Lose Weight With the Sacred Heart Soup Diet

Lose Weight With the Sacred Heart Soup Diet

Lose weight with the Sacred Heart soup diet. I recently had the rare opportunity to attend a gala event Seeing as I don’t dress up often and buying a new gown was definitely not in the budget I decided I had one in my closet which would be the perfect look if I could only squeeze into it I tried it on and the zipper would barely do up I discussed my dilemma with a friend over coffee, and she told me she had the perfect solution She said her Filipino nanny has helped her squeeze into many outfits over the years by putting her on the magic soup diet I was desperate as the event was two weeks away So I asked her to email the diet to me turns out it was the Sacred Heart diet Legend has it that this diet was developed at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane Washington to help obese patients drop weight before cardiac surgery the hospital denies that any of their Dietitians were involved in the development of the diet I assume for a liability sake you basically make a massive batch of soup to eat every day Along with eating certain foods for a seven-day period the claim is most people lose 10 to 17 pounds in one week Just what I needed I have to confess the suit gets a little boring after a while I took one fourth of it and pureed it in a food processor Then added curry to that batch to create a completely different soup to help me get through the week The soup is full of vegetables. So I don’t think there is any risk to this diet I drank lots of water and herbal tea as well. I felt satisfied and was very motivated to complete the week I lost seven pounds over the week but many inches which allowed me to zip up the zipper on the dress ingredients 2 cans of stewed tomatoes I use 28 ounces 3 large green onions scallions up to a bunch 1 large can of beef broth fat free one package lifts and soup mix chicken noodle flavor 1 bunch of celery chopped 2 cans green beans. I used frozen because I find canned unedible pounds carrots chopped two green peppers chopped Instructions put all of the ingredients into a very large pot or divide evenly into two pots add Some water just to cover season with salt pepper and parsley if desired bring to a boil boil hard for 10 minutes covered reduce heat to low and Continue to cook cover 30 minutes longer taste for seasoning any spices may be added hot sauce Worcestershire sauce or curry are some examples the diet basics Monday soup and fruit day today the diet restricts you to only eating soup and fruit They only fruit off-limits today is bananas Berries oranges apples and any type of melon are encouraged You can eat unlimited quantities of the soup or fruit But try to only eat until full don’t forget to drink lots of water the sweetness of the fruit Should keep you satisfied. I ate a small watermelon Tuesday soup and vegetable day with a bonus baked potato continue to eat Unrestricted amounts of soup to phileo add any vegetables today, but try and avoid starchy green peas or corn The vegetables can be cooked or raw Leafy green vegetables are very low in calories for instance You could add some kale to the soup to change the flavor a little Along with your soup add a baked potato at dinner with 1 TSP butter add Seasoning for flavor remember not to eat any fruits today Wednesday soup fruit and vegetable day to day you can eat all of the things you ate on Monday and Tuesday But do not eat the baked potato or any bananas again avoid starchy vegetables if possible Remember to keep up your water intake Thursday soup banana and skim milk day continue to eat unlimited soup today This time you will add bananas and skim milk You are encouraged to eat 3 bananas or more and drink as much fat free milk as you like today Friday soup the and tomato day today you will eat unrestricted amounts of the soup You will not eat any fruit or vegetable on this day you can have 10 20 ounces of beef and up to a maximum of 6 tomatoes today a 28 ounces can of tomatoes can be substituted for the fresh eat the soup at least once today Saturday soup beef and vegetables day Be sure to eat the soup at least once today you may eat any amount of lean beef today This can be in the form of a steak or ground beef or sliced roast beef add Any vegetables to this but no starchy vegetables. This means no baked potato sunday soup brown rice unsweetened fruit juice and vegetable date today You may add a nutritious carbohydrate brown rice The luxury of unsweetened fruit juice is a treat on the last day of the program, but don’t go crazy vegetables are allowed on this day and you can add cooked veggies to your rice if you wish I Just added the rice to my soup that day you are allowed unlimited amounts of the following beverages tea coffee cranberry juice unsweetened Skim milk, I suggest only for Thursday or in your coffee tea plenty of water Variations on the diet a hospital in Pennsylvania modified the diet for their patient population This one is not just for 7 days, but rather 14 days on then 7 days off Repeat the cycle until the weight loss is achieved day 1 Unlimited soup and fruit all day. The only restriction is that you shouldn’t eat bananas day 2 Unlimited soup and vegetables all day. The only restriction is you shouldn’t eat starchy vegetables such as green peas or corn day 3 Unlimited soup fruit and vegetables same rules as day 1 & 2 day for unlimited soup 3 bananas 8 ounces of skim milk no fruit or vegetables today day 5 soup Unlimited lean beef chicken or fish up to eight Tomatoes day six same as day five But no tomatoes day seven unlimited soup and unlimited brown rice


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