering more about the many people we share the world with. Truly awesome!

  8. this is simply awesome… the whole idea behind these zach videos is brilliant.. ive lived as an RA with a lot of Jews and learned so much about Judaism, such a fascinating and admirable religion

  9. I love this entire series so much! As a Muslim, and just overall 'religious' person, I absolutely love watching each episode! All the Jewish people I've ever known have always been pretty secular, so seeing an orthodox Jewish man with such an adorable family, and just hearing about how he practices and interprets religion is so coole- I just loved it all!

  10. This episode of Have a Little Faith has 200,000+ more views than any of the other episodes. But it has relatively less comments and likes than the others. Something smells fishy

  11. Let me just squash this now and say that… no this is not the only thing I paid attention to in this video (I for sure respect you AND your religion). Okay, I have the same lawn chairs as you do ha! And, I also have a WONDERFUL daughter. I really enjoy this video and will be watching more from you. I was kinda referred from Zach's channel..

  12. I just loved everything about this. Love, respect, community, traditions, educating, opening minds, honoring, joy, blessed. Thank you for blessing me with such a display of kindness and joy to all!

  13. I'm not religious and by most people's standards I'd be considered an Athiest. However, I find the different things people believe, from religion to folklore, fascinating. I'm loving this series, despite coming to it a tad late. I really enjoy Zach's approach, hosting style, and, above all, disarming personality. Can't wait to learn more through this series.

  14. I always feel bad for mentally or physically disabled people, because of their inability to do things, but Soul Pancake makes me realize that they are still people with potential in their future. Thank you.

  15. A progressive religion is no religion at all. My parents use to tell me that religion teaches good morals and ways to live your life. Why can't you have good morals without religion?

  16. 613 commandment I've only heard about 10…
    Quickly go though all off em!
    Freaking hilarious so quick on the draw there, genius Zach you just made my day there <3

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  18. This was a nice episode, and it was nice to meet Mendy's beautiful family. But personally, I don't think that I learned much about Chassidism in this episode.

  19. Hasidic Jews believe in what ever you want to believe. They are more interested in the traditions than they are interested in knowing God.

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  25. I love the Jewbellish skits -especially 'Jewish Pride', and Mendy and friends seems a great advert for kosher Judaism Hasid style.. (I'm not Jewish btw)
    And Zach is fantastic, a great sense of humour. G-d bless you Zach.

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