Low Fat vs. Regular Chips Taste Test

Low Fat vs. Regular Chips Taste Test

– Today we find the
least bad low-fat chip. – Let’s talk about that. (funky electronic music) (fire crackling) – Good Mythical Morning. – And Mythical reminder,
come see us live in concert in London on February
15th or in St. Louis, Columbus, or DC in April. Go to rhettandlinklive.com where you’ll find all the details. But now, potato chips. Who knew that this lumpy
root bulge could evolve into the crunchable modern
marvel that it is today? (potato smacks on floor) But they aren’t so
marvelous for your health which is why healthy chips are so amazing. – You disrespected that potato. – I didn’t, I’m–
– So hard. – I just mashed it. – Okay you said amazing but it’s actually, they’re amazingly disappointing usually. But I’m not gonna give up hope entirely ’cause maybe there’s a
brand out there that’s used their profits and fancy snack scientists to Frankenstein a low-fat
chip that’s tasty enough to come close enough to its
deep fried delicious counterpart to replace it in my snack regimen. We’re gonna find out,
it’s time for Good Enough: Low Fat Chips Edition. – First up we got Ruffles
Original versus Ruffles Oven Baked which says 70% less fat and
we’re gonna taste these, maybe put it into the
context of calories and fat and then determine is this good enough or ugh, that is rough. – Okay so just for a visual
here, I got the oven baked here and I got the regular here. That’s the same amount of fat. So this is a pretty large
difference, in fact, 70% less.
– I would say so. – And that is important to some people. Now I personally think the
whole low-fat thing is a sham and I think that it really comes
down to the caloric content ’cause a lot of times
you do the low-fat thing but there’s all these other
empty calories in there so what we’re going to
do, we’re going to say, if you were to eat this
entire bag of Ruffles and then you were to eat
the same amount of chips– – This is a smaller bag so
if it were a bigger bag. – The same number of ounces of the baked, what would you have to do to
make up the caloric difference? So in this case if I was
to eat this whole bag, I would have to, and then eat those to make up the difference, I’d
have to jog for 25 minutes, so as you’re evaluating is it worth it, think about a 25 minute jog. – Is it good enough to save 25 minute, and I suggest we start with these because you know those
are gonna taste better it’s just are these good enough? Very crunchy. – I mean I’m having a good time. I’m not complaining. – I’m having a good crunch
time but my taste time is severely compromised. – Well ’cause you know what
a real Ruffle tastes like. – I actually don’t even taste potato, it’s like they took the potato
out which I know isn’t true. – Well let’s taste the real thing. Oh, why’s it so good? – It’s so much better.
– Yet so bad. – It’s not just that oh–
– Foldy. – This tastes, those are the best ones, it’s not just that it tastes fattier, it tastes saltier, it
tastes more flavorful, it tastes everything, every
way that I could describe it except for crunch is better. – And maybe this’ll help.
– But is it good enough? – Typically you don’t eat a whole bag. – I missed my mouth.
– Yes. – I literally hit the side of my face. – Your body doesn’t want this. – This won’t even go in my mouth! Ugh! – Just put this into perspective. A serving is 12 chips,
nobody eats 12 chips. But if you were to just do
12 chips versus 12 chips, you’d have to jog for four minutes. That’s like getting the mail if you have a really long driveway. Really, really long driveway, or you’re just jogging real slow. I think these are, 12 of
these definitely worth a 12 minute jog, a four minute job. Lots of numbers.
– Yes. I mean it’s just, these
are just crappy tasting. – Okay. – I’ll run to get the
mail multiple times a day. Of course it won’t be
delivered multiple times a day. – [Rhett] So we’re saying– – [Link] That’ll be a disappointment. – [Rhett] Reduced fat Baked Ruffles are– – [Rhett and Link] Ugh, that’s rough. – Okay now we’ve got sour
cream and onion Pringles versus reduced fat sour
cream and onion Pringles. 25% less fat. – Yes but in terms of calories
and in terms of ping pong, which is the calculations we made, if you ate a serving of roughly 15 chips, you would have to play two
minutes more of ping pong if you chose the original,
or if you decided to eat the whole can like– – I have done that before.
– It’s very invite, once you pop.
– Is that the slogan? – You can’t stop.
– That is the slogan, isn’t it?
– Yes, it is. Then you have to play ping
pong for 37 more minutes. – Okay let’s eat first and then we’ll play a little ping pong just
to see how that feels. – Pringles are so like
processed, I love ’em but, I predict that these aren’t
gonna be that different, because Pringles kinda
feel like their own thing. – It tastes like an old Pringle. – They do not have the crunch. – It tastes like a Pringle
that has lost something. – Well let’s make sure
because this is the original, I’m gonna try that. I think if I just isolate the crunch. – It’s not a huge difference. – It’s slightly different, but I’m not gonna hold that
against it in terms of– – If you threw these bags,
if you threw ’em together, mixed ’em up, you might not know. – The amount of sour
cream and onion taste. – The more I eat and go back and forth, the more they blend together. – Now–
– Mm-hm. – Let’s play two minutes of ping pong now. – Whoa, I got a ball too.
– I got a blue ball. – I got a pink ball. – All right go first.
– You go first. (objects clatter) Oh, there goes the, all right. – You know what, don’t worry
about the table, just do this. – We gotta do this for 27 minutes. (objects clattering) Oh gosh, I just lost the… (chuckles) What’s happening? – This is a specially intense ping pong. I think you might have
to go like a minute 40. – Well I think the, can
you help with the can? Where did the can go? I don’t think ping pong
matters because these basically taste the same.
– Oh. – So even though I wanna play
37 more minutes of ping pong– – ‘Cause who doesn’t?
– ‘Cause who doesn’t? – [Rhett] Reduced Fat Pringles– – [Rhett and Link] Good enough. – Okay now we’ve got Lays Barbecue chips versus Lays Lightly Salted Barbecue chips. – Mm-hm, 50% less sodium, so again, we’re not working with fat now but this is an important
aspect of your health is limiting that sodium intake. – Yeah and just to put
this in perspective, if you were to eat this
entire bag of Lay’s chips, you would get 1200 milligrams of sodium, which is half of what
you need for the day. So two bags of chips a day
is all the sodium you need. – And this is half of that. – That is half of that so 600. And so let’s taste first,
and then I have an idea for how we could put
this into perspective. Would you know you were
eating something different if somebody handed you one of those? – No, I would think that’s a good– – It’s a good chip.
– Barbecue chip. Now I’m gonna try this one. Just a little more umph
to the barbecue flavor. – But it’s not life-changing. That’s still good. – Since it’s sodium, let’s
evaluate in terms of hydration. – I know that you like
to drink eight glasses of water a day, Link. – Always stay hydrated. That’s my Neal family motto. – And even though this
isn’t scientific at all, my thought is that if
you drink 16 glasses, then you can make up the sodium difference ’cause you’re diluting the salt. It’s called the dilution of salt– – Theory.
– It’s a scientific theory. – Okay.
– So the only way to really do a side by side
test is to have you drink 16 glasses of water right
now and then taste the chips. – All right. – I’ll continue to eat the
salty ones while you do that. – With pleasure. – It’s almost too salty. – Ah. – I think I may actually
prefer the lightly salted. – Yeah, me too, this is good enough. Ugh. – You got one and a half down? – It’s just, I already know. This is good enough, man. I don’t need to drink more
water than I already drank. I’m already micturating
at just a constant speed. – Okay, I don’t even think
I need the micturation part of this because I think this is easy. Lightly Salted Barbecue Lays– – [Rhett and Link] Good enough! – All right Cape Cod
Kettle Chips versus their 40% reduced fat counterpart. To put this in perspective,
there are 10 more calories per serving and I’m gonna
fold four more minutes of laundry in order to
make up that difference. – Oh okay.
– Okay. – That’s a lot of folding. – Or if we look at the whole
bag, there’s 80 more calories per bag here, that’s a
half hour of laundry. I know how much you hate laundry, Rhett. – The folding part is the worst. – That is a crunchy chip. The kettle process is just amazing. – How’d it get such a crunch
in such a low-fat chip? – My criticism of Cape
Cod is not the taste of the crunch but the size of the chips are always too small. They don’t ever get big. – It’s small potatoes.
– I don’t know why. These are still the same
size as each other, so, that doesn’t help us out. I like folding laundry, it
gives me a sense of control. Oh. I watch those videos on
Reddit where people show you how to fold stuff. Of course, I don’t usually fold a Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club jacket. – [Rhett] That’s what you’re
doing with all your time. – [Link] I usually hang this up. What is this, a blue– – Don’t worry about that. – I hang those up, man. – First of all, the low-fat
is clearly not as good. I would definitely know if you
substituted one of those in. But it’s not bad. – Underwear, I don’t fold those either. I just kinda throw ’em in a drawer. – I hate doing laundry. I just throw everything in the drawer and then I spray that
wrinkle release on it. Y’all know about that wrinkle release? You seen that stuff? It’s like magic. – As much as I love folding laundry– – I constantly smell like it. – These are definitely good enough. Especially to avoid laundry
for the average person. – Okay so Cape Cod Reduced Fat Chips– – [Rhett and Link] Good enough! – All right now we got
Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos versus the reduced fat version. The reduced fat only comes
in the smaller serving so we can only evaluate if you were to do a serving versus a serving. So you would eat a serving
equivalent to that amount, you would then have to lift
weights for five minutes to make up the difference, okay? – Well, oh. – Well the app did not
specify what kind of weights. So if you just do this. – Or if you need to be good at it. – If you just do this for five minutes, you can have a whole
bag of regular Doritos. Now let’s try ’em, let’s taste it. Now that we know what that feels like. – That is a– – It doesn’t taste like a Dorito. – Doesn’t at all. I mean it’s spicy but
at the same time bland, it’s weird how the chip itself, even though there’s a lot of
the sweet spicy stuff on it– – It’s not a bad chip, it just
doesn’t taste like a Dorito. I would think I’d gotten a off-brand. – Oh my gosh. Night and day. – That’s why they sell
those in a little bag because people would change
their minds too early into the–
– And throw ’em away. You throw them away. They are horrible. I mean, bring it on, bring on the workout, ’cause they’re airy, they’ve got bubbles. Just the entire consistency
of the thing is, the crunch is better, the taste of the corn
chip itself is better. – Okay so this one–
– Everything’s better. – Very, very simple. Spicy Sweet Chili Reduced Fat Doritos. – [Rhett and Link] Ugh, that’s rough. – Okay and out of all the
healthier chips that we tried, I think the best tasting one was the Lightly Salted Barbecue Lays. – [Link] Right there. – Those are definitely good enough. Those in my mind may actually be better than the original, so, there you have it. Try those, don’t try these. – No, thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – I’m Chris!
– I’m Joy! – I’m Katie!
– I’m Tristan! – And I’m Chelsea! – And we’re on Potato Chip Rock. – [Together] And it’s time to
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  1. Plain potato chips may be better than the low fat version. But Sour cream and cheddar baked ruffles are just hands down one of the best chips. And the unbaked version is not nearly as good.

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  3. Some people think crips and oven chips with only 3 percent fat means you get 120 percent if you have 40 chips. My teacher in school did.

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