Little Lunch Cast Q&A Webinar – W.A Primary Schools

Little Lunch Cast Q&A Webinar – W.A Primary Schools

Okay, we’d like to welcome
all of our Western Australian friends to the Little Lunch cast Q&A Webinar. – Welcome, guys from Western Australia.
– Hi, guys. I’m able to see
we’ve got a whole range of students from the School of the Air
of Western Australia. We can see all of you. Some of you are
from other countries. We know you’re listening. – Hi, Ethan.
– A big hello to the School of the Air students. We know there are really remote paths to WA.
It’s great to have you involved today. Hi to all of the School of the Air’s students.
Big wave to all of them. Terrific to have you. Hello to some of the other schools
we have involved as well. We’re gonna have Excelsior Primary School,
St Joseph’s in Pinjarra, Sorrento Primary, Anzac Terrace,
Osborne Primary as well as the School of the Air.
So, welcome to all of those schools. From the Education Term here, the Australian
Children’s Television Foundation. A way coming to you
from Fitzroy, in Melbourne. And I have here some of the cast members
of Little Lunch I’m sure you recognize. On the far side there, you’d know Mrs. Gonsha,
better called as just Heidi. Hello, everybody. Sitting up straight.
Ready to talk? Joking. I’m really Heidi today. You probably don’t recognize her.
She’s not with the glasses on. – Debra Jo, which is actually Faith.
– Hello. And next to Faith we also got the very flexible, very gymnastic one,
Tamara, which is Olivia. So, welcome. – Hi, guys.
– Hi. And last but not least we have, as you know, Rory, but we have Flynn here,
so welcome, Flynn. I also want to mention
the Little Lunch App. How many schools have eyepets in your school?
Put your hands up if you do in your school. It looks like most of you do.
If you do have eyepets, the Little Lunch App allows you to make your own episode
of Little Lunch. It’s free. – And it’s awesome.
– They’ve been playing with it at lunch time. They’ve been making their Little Lunch movies
as well. We’ll be emailing you some data of it after the session, things you perhaps mark
when you use Little Lunch App in the class. We’re also gonna be running
a Little Lunch App competition next term. In term two we can send in
episodes that you might make using the Little Lunch App. We’ll give you
more data about that at the end of the session. I think that’s pretty much of the housekeeping,
so what we’d like to do is now start looking at the great questions
you’ve been asking. I’m gonna get Olivia to cross over to our first school. – Which is who, Olivia?
– Dunsborough Primary School. Hi, guys. And I’m gonna be talking to Jaime. And I’m gonna be talking to Jaime
who’s in year 6. No, I’m not. I’m gonna be talking to Ruby in year 6.
Sorry. How did you become an actor?
What did you do to get started with your career? That’s a really good question, Ruby. So, all of my family are actors: my mom,
my grandma, my grandpa, my uncle, my auntie. They’re all actors, so ever since I was
a little tiny baby, I’ve grown up with actors. So, I’ve always wanted to act. What I did to get started with my career
is I’ve always wanted to be an actor. I’ve always loved performing, singing, dancing
and acting and everything like that. And then so I asked mom to get me an agent,
so I had to audition for an agent. And then so I auditioned for an agent.
I got in with a great agent. Then I got jobs coming and then I auditioned
for Little Lunch and then I got in. Great.
What about you, Faith? How did you start? Well, I was kind of opposite to Olivia.
My family aren’t really like performants. I was very outgoing. So, I was a very outgoing person,
I just talked all the time and I was very loud. And my mom was like “All right,
I’m gonna get you into an acting school”. So, I went to an acting school.
And then an audition came up for Little Lunch and I went, got through
all the rounds and I got the part of Debra-Jo. And, well, I may be the same as Faith.
No one in my family really acts. When I was about five years old, I tried up for an agent
called Catherine Poulton Management who I’m currently with. So, my agent gives me work
and I audition for jobs that she gives me. It must have been a little different. As a kid, I was a little bit shy,
but I loved it. I didn’t think I had the confidence to be an actor.
So, I did my school and I went to university. I was in my twenties. I had this desire
to act. I thought I just have to give it a go. I auditioned for a school called NIDA in Sidney
which is a big acting school and I got in. So, it doesn’t matter what your dreams are, whether you are an extrovert or an introvert
or just love watching films and love reading. If you have a passion to do it,
you’ll find your way. – Thank you.
– Thanks, Ruby. So our next question, number 2, Heidi. Are you
staying in the same school for this one? We are.
I’m going to speak to a lovely Kai. Hello, Kai. – Hello.
– Hello. Hey, Kai. Can I ask you? If you could be
a character, who would you play? – I would play Rory.
– Oh, there you go. Why not Tamara? What’s your question, Kai? I want. I want to. How is your personality in real life similar or different to the characters? That’s a very interesting question. You know, Kai, I’d say, there’s probably a lot of me in Mrs Gonsha
or a lot of Mrs Gonsha in me. And if all the characters here…
We’re all a little bit of those characters. I had to say that, you think? There’s
a bit of us in the characters and viceversa. Sit down. Sit down, Kai.
That was Mrs Gonsha, not Heidi. Yeah. I think I’m similar to Debra-Jo in the way that I kind of like to take control of situations.
I guess some people may call that… – I’m bossy basically.
– Her mother said that in the loveliest way. She’s smart and superorganized,
just like Debra-Jo. Yeah. Not as organized.
My room is very, very messy. And I don’t really make my bed,
but you have to. Otherwise, your parents will get upset.
Make your bed. – What about you, Olivia?
– Yeah. I’m a lot like Tamara. We’re both really sporty
and we’re both very flexible, but I think she’s a bit feistier than me. She’s a bit more snappy, but it was really good to be her because sometimes if I was acting, I think:
“Oh, that’s something that I would do”. And then I tried make it
as much as me as I possibly could. So I’m similar, but I’m also different. Well, you could say I’d be like Rory. I might be a bit naughty, not so naughty. I’d say he’s not really naughty.
He’s funny. That’s why he’s the same as Rory.
He’s very, very funny. Yeah, like Rory is always playful. I like to have a bit of fun
and I think that’s a bit like Rory. – Good question.
– Great question. All right.
We’re heading to Bunbury Primary School. I’m speaking to someone in year 3. I think it’s Elisa. And do you have a question, Elisa? Okay, a little bit tricky,
but I’ll read out that again. I think Elisa’s question was: What was
the inspiration for the show Little Lunch? Well, I don’t know if many of you know this, but there was actually a book series before the TV series. And this book series was written by Danny Katz and illustrated by the lovely Mitch Vane. And those books have been around for quite a while now. And Robyn and Wayne, I guess they adapted the books for television. So, what they did was
they kind of rewrote the characters a bit, they kind of rewrote the story and that was the inspiration for the show. They wanted to, I guess, get people, to get like adults and kids to experience other people’s, other characters’ experiences at recess
and lunch because everyone has a different… Because everyone has a different…
Like “They’re different friends”, but in this show they make it
really interesting and really funny. – And that’s what happens.
– Very good. – We’re nobody to say no.
– Oh, really it’s about like 6 kids and what they get up to in their personalities, if that helps anyone.
That’s everything, you know. – You covered it all.
– In your own experience at primary school, do you think it was pretty true
in terms of what they got to? – Some other things, yeah.
– Most of it, actually. Sometimes, it would be
like “Oh, I would’ve done that”. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Yeah, like you’d think a lot of things…
– That person if they say that… And a bit… all of you think… Which character you’d play or most like? And I know my daughter, who’s 9, swaps. One day she wants to be Debra-Jo
and then Tamara. It always changes. That’s kind of fun to say
who you might play if you were in Little Lunch. – Yeah.
– That was a great question. So, number 4, Flynn.
Where are we heading off to for this one? Next we’re heading to Glenfall Primary School
and I’m gonna be speaking to Max, who’s in year 5. Hi, Max. Okay. We couldn’t hear that one. The question
from Max was: Where is the show filmed? Is it filmed on a school day? Oh, well, we filmed the show
at St Kilda Primary School, which is a school in Victoria. And we filmed it on week days. So, Monday to Thursday we were filming. And so there were real school kids. And I just got in because we were wearing
the same uniform, so they just mixed with us. And then we looked like normal school kids. So, that was great. – We did film over the holidays.
– Yeah, we did film over the holidays. So sometimes the school ‘d be deserted.
And it was just us there. – Yeah.
– Or someone walking the dog. So these kids filmed
over the Christmas holiday vacation time most of it. – We only had two weeks holiday.
– Yeah, we only had two weeks at Christmas. – But I don’t think they’re complaining. Are you?
– No, no. It was great. – Better than holidays.
– Much better. And then also we watched the film sets, so that’s cool.
It’s where the director and the writers, the person who wrote the script, not the story, but the script,
and the director… They really know the place as well.
And it’s a lovely school. And Bunbury Primary,
your uniform looks just like Little Lunch is. Yeah, it does. Red and black and white. So, Heidi, our next question,
which is question 5. Where are we heading to for that one? Excelsior Primary School. And it’s year…
Did I say it correctly? There were a few giggles. And it’s year 5.
And I’m speaking to the lovely Laila. Hello, Laila.
How are you? -Yeah. Hello, darling.
What’s your question? What was the most ambitious episode
that you’ve ever made? Probably the hardest episode we filmed was when it was a windy day
when I was at the pole in the playground
at St Kilda Primary. On top of the fireman’s pole. And it was a very hot day, a sort of shining weather. – It was in Victoria.
– And we were all in lycra suits. It was very hot and very windy. And I was
very high up. I had to sort of be craned up by special members, special devices to get me at the top. And I was probably
up there for most of the day. So, I did that so you could see
an episode at the pole. It’s very good. That was a very tricky day.
And it was very windy up there. And what about for you? For you, Faith?
What was the most ambitious or difficult? That was really hot to film,
but I think probably the most ambitious is probably… We filmed the episode called “The Body Bus”. And they had to hide this truck. And they had to cover it up.
And I couldn’t fit all the words. That was pretty ambitious,
but there was also… They had to build a whole entire set of a corridor for like two scenes. And then we just had to destroy it. And they built it in a way
to put down in the day. That was probably a lot
for just two scenes. Also, there was this one. “The Grandparents Day”, when we were all
drawing on a big board of all the inventions. That must have been pretty hard.
And then also for the lost and founds. We had to get all of these toys out
and we had to keep playing. I mean, they were all hard
in their own separate ways. Well, I reckon
this isn’t about episodes, but individually.
On some episodes we had really big junks of words that we had to remember. – Yeah, because it would be your episode.
– You had some episodes kind of a saint to you that you would like to have a few more lines
on the other paper. So, remembering those lines in big junks could be sometimes pretty hard
and it would take a while. So, that was probably
the hardest individual beat. Yeah, that’s right, Flynn.
And filming it would be about ten hours a day or eight hours a day.
That’s a long day. Yeah, it was eight hours a day. But what’s good to see was Flynn’s episode. All of us would help Flynn get through his episode. Because they took more hours
than everyone else could stay. Most of the time. So, that would be the ambitious episodes.
Each one… And we helped… You know, then Olivia on her episode.
And you too, Faith. So, it was very much a team. – Good question.
– Very good question. The next question is from Orange Grove Primary School
who unfortunately can’t be with us live today, but they’re gonna watch the replay when we put the tape up.
So, I’ll ask their question. That was for you, Flynn, but I think everyone
can probably have a go at that as soon as once.
So, their question was: How old were you, Flynn,
when you were asked to play in Little Lunch? Were you excited about the audition? Yeah, that is a great question. I would have been have been in about year 5,
so, 10 or 11. I would have been 10 or 11
when I started in Little Lunch. because it sounded like a great role to play. I loved the idea of playing Rory. And I was just really excited to try up for this amazing role. Olivia, what about you? I’m a year older than these two. I’m at the moment in year 8. So, when I was asked to audition, I was 12.
I was in year 6. And I was excited about the audition, but also, when you had a couple of auditions,
like quite a few auditions, it’s just an audition,
it’s just something you go for, but I didn’t expect to get it.
So, when I got my cool part, I was like “Oh, yeah, this is pretty cool”. I don’t think I’ll get it though. And then I went back again. And I got quite excited then.
And then I went back one more time and I was like: “I really need, I really want this”.
And it was just me and one other girl. And then I got it. The whole day I was just jumping up and down
and doing little dances. When I finally got it,
I started doing cartwheels down the sidewalk and people thought I was crazy. Yeah. I was actually really new at acting. When I started this,
I had only done acting for term and I was 10. I was in year 5. And I’ve never ever been
to an audition before. First ever thing I’ve ever done. And I went there just for a laugh,
just to have fun because, you know, some people, they say
“you get 1 out of a 700 auditions you go to”. Which is true. You do. And this is my first time ever going to an audition.
And I was so excited. And then I got it.
It’s just really amazing. – It is amazing.
– And also auditions can actually like give you…
The people at the auditions give you advice on how to do it
in case you have it for next time. So, even if you don’t get it.
– It’s an experience. And they’ll remember you. I was 12 when I auditioned for Mrs Gonsha. I’m only joking. But I was very excited to play Mrs Gonsha
because she’s a lovely character. I got to play with these guys
for months on in, so it’s a pretty fun job. I think we got some individual questions now.
Olivia. Where are we heading off for number 7? Bunbury Primary School. – Hello, Bunbury.
– And I’m talking to the lovely Jair, who’s in year 3. What is your favourite episode of Little Lunch? Oh. I think my personal favourite episode
at Little Lunch was probably “Kiss-Chasey”, not because I had to kiss Battie, no, but it was my favourite
because it was my main episode. And I got to ride Debra-Jo like a horse. I got to put mine on her. I got to put banana in Rory’s face. And I think, also… We had this big slow motion camera coming. I had this huge slow motion camera coming. So, when I was jumping around with Bettie, we got the whole shot in slow motion. And it was really fun to do. Also, there was another question
you had asked, someone else had. Were you always a dancer
or did you need to learn to dance for Little Lunch? So with that one,
no, I’ve always been a dancer. I’ve been dancing since I was 5. And I love dancing.
Dancing’s been my passion. And I do it all the time. – She’s an amazing dancer.
– Thank you. – And as you, guys, know, she is
like the most flexible person in the universe. – Like you and I, Faith.
– Yeah. Everyone is. – What’s your favorite episode?
– Oh, my favourite episode? I like all of them, but I love the ones
where I got to do stance and I got to fall over onto crash mats, so I got to climb something. And Faith’s very good
at what’s called… physical comedy. She’s got a great feeling of knowing
what to do to be funny. I couldn’t possibly choose one episode
that was my favourite. So, I’d have two favourite episodes which would be “The Top of the Fireman’s Pole” because Miss Gonsha gets stuck
on a fireman’s pole. – It was the best thing ever.
– That was hilarious. And probably
“The Gap behind the Dumpster” as well. Me and Atticus spent the whole day
behind a smelly dumpster. That was good fun. And I think I haven’t got a favorite episode. I liked each episode because I got to work with an individual actor
more than I’ve always done. It was Debra-Jo’s episode that was fun,
so I liked all of them for different reasons. So, Faith, this one’s for you.
Where are we heading to for question 8? We’re heading back
to Dunsborough Primary School. And we’re going to be talking to Tatiana in year 6. Hi, Tatiana.
What’s your question? What has been your funniest acting moment
in your career? Well, as I said before, when I fell over onto those… Physical comedy stands. You have no idea. The whole place just laughs and laughs. And it’s just amazing. Yeah, just falling over, climbing up stuff, just doing any physical thing in a dress, kind of funny. What about you, Flynn?
What about your funny…? Well, probably just all the funny moments there were without all the cast members. I reckon the funniest moments would be when there’s a group of paper acting. – Like all of us.
– Yeah, all of us. Those are probably the funniest moments
coming out of it. My funniest moment was when…
If you, guys, all know, what was it called? It was when Debra-Jo and I
were fighting about the dance. Oh, “Girls’ Toilets”. “The Girls’ Toilets” episode. I was doing
the splits on this little wooden bench. I was meant to roll that way
to stand up and get off, but instead I rolled that way
and I got stuck in a tree. I rolled over, I hit my head
and my legs got stuck behind the tree. If you watch “Behind the Scene”,
you would know. If you watch “Behind the Scenes”,
you’ll see me fall over. And then another one, I was with Faith and we were talking about cooking up
for some reasons, so I said my line
and I did this huge burp. Yeah.
And that was pretty embarrassing. And sometimes I just clapped around
at moments, We were meant to clap afterwards. We were all clapping for him for the election for being president. But I didn’t realize.
I thought we were clapping before. So, he said something and I started screaming
and jumping up and down. But it was the wrong moment. It was a bit awkward. My funniest moment
was when Mrs Gonsha got stuck in the rain I didn’t really get stuck in the rain.
Do you know what happened? I had to stand outside in the cold. And I had a bucket of water. And I threw it on my head
and then I had to run in and say my lines. – That was my funniest moment.
– And water was flicking everywhere. Did you get it right at the first take
or you had to do it a number of takes? It was a little bit of pressure to get it
right on myself. I think we played it twice. – Yes, you did it two times.
– Yeah. Heidi wanted to change
into some different clothes after that. – Or also when you got the salad on your face.
– Yes. Poor Mrs Gonsha. Okay, our next question is also
from Dunsborough Primary School. For Flynn. I’m not sure exactly who it’s from. We got someone from Dunsborough.
Who wants to ask that question? Were you familiar with the Danny Katz books? And if you were, did you get to play
the character you wanted to? That’s a good question. Yeah. I wasn’t
too familiar with the Danny Katz books. I had no idea about the author, Danny Katz. And I reckon
if I knew about the books, I would have definitely wanted to play Rory
because it’s just such a fun character. I would have wanted to play Rory. – We all wanted to play Rory.
– What about the rest of you? I think I didn’t know the books before that. So, when I was given the book, it was my first audition
and my dad came and said: “Well, here’s the book, so you can read
a bit about it”. So, I read the first book. I think I liked Tamara. But Tamara in the book
has got short brown hair, huge teeth actually. She’s got huge teeth. I’ve always loved being
the sporty dancing character, but I’d also like to be Amber as well.
I’ve always loved Amber. Amber was really cool. Amber was in the TV show though, but I think
if Amber was in the TV show, I’d be… Amber and Tamara. Oh, well, I didn’t know
about the Danny Katz books. But they had them in my school library
and I got one to get home, read it. When I got the audition
and I’m like: “Yeah, Debra-Jo,
she’s kind of like me, I don’t know”. You wouldn’t hate people
with Little Lunch books. And I’m not that squeamish
and I don’t scream my head off for anything. But, yeah, I kind of thought somebody that girly would be fun to play
because I’m not really like that. But, yeah, I don’t know. I liked everyone. And I knew about the books.
Besides, I’m a big fan of Danny Katz. And I read his article in “The Age”,
which is a newspaper in Victoria. So, I read the book because of my children. If they had a role to beat me
I auditioned for was Mrs Gonsha. Surprisingly.
So, I loved playing it. I think our next question is also for you,
Heidi. And it’s my favourite question. So, Sofía, you picked the question of the day.
Pick your favourite question! – Question of the day!
– And What’s your question, Sofía? I’ll give you a star sticker at the end. Do you think a small town like Dunsborough
in WA there are some ways for kids
who dream of being an actor can achieve this?
What advice would you give? That’s such a good question, Sofía. You know, as a kid,
I dreamed of being an actor. I had no idea how you go about it, but I read everything and I watched everything and I dreamt all the time
about being an actor one day. So, I say if you dream it and you see everything,
when the time is right, you can become an actor.
All right? And at school, any opportunity you have
to have a go at something, try to have a go at it and see how you go.
It’s a long journey to be an actor, from a kid to an adult.
So, I say, dream and keep on dreaming because one day, when the time is right,
you’ll find your spot as an actor. Any advice from the rest of you to Sofía? All you have to do is be confident. Because I think when people start acting,
they’re a bit like: “Oh, okay. Well, yeah,
I’m reading a script or I’m saying a line
or I’m performing”, but when you wanna be an actor, you have to really get in there,
you have to really try for it. You can’t just go:
“Alright, I’m gonna do this and then I’m gonna, you know,
later on I’ll try”. You have to try the whole time and yeah. It doesn’t matter where you come from.
So many actors come from really small places. If you try and you want to do it, if this is
your passion and you really wanna do it, you get places!
If you think about it, Australia, of course we make great TV shows
like Little Lunch. But it’s not as well known
as American films are. I’ve always wanted to go to America and film. I reckon if I keep working hard,
I might get there. But if you really want to do it,
you just keep trying. Because no matter what you do,
you’ll always get there if you want to.
If you put into it, you’ll be able to do it. Well, my advice would be
to just give everything a go. If there’s a chance at your school,
I don’t know if you do school productions. But if you do one of those,
give it a go. If you enjoy it and you wanna do a bit more, Maybe, sign for an acting school. See, Dunsborough,
they’re far away from a lot of places
where they make TV shows and everything. I think it’s important when you live far away to watch everything.
That’s the best way to learn. And that’s what I did for years
when I wasn’t really confident enough to give it a go,
I wasn’t sure how to go about it. But I watched so many shows and films and read lots of books.
That way it’s all faith in your mind till one day, when you are ready. Also, just because you said
that yours is such a small town and you’re far away from things.
That’s true! But there are always ways to fix that.
You could do a screen test if you’re auditioning for something.
You’d film yourself and you’d send that off. You very well may be the best at that. So, I just don’t think because you’re far away
it doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance. You have as much as a chance as anyone else. You just need to find ways
of getting where you wanna be. If you’re from School of the Air, you don’t really go to school with other people and you might not have school productions
and you might not have those opportunities. But you can always watch a film, write a story. And then you could, you know,
I don’t know, create a script or something. You can go, I don’t know, horse riding
or you can do something that people in the city can’t do. Just because you don’t have the opportunities
as people who live close to towns or who go to school with other people doesn’t mean that you can’t. And the lucky thing is that even today
we’ve got the ability and the technology. We can talk to you, all the way over there,
in Dunsborough. So, it’s fantastic that you could get your parents’ mobile phone or Ipad and make your own films
and do all that sort of stuff. So, with technology, we’re not very far away. – It was an awesome question.
– Thanks, Sofía. That’s a wonderful question. So, our next one, question 11, Olivia.
Where are we heading for that one? We’re going to Glen Forrest Primary School. And I’m going to be speaking to Josh,
who I’m sure has some great questions for us. And he’s gonna be in year 4.
He’s in year 4. How long did it take to rehearse a full episode? How long did it take to rehearse a full episode?
That’s a good question. So, first off, when we very first started
we would spend a day working on two episodes. And we’d read the script, we’d talk
about the script and things like that. And then, this is a bit complicated.
We would have blocks. Because there were 26 episodes,
we would have blocks. So, blocks would be 8 episodes or 4 episodes. We had them.
Before every block, we would rehearse with each director and we would rehearse the first 2 episodes
just to get back into the character. So, it would usually take a day. The Director, Wyan Hope,
and the writer, Robyn Butler, worked with the cast before we started filming. They did a lot of rehearsal
to try to get the characters to a point they were happy with them and where the actors felt confident with them. Like we were being Debra-Jo
or Rory or Tamara. At the start, before, when all this was new to us, we went to a big scary building. It was massive. I’m not sure
that any of us knew what to think of it. We went inside
and we met these two lovely people. They were the directors, well,
the writer and the director, Robyn and Wayne. And we would rehearse all the script in a massive folder that we had.
We’d had all the scripts there. And we would rehearse the scripts. And then… It’s not just about learning your lines
as an actor. It’s about working out. Giving it personality and giving it
your character to make it sound like you. And the first scene we ever did
was when rehearse was when Rory started swearing
and saying mingle while we were doing hopscotch. That’s literally what we did on the first day. So with the characters we asked who they were,
what they liked, what made them do things,
what made them angry, what made them happy, And all those things help you become the character. – That was a great question.
– Good question! So I think we’re jumping to question 13.
Flynn, where are we heading for that one? – We’re heading to Excelsior.
– Excelsior Primary School. Excelsior Primary School in WA.
I’ll be speaking to Ashley, who is in Year 5. – Hi, Ashley.
– Hello. What’s your question? What was the silliest thing you’ve done on set? There’s a lot. Being Rory, I’ve done
lots of silly things on set. Biting Mrs Gonsha’s bum. I think she still got the teeth marks. Definitely. Biting Melany, probably. – Biting everyone.
– Biting everyone. Lots of different things.
Running to the milk bar. Running away from things.
Eating too much food. That’s the best question
you could possibly ask Flynn. I could go on for the whole day.
There are really things that Rory did. In real life, what did you do on set? He stole cookies from the cookie jar. No, he stole cookies from the… We had like a little tea cookie trolley. And we weren’t supposed to get them and he always took them. Yeah, but you did. What’s your silliest thing? I think we all just talk every time we’re not
supposed to. We’re kids, we can’t help it. But they were very good on set. We’re talking
now, we’re being funny talking to you, but on set, when they’re filming
because it takes about 20 or 30 people behind stage, behind the set that are filming,
so when you’re filming, you have to really concentrate really hard and be really focused. So, it looks like it’s lot of fun
all the time, but it’s also a lot of hard work. And it takes a lot of discipline and a lot of concentration, doesn’t it? I think one of the silliest things that I do…
We always have a camera trying to film and so when we were filming
we’d take a break, like the director was telling Flynn something
that me and Flynn were insane, I would always make faces at the camera. I had always done really silly faces and I make the camera guy laugh. So, I do the silliest and horrible faces
I could possibly do. -Can you, guys, see really well? – Yes.
– Okay, are you ready? I did things like that
and I do monkey faces. -She’s an expert at everything. I can turn my nose all the way round.
I’m not gonna do it now because you, guys,
would be scared for life. But I do really, really silly things like that. And I make them laugh
and then we both get in trouble. And so we still got all of my faces on set. I think there are like 150 of them.
So, I could have like a little diary of all my beautiful faces that I made to them. That was the silliest thing I’ve ever done.
Who wouldn’t make a diary of my silly faces? So, Faith,
where are we heading for question 14? We’re heading
to St Joseph’s Primary School in Pinjarra. I’m speaking to Keely and Milly. – Hello.
– Hi, guys. Are you treated like a celebrity when you go out in public? What is the funniest incident you’ve had? Well, those are like really funny questions because literally wherever I go, people go away:
“Are you Debra-Jo?” “Oh, Debra-Jo, Debra-Jo, Debra-Jo.”
And I’m just like “Hi”. I go to high school now
and all the year 12 say like fun go over me,
I guess like they say: “Oh, my God. Is she Debra-Jo?
Can I take a selfie with you?” And that’s just really funny,
but one time I was on holiday on the Great Barrier Reef and a school excursion…
Like kids were there and all the girls there wanted
to take a photo with me and they were swimming in the pool
when I was just like… They were staring at me
and I think they recognized me and then the teachers got me to sign my signature on the back
of their activity sheet and that was just so funny.
I laughed so much. So, I have this thing
called the Little Lunch face. Some people do this in public.
I’d be walking on the supermarket. – And they do this.
– The stupid market? The supermarket.
And they go and do this. And they just look at you for ten minutes
and you wave and then they go. – That’s actually what happens.
– Flynn, what about you? Sorry. – Sorry.
And I had two funniest moments. My first one, I was in an adventure car at a theme park
with one of my best friends and this boy walked past
and issued an “Oh, my God. Oh, my God.” And he said that for about ten minutes. Then
he said: “Are you Tamara?” I said “Yeah, I am”. “Oh, my God. Oh, my God.”
I got fun. We took a picture and then we continued on. And then
I had this other one. I smashed my phone, this smashing was really bad. Anyway, so, I went to the Apple store
to get it fixed because I have an Iphone. And then one of the men who were working there
said: “Are you Tamara?” And I was like: “Yes, strange man. I am”. And he said “My kids love you.
Can I take a selfie with you?” So I took the selfie with this random man who I didn’t know,
but his children love the show. Adults come and say “You’re really good
on Little Lunch”, like that. Well, my funniest moment was probably
when I was at Movie World, which is a theme park in Queensland. And there’s a ride called “the Batman ride” and I was queuing up in the Batman ride and then I could hear whispers behind me
like “Look, this is Rory”. I couldn’t really hear what they were saying,
but I could hear them talking and then I felt a tap on my shoulder
and I thought it was someone coming up like one of my friends
coming up to me and say: “How long have you been waiting here?”
or something. And I turned around
and there’s a man standing there and his kids are hiding behind him. And I said: “Oh, hi”. And he said: “Are you from Little Lunch?”
And I said: “Yeah, I am”. And he said: “Oh, can I have a photo?” So, at the front of the Batman ride I’m getting a photo with this man and his family. His mom laughed because it was Movie World
with all these big characters, famous people. And then some people met you. And then they thought he was gonna break
the Batman ride because he was Rory. Because we filmed Little Lunch
a while ago now, I forget that I’m Mrs Gonsha and I turn up at somewhere
or a supermarket and people look at me in a funny way. I think:
“Oh, have I put my shirt on inside out? Are my pants falling down?”
And I forget. They’re looking at Mrs Gonsha. So, I’m heading back to Bunbury Primary School
and I’m talking to Harry in year 3. Hi, Harry. Are you as sporty as your character in real life? That’s a great question. Am I as sporty as my character in real life? In ways, yes. And in ways, no. So I am as sporty as Tamara in some ways. We’re both very flexible,
but I don’t do as many sports as her. I just do running, acrobatics and dancing while she does netball, tennis,
she does everything like any sport you can think of
she does. So, I’m not like as sporty with the activities
that I do, but I love the same things as her. So, I have another question.
That was a good question. Thanks. A question from the Glen Forrest Primary School
and I’m talking to Zack who’s in year 4. – Hi.
– Hi, Zack. What are your favourite sporting activities? That’s a great question.
What is my favourite sporting activity? Some people say that dancing isn’t a sport.
Some people say that dancing is an art, so, if dancing wasn’t a sport, it’d have to be
acrobatic gymnastics, swimming and running. She’s good at all of them. So our next one, question 17, Heidi,
where are we heading off to for that one? We’re going to Great 5 or year 5
at South Stirling Primary School. Hello. And I’m after Sophie.
Sophie’s got a good question. – Okay. I’ll read out the question
from Sophie from South Stirling. Has Rory really bitten you on the bottom? As Flynn said before,
I’ve still got teeth marks. No. It was actually funny on the day we were
filming. I thought there was going to be a shot of Flynn biting Mrs Gonsha bottom.
– Yeah. I was a bit worried. He was a bit worried. And actually
I was a bit worried too. And then I realized they were really gonna show
a picture of it, so it was all fake, wasn’t it? So we just pretended,
so I had to react when they pretended that Rory
was behind me and biting me, so no, my bottom is very safe
and all in good order. Thank you for that question. Flynn, where are we heading to for that one?
– St Joseph’s Primary School in Pinjarra. And I’m gonna be talking
to Tessa, Rachael and Meer. – Hi, guys.
– Hi. – Hi.
– Hello. How long does it take to film each episode? Oh, great question. We filmed about two episodes a week, so it would take us
about two days to film one episode. Yeah, so, we worked very hard.
It’s a long… two days to film an episode. And even though the episodes are only
15 minutes, we had to do lots of tapes. And they had to be perfect. If they were no perfect,
we had to do them again. And there were lots of scenes, but short scenes they had to set up when we had lunch
and then we had to do so many things that it takes two days
for 15 minutes. Imagine what a movie…
How long that would take. Our next question, Faith, is for you.
I’ll read this one out. It’s from Orange Grove Primary School,
who can’t be with us, but they’ll watch the replay. How old were you when you started acting? That’s a good question. I had that asked me
by strangers on the street. I was 10 when I started acting. I went to an acting school
for the first 2 terms and then I stopped it for the last 2 terms
in Great 5 because I was on Middle Lunch. First of acting thing
in my first year of acting. – That was the best course you could have done.
– That was my lesson. – Yeah. I was 10 in year 5.
– Okay. Great. Question 20, Olivia. We’re heading, I think,
back to Dunsborough for this one. Yeah, we’re back in Dunsborough. And this is
when I actually do talk to Jaime, not Ruby. – Hi, Jaime.
– Hi. So… What are your ups and downs
in your whole acting career? That’s a good question,
so I think there were some ups and downs,
like you go for some auditions you’re not gonna get. You’re not gonna get all of them.
You’re not gonna get as many as you go for. So the ups were…
The biggest up is at Little Lunch because you go and you film with all these
great people and you meet all these amazing people. The downs are when you get far in audition.
And you think: “I’ve got it, I’m gonna get it”. And then you don’t. “Oh, I’m not good”,
but you just weren’t right for the role. And that happens so much.
And people think that it’s a down because you don’t get it.
It’s not. They’ll remember you the next time. I always think there are ups and downs,
but they’re always good ups and downs. I think the downs are when I got really closed
to get in something and then I don’t get it. Everything else is an up,
but when you get so close and you’re like “I’m gonna get it,
I’m gonna do it” and then you don’t get it. And often when casting paper
like casting roles, trying to find Rory’s Tamara’s role and all the different characters
and Mrs Gonshas in everybody, what they do is that they try to make sure
that all the characters are right against each other.
They had to find it for Flynn that would act well with an Olivia.
An then they fight. So, it’s about working out the dynamic of the whole cast,
so often if you don’t get a role or cast in the particular role you thought
you were right for, you got really close for. It’s often because the dynamic
of the whole group they’re trying to fix. They’re trying to match people
as friends, not just as colleagues. You may be the best actor,
but you don’t fit in, know what I mean? If you’re all 16 and you’re going
for an 8-year-old role, you may act like an 8-year-old perfectly,
but you don’t look like an 8-year-old, do you? And, well, for me, the ups and downs are…
Well, the downs are when you… These kind of long periods
where you don’t get much work and… you kind of forget that you’re an actor because you haven’t been
on an audition for so long. When you’re an adult,
it’s kind of hard because… that’s your job. And if you don’t get
anything, then you can’t buy food. Yeah. But Heidi is awesome. – She gets stops all the time.
– It’s kind of like a risk, but it’s a risk if you’re willing to take,
it will take you places. I’m sitting on this couch
and getting such good advice today. Okay. One more question,
which is also from Dunsborough, which I thought was from Elliot.
I’ll read this one out to finish. Did you know any of the cast members
before you started Little Lunch? Do you now think you’ve developed
a strong relationship with the cast? Well, I knew Flynn
before we started filming Little Lunch because we were in a short film together. Called “Go Fish”.
You, guys, may heard of it. It was an anti-bullying film.
It’s won a lot of awards and did really well. And he was the main character. And I got to bully him
and pushed him off a roof. – But are you friends now though?
– We’re all friends and try to see each other. I think the person who played Atticus
and the person who played Bettie I think they didn’t act
together before Little Lunch, I’m not sure. – Yeah, they did.
– They did. Yeah, but as I said,
I’ve never done acting before. So, I had no idea.
My mom knew Heidi because my mom watches television. Yeah, I didn’t know anyone,
but we’re all like best friends now. The loving thing about acting too is
you do make these great relationships of people, like you do
with your school friends. And I’ve been acting
for a long time now, some of my closest best friends
are from working together. The Little Lunch ones are my dearest friends.
We’ve been friends for over 10 years. So, it’s a great way to find a lot of people
that like the things that you like. I think that even if we’re not the best friends
and we don’t see each other every day and spend every second of every minute
of every week of every year… – We say Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday.
– You didn’t call me for my birthday. – Heidi, I’m so sorry.
– I’m only joking. We’re good mates, all of us. Okay, we’re just a bit out of time. I wanna
thank all of the wonderful Little Lunch cast. For Heidi, for Faith, for Olivia and for Flynn.
And all of the schools in Western Australia. The wonderful questions
we’ve had from you, guys, from all over. It’s been wonderful to have you involved in.
Don’t forget the Little Lunch App. We’ll send you some information. If you haven’t
downloaded the App and you got an eyepet you really should because you can make
your favorites on Little Lunch episodes and the Little Lunch App competition
that we’re running next term. – We have to send them to you.
– Thank you so much for all your questions. I thank everyone in WA. We look forward
to your Little Lunch App episodes. But, also, thank you for being involved,
so goodbye to everybody.


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