LUNCH Box SWITCH UP Challenge… | #SchoolLife #Fun #Kids #MyMissAnand

LUNCH Box SWITCH UP Challenge… | #SchoolLife #Fun #Kids #MyMissAnand

Here I am with my friend Kashvi Last time we did a challenge that was and you have liked that so much So thought to bring another challenge and that is we are two so how many Likes for us??? We want 2,00,000 LIKES So the rules for this challenge are first we’ll do Rock Paper Scissors shoot and the winner will peek first and trick to the other & then other one will decide whether she want to keep or Switch the box & yeah there will be tasty and yummy food and in another box there will be something boring So lets get started I think I have to keep I have got this Red Sauce Pasta and I got this boring Khichdi don’t want to eat it this round was good for her I wish if she would do switch I got these i’ve got these Biscuits I’ve got Idli Sambar this time so this round I think was good for both of us now its my turn to peek I’ve got the best items one but its little spicy too so this round was thumbs down for me so we’ve got fruits in this round can you give me a bite of mango lets move on to our next round so its my turn to peek and you’ve to stay like this don’t try to cheat so here’s a box inside a box pls tell me what should I choose…. its so hard yeah but its yummy and this my most favourite one yeah its my favourite too I got these french fries so thats all with our today’s challenge and we had so much fun doing this challenge yeah but I’ve got that spicy one in the last so she has got that boring food most of the time.. isn’t it?? No only that last round was a little weird but all were best and she didn’t be able to eat that bread(Roti), Parle G… so if you’ve liked this challenge hit Like to it

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