[LEGEND HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] [EP 95-3] | Jongkook, “We eat again?!” (ENG Sub)

[LEGEND HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] [EP 95-3] | Jongkook, “We eat again?!” (ENG Sub)

This will be a lasting memory. Let’s toast to that. The three of us
have to sleep together today. Sleep where? We should go home. He doesn’t believe me. That doesn’t happen nowadays. It does happen here. That’s right. (I don’t believe it.) You’re going to leave
in 30 minutes? (He tries the mung bean pancake.) – This is delicious.
– It is, isn’t it? He’s simple. The mung bean pancake is good here. It’s different. – It’s delicious.
– It’s very crispy. – It’s like pajeon.
– Right? It’s nice and crispy. – It looks like pajeon.
– It looks delicious. Try it with kimchi. That looks delicious. They eat so well. Try the young radish kimchi. (The amazing collaboration
of mung bean pancake and kimchi) – Hey.
– It’s good. – That looks delicious.
– It’s sweet at first… and bitter at the end. – Here it comes.
– Here it comes. – It’s here.
– The kimchi is delicious. It’s my half-naengmyeon. Excuse me. Are there ferries at night? No, there aren’t. There aren’t ferries at night? You can’t leave at night? (No, you can’t.) (Shocked) I told you. Jong Kook can’t work out. – I told you.
– He’s trapped. – I told you.
– Is that possible nowadays? – Yes.
– Look. (The ferry has left.) Jong Kook. (Give up and enjoy your noodles.) (It’s a bit bland.) – I’ll have to copy Chun Sik.
– Me too. First, mix in the yolk. – That’s how he eats it.
– That’s delicious. – What’s this?
– Next, do this. – You lift it up.
– It stays like this. Sprinkle vinegar on the noodles. That’s how it eats it. Add the mustard to the broth,
not the noodles. Add a few drops. Leave it for 30 seconds. – Wait for it?
– Jong Kook. Mix it in now. – How does it look?
– It looks great. Sprinkling vinegar on the noodles… adds flavor to it. Let’s have a toast. To our Baekryoung Island tour. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – Cheers, Jong Kook.
– Cheers. – Smile.
– This is nice. I don’t believe it. (Time for naengmyeon) (Slurping) (Marveling) (Magical) Really? That looks delicious. How could they not have ferries? Jong Kook. (Jong Kook got trapped on the island
while eating naengmyeon.) – It’s different, isn’t it?
– It tastes different. – Jong Kook.
– Jong Kook. – I taste pepper.
– Right? (Jong Kook is an up and coming
food fighter.) Jong Kook. He’s eating a lot of carbs. He normally doesn’t eat like that. He doesn’t eat carbs like that. There’s a reason locals line up
to eat here. My goodness. (Scoffing) You feel good… to see him eat something
other than chicken breast, right? Yes. It’s nice to see him
eat delicious food, right? Yes, it’s nice to see him eat well. Jong Kook has been holding it in
for dozens of years. Yes, he didn’t eat what he wanted. Excuse me. Could I have some more broth? He’s going to eat more? Two bowls must not have been enough. – What do you make your broth with?
– Beef bone. – Beef bone?
– Beef bone? – It’s impressive.
– It’s delicious. – Thanks.
– Seriously. It’s really good. I was surprised. I thought he’d share the broth
with everyone else, but he’s having it by himself. What are we doing? Why? – Let’s go.
– All right. We only have four more to go. Are you feeling okay? What are you asking about? My stomach… or my feelings? Both. (I’m full.) They must be full. The young radish kimchi
was so good. – Right?
– How can it be so good? You know what? It would taste delicious
with rice, eggs, a few drops of perilla oil, and that seasoning
instead of gochujang. Add that seasoning… and mix it up.
That would be delicious. My mouth is watering. That’s insane. How could you be watering after
two bowls of naengmyeon? (We’re still hungry.) That’s insane. (Let’s see how much you can eat.) Jong Kook, we’re here. (They arrive at another restaurant
as they chat.) They’re visiting all the
naengmyeon restaurants. It’s coming. Thank you. – One naengmyeon.
– Here. The noodles here… look like Hamhung naengmyeon. You have to wrap it with meat
that’s why. (You know how to eat this.) Here, Jong Kook. Have it with suyuk. He’s even eating suyuk. (Suyuk and naengmyeon) It’s good together. That looks amazing. It looks good, doesn’t it? It looks amazing. (I’m still full.) (It’s as if they’re eating
their first meal of the day.) They chow it down. (It’s as if they’re eating
their first meal of the day.) They eat so well. They make it look delicious. I feel like I’m slipping into coma
watching them eat. (Hurriedly) (Staring at him) No wonder you gain weight. Look who’s talking. (Jong Kook tries the noodles
and suyuk.) (Exclaiming) The suyuk goes well
with the half-naengmyeon. (Suyuk and half-naengmyeon
are a great combination.) Suyuk goes well
with half-naengmyeon. Let’s go. Let’s hurry up. Thank you for the food. – They finished the food.
– They finished it. My goodness. – That was good.
– That was delicious. (I’m dying.) Let’s go to the next place. It’s good Jong Kook, isn’t it? You aren’t tired, are you? Jong Kook, you shouldn’t be tired. Isn’t it weird not to be tired? – This is just the beginning.
– Of course. I don’t believe it. This would be torture
if it weren’t delicious. I feel good because it’s so good. You should exercise
if you eat like this. You have to climb the stairs again. – Me?
– Five times… isn’t enough for you. (That was horrid.) There are so many good foods
in the world. It’s impressive. (I know and I eat it all.) Jong Kook, we’re here. What? Why is it so close? (I’m still full.) This is driving me crazy.
Why are we already here? Jong Kook, the main chef of this restaurant… won various prizes
at cooking competitions. The broth we had earlier
was made of beef bone. This place is known for
its oyster broth. All right. – It’s supposed to be delicious.
– What’s this? I like oysters, but… – What’s this?
– What? It’s supposed to be delicious. (They see a sign.) – It’s their day off.
– What? It’s their day off. What’s this? This is your fault. Wait a second. I’ll go and ask. Today’s their day off. It’s not because of the time. Seriously? Let’s go. – Jong Kook.
– Come on. – Let’s go.
– It can’t be their day off. Let’s go. They’re closed. I told you to hurry up. Why are you blaming me? We have to come again. They have to go again? They’re closed. Let’s go. Let’s hurry to the next restaurant. – I don’t believe it.
– Let’s hurry up. Get in the car. We’re late. Hurry up. – Should we jog over if it’s close?
– No. – Get in the car.
– Hurry up and get in.


  1. does anyone know where i can watch all full episodes of this show?? i've been searching for ages and still haven't found any..

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  3. I feel like Jongkook still can work out just do push ups and sit ups in their hotels ๐Ÿ˜โœŒ๐Ÿป

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