LAURA Subtitles by Seglora What a terrible way for a
beautiful dame like that to die I’ve seen her murdered in
all kinds of brutal ways But this dame,that face,blasted at
close range with a shotgun Hello Danny what are you up to? You scared the life out of me I think you were through with
investigating the place That doesn’t give you any right to be here -How did you get in ? With a pass key?
-Yeah Being the janitor’s son.
I’m just going over her records What’s that your plan? I guess Laura was playing
them the night she died They were her favorites Do you know Mr MacPherson. Why would anyone want to kill
a smart girl like Laura Howe? I don’t know ,Danny,that’s
what I am here to find out Try to catch him.If I catch him You felt a lot of her,didn’t you? A lot of her? There was as
much her as my own ma She always had time for me Although so busy.Loved Laura?
She was never to busy for me I’m sorry for you,Danny You know something? I think
I would have liked her too Everybody did But there was only one thing
I didn’t understand about her Her suitors What are they? Mr Lydecker and Mr Carpenter What about them? I never knew what she saw
in those two squares You don’t like them? No Jealous? No.But I shouldn’t want to marry
that slob Carpenter and that drip Lydecker Mr Drip Lydecker, to you sonny What were you saying my midget friend? I mean it.She was too good for you That is a matter of opinion -Hello,Lydecker
-How do you do The flesh is still warm and they sit
here ghoulishly playing one of her record It was the last record she played.
She liked it An unfortunate weakness in one
whose taste was otherwise flawless Those of us who loved her preferred
to cherish the memory of a gracious soul What brings you here,Mr Lydecker? Precisely the question
I was about to ask you Didn’t I read that the constabulary
had evacuated the premises You haven’t answered my question I was curious to see the devastation that
usually follows in the wake of the police For the past three days I’ve
been sitting in my apartment shuddering of the thought of
their heavy hands on her things You’re not riding your usual the
flowery calm at the moment,Mr Lydecker So you read it? I didn’t say that Is it per chance too literate for you? Frankly too corny,now I like
to know what brings you here I want to be of help to you,Mr MacPherson There are some things about
Laura that I only knew and if I may say so,to solve
the puzzle of a woman’s death one must first resolve the
mystery of her life That’s pretty elementary,Watson Greetings Don’t stand there gaping,Bessie The detective is holding an open house,
why don’t you go and whip up some canapes Bessie came up here with me to
help me take inventory Is that all right with you? Go right ahead But nothing leaves the apartment
until I’m through with the case Laura’s sister wrote and ask
me to take care of her things Why you? Why not? As her fiance I would be
expected to,wouldn’t I? I can still see her lying there Bessie,be quiet will you I’d better get started on her things Mr Carpenter,can I have
some of her records? -Well
-The vultures gather Danny you better run along now We’ll talk about the records in a few days we will make a list of the ones you want,
and see what we can do about it Shelby.As a possible heir it
may interest you to know that the Ascot gallery is for things
they can sell this picture I’m keeping it myself I don’t know why.The painter
was so much in love with her that he lost all perspective You are jealous of him Laura thought enough of it to
hung in her living room Does it look like her? Yes it does.Remarkably,captures
all her.Warmth and vitality Nonsense.Makes her look like a
wilful empty headed jade I resent that.She may have
been spirited but she was sane and thoughtful
in everything she did That’s what I liked about her What do you know about it? More than you think Even though I never met her Second-hand amnesia Often more objective
than first-hand contact I’ve been looking at this
dame for three days now Been through her correspondence,
cheque books,bureau, closets I know her choice in food,liquor,
clothes and perfume All that adds up to one thing She must have been quite a dame Would you kindly refrain from
referring to Laura as dame How would you call her? She was a woman of distinction,
of great beauty and character I’m sure of that She must have been quite a dame too Seems to me that you’re more
interested in the victim than the murderer Could you come in and look
at a few things,Mr Carpenter? Yes I wish he takes it away,
violates my memory of her Why? Why? I’ll show you why I’ve gone through that already Take another look at this album and see
if you think the portrait does her justice Now then Do these look like anything
like worn on the portrait? Has that fool painter
caught it anything of that? The real Laura Look.Here what she look like when she is
getting started in the advertising business I gave her her start but it was
through her own talent that she was enabled to rise to the
top of her profession and stay there Through me she met everyone
and captivated them all She had warmth and vitality,she
had an authentic magnetism But it was through me that
she became what she did I created the beautiful woman you see here I wouldn’t take so much
credit if I were you Seems to me that nature gave
you a mighty big hand You mean you would compare
these pictures with the one I created? Yes.And you know something?
I like the other one better That doesn’t surprise me You seem to me that your taste runs more to the fronts of Flatbush and
the dames in the Bronx Were you in love with her? My love for Laura was not merely
a man’s desire for a pretty bimbo I was a cold and egocentric man who amused himself by showering
a naive child with treats and trinkets Her gratitude warmed me Was she in love with you? Helas,no But she considered me to
be the wisest,wittiest and the most interesting
man she had ever met I was in complete accord
with her on that point MacPherson,you wouldn’t understand this but I tried to become the kindest,gentlest
and most sympathetic man in the whole world And,brother,you failed Someday,MacPherson,at the
slightest provocation I’m going to take after you
in my column Hamilton Tongs I may even see to it that you lose your job Now,shall we have a drink on that? Well,Sherlock,a clue, a bottle of the
cheapest bourbon,where did this come from? The only bourbon that Laura
ever used was old reserve I put it there Was this Miss Howe’s? She wouldn’t drink that awful stuff Whose was it? I don’t know Bessie,you thought a lot
of Miss Howe,didn’t you? I loved her Ask anyone.Anyone who
ever came to this apartment It wasn’t only on account of the thousand
and one sweet things she did for me, the presents and clothes she gave me It was because she was so sweet herself,
because she was a real fine lady Bessie.You thought so much of her you’d like us to find her murderer,
wouldn’t you? Yes What about the bottle then?
Who are you shielding? -Her
-Her? -Miss Howe
-Miss Howe is dead But her reputation isn’t
and I did not want anybody getting any wrong ideas about
her because,rest her kind soul That’s why I took it off from
the dressing table and put it in the cabin
before the police got here What did you do then? I washed the glasses and locked the bottle and I took away and wiped
everything in the apartment I don’t believe in fingerprints You know what happens to people
who destroy evidence? I don’t care,I would do it
all over again for her You are going back about
your work I’ll talk to you later Shelby.Bessie has been revealing some
interesting things about your fiancee Apparently I was not your only rival What do you mean? She deserted us on Friday night to keep
a tryst with someone in this apartment That’s a malicious lie Mute evidence A bottle of the cheapest
bourbon and two glasses Cut it out Lydecker,we
have no proof of anything So don’t talk like that about
her,do you understand? My,my,my,my I am beginning to think
that if Laura had lived, there would have been three
of us in love with her With the exception of
the fact,Mr MacPherson that had she lived,you would
never had met her You didn’t exactly travel in
the same circles,did you? Rather ironic,don’t you think? I must remind myself to do
a column on it sometime I think we could all do with a drink Hello Hendrix.I am at the Howe’s place Better get a man to tail Carpenter. Just left here ought to be at
the Althea Club in 10 minutes Call the HQ and let another
man take your place Nothing much.So long You suspect him? I suspect everyone,you included How exciting! I’ve never been a
suspect before,I think I shall enjoy it I’d better be running along now Will you put a tail on me too,when I leave? That won’t be necessary Why not? I’m going to take a run over
to your place with you Whatever for? I don’t know,maybe I just like
to see how the idle rich live Frankly,man,I’ve no time for such nonsense I have an appointment,
I must shave and bathe That’s fine.I’ll scrub your back It’s an exact duplicate of the
clock in her apartment,isn’t it? Yes,and incidentally and the
other clock on suite too There are several things in her apartment which belong to me and I
intend to get them back If Shelby thinks for a minute that he or her sister is going to have
them he is sadly mistaken Now see here,MacPherson,
it is all very well if you are going through her
correspondence but mine? What do you got there? On Friday night Laura had a
dinner engagement with me after which she was ostensibly
was going out of town, she phoned and canceled her
engagement at exactly 7 o’clock I ate a lonely dinner and then
got into my tub to read Why do you find that so interesting? I told you that at the
first time of questioning Yes,I know,but why did you write it down? Are you afraid that you might forget it? I am one of the most widely
misquoted man in America When my friends do it,I resent it from either sources for the truth
for yourself I should find it intolerable, now why don’t you go and pester
Shelby for a change and leave me my bathing Btw I have a tip for you it might interest you
to know that Shelby collect shotguns I’ve seen the collection, the warehouse records show the guns
have not been touched in over a year there’s a layer of dust on the cases A man might have shotguns
that he didn’t keep in a warehouse I doubt that Carpenter have
the type that was used Poor Laura,how ironic,if it was Shelby, it was discovered his treachery
before she died What do you suppose she saw in him anyway? All of us who loved her ponder that mystery -but I suppose that she pitied him
-Why? He was an alcoholic when she met him
down–at–the–heels and couldn’t hold a job She managed to get him into her agency and straightened him out
and helped him a lot Hand me that towel,you? This one And the robe And don’t touch anything in there,
they are all collector’s items They are fragile In distance Hello Yes Well,well,well,well What do you looking so smug about? Tell me,Mr MacPherson,have
you ever been married? I don’t know what that
have to do with anything, but no I’ve never been married -I thought not
-Why? Your interest in Laura is
more than professional To solve the mystery of a woman’s death, you must first know her life,
you said that yourself Why have you never been married? The ones I wanted were always married Very interesting this passion that
you have for women that are unavailable What’s this all about? That call was from the Ascot’s gallery, they wanted to know if I was
interested in buying the picture, in as much as a certain Mr MacPherson
has put in a bid for it What are you doing here? Who are you? You’re alive If you don’t get out of her at once
I’m going to call the police You are Laura Howe,aren’t you? Aren’t you Laura Howe? I’m going to call the police I’m the police Mark MacPherson Laura? Yes What’s this all about? Don’t you know? Didn’t you? Haven’t you got the papers,
don’t you know what happened? No Where you’ve been? In my country place,we don’t
get the papers there Haven’t you got a radio? My radio was broken,would you
tell me what this is all about? Somebody was murdered in this room Any idea who it was? -No
-Sure? Yes When did this happen? Friday night You’d better have a drink What are you going to do? Find out who is murdered Then find the murderer You feel up to answering any questions now? No,let me just get these things off first Look,I found this hanging in my closet It’s Diane Redburn’s dress Who is Diane Redburn? One of our models.But it wasn’t
hanging there when I left Has she ever stayed here? No He killed Diane Redburn thinking it was me How did she ever get in here? I don’t know This is Monday night and you left Friday,
rather long week end isn’t it? Yes.I always go for a long week end What train did you take? 7 26 to Stonehatch Did you see anybody on the train? No And then what? I got off the train at Stonehatch Anybody knew you on the station? No Go on I got off the train and I went to
the garage where I kept my car It’s a private garage and
nobody saw me there either And I drove home You were there for three days.
What did you do? I read,I worked in my garden Didn’t you go out during all that time? No,I had everything I needed at the house No one keeper to see you Nobody The police were there Saturday,
there was no one in the house Oh,I went for a long walk on Saturday,
I walked for a long time You were to marry Shelby Carpenter
this week,Thursday if I’m not mistaken Yes Yet you went away just before your
wedding for a long week end to be alone -Yes,I was upset
-What about? Diane Redburn came to my
office on Friday morning to tell me that she was in love
with the man I was going to marry It worries me although I knew
she meant nothing to Shelby Did he had a key to the apartment? No Are you sure she meant nothing to him? Absolutely nothing She was found here in your apartment, wearing your clothes,that
must strike you as being odd Did you suspect that he’d
bring her here Friday night? How should I,he has no key And I don’t know that he brought her,
and neither do you,you are merely assuming There are other assumptions as possible You love this fellow Carpenter so much,
you’d risk your own safety to protect him My safety? Are you suspecting me? The unfortunate position
of having to suspect everyone Don’t you see that I’m just
trying to get at the truth Yes I see you read things I meant
nobody else ever to see That’s strange.You know how
I feel about things and people It’s kind of intimacy between us And I hardly know you You hardly know me,that’s right But I know a great deal about you Excuse me,I have some phone calls to make Sorry but I must ask you not to use
the phone or leave the apartment Shouldn’t I let people know
that I am alive? No Why? If someone was after you,and knew
you were alive,they might try again Am I under arrest? No But if anything happens to
you this time,I wouldn’t like it I’d better say good-bye,I ‘ll
see you in the morning One more thing,it will save us
lot of unnecessary fencing You went away to make up your mind about
marrying Carpenter,what did you decide? I decided not to marry him I’ll see you in the morning,
don’t worry.Good Night Good Night What? Yes,I’ll tell him It wasn’t Laura Howe that was murdered
but a model with a name of Diane Redburn Yeah.How did they find out? Her sister reported her
missing since Friday she insisted on going through the
morgue and identified her Tell the chief to keep it out of the
papers,I want to handle this my way -Hello?
-It’s Laura Don’t say anything on the phone,meet
me right away in front of the art museum A little better than to trust dames Come on You follow her,I’ll tail Carpenter Taking it down or putting
it away Carpenter? It has been fired lately Yeah.Used for hunting the
last weekend I stayed here You know about guns,don’t you? Yeah Why don’t you clean it afterward? Guess I forgot Is this your initials? Yes I gave the gun to Laura For protection.She didn’t
want it but I insisted Her house here is rather isolated Did you teach her how to use it? No She know how? I don’t know never occurred to me to ask You’re a rather vague fellow,Carpenter You haven’t bought it lately,have you? Didn’t you just bring it back to night? Look,you followed me here,you saw
me come in,you ought to know You realize the spot you are in,Carpenter if you don’t come clean you’ll find yourself under arrest
for the murder of Diane Redburn But I didn’t kill her,and I wouldn’t
taken her if I knew she.. Come on Carpenter,spill the rest of it,
I knew you took her there If you didn’t kill her you better start talking here and now,
you are in deeper than you think I didn’t tell you this before,because
I’m afraid things look bad for me Things look pretty bad,so you
better get it all off your chest Laura kept a duplicate key to
her apartment at the office I went over and got it I had asked Diane Redburn
to have dinner with me Wanted to have it out once and for all You see she thought,she thought
that she was in love with me Was you in love with her? No,I wasn’t Go on And Diane got too upset to talk in public we couldn’t go to her place,
she lived with her sister and I didn’t want to take her to my hotel So we bought a bottle and went to Laura’s We talked for a couple of hours and then the door bell started ringing Diane got frightened but knowing Laura I knew her friends came to see her all hours of the day or
night with their troubles So I told Diane to answer the door Why didn’t you answer it yourself? What if one of Laura’s
friends found me there? Why send Diane? I told her she could say that Laura let
her use her apartment for the weekend Why open at all? They kept ringing and ringing insistently I think if we hadn’t open they
would have broken the door in Anyway I heard Diane go to
the front door and open it There was a moment’s pause and then a shot Awful explosion For a moment I was too startled to move when I finally did I found the front
door closed and she was lying there Didn’t you go out to see if
you could see anyone? No,no.I didn’t I was too confused,
too horrified My first instinct was to call the police Why didn’t you? I don’t know I was scared I guess,
not only for myself but for Laura In a panicky kind of way I felt I must
keep out of it to keep Laura out of it I know it was stupid and hopeless
but one thing I had in mind was the safety of someone whose
life was dearer to me than my own Laura’s safety Don’t you understand? Did you think Laura had done it? Did you? I don’t remember what I thought Do you think so now? No,no On Saturday when one of our
men came to the hotel to tell you that Laura was dead
you seemed sincerely shocked I was.I hadn’t expected that mistake In the dark I hadn’t realized
how mutilated she was I mean that anyone would
mistake her for Laura What did you and Laura talk about tonight? I told her the whole story
just what I told you She phoned you after she promised
she wouldn’t call anyone What does she want? Only natural she wanted to
tell me she was still alive Why don’t you tell the truth she sent
you off to get rid of that gun She didn’t not.She didn’t I was coming
here.It was my own idea to come Looks fine doesn’t it? Did you think it wouldn’t? I hoped it wouldn’t Hello Why did you break your word and
go and see Carpenter last night? You forced me to get my word I’ve never have been and never shall be bound by anything that I don’t
do by my own free will May I have a cigarette? Sorry Diane Redburn was in love with Carpenter,
you admitted that last night I also told you that he wasn’t
in love with her I’ll get it Oh no,not you again Don’t you ever take time
off from your snooping -Hello,darling
-Hello How are you? So it is on again is it? Do I have to get a permit from
the Police Department to kiss my fiancee? What made you change your mind? Speaking of changing once mind,MacPherson
I just came from seeing my lawyer and he tells me that anything I may have
said last night was said under duress and can’t be used against me besides none of it was true Smart lawyer you got maybe he was the one that
brought Diane Redburn up here The Detective will permit me to
leave the room and get some coffee I can’t answer questions for
my lawyer,MacPherson, if you like his name and phone number I like it lot more that that,
Carpenter.I like to settle.. What are you doing? Seeing Carpenter? Nothing could interest me less I come here to talk business with you
but I prefer not to in his presence I am not interested in what you prefer,
he’s staying,whether you like it or not Very well, if that what’s you feel
about it,I just come from my lawyer You two have been busy little beavers this
morning.What did your lawyer had to say? It’s about my possessions. That vase I can prove that I only loaned
it to Laura and I want it back And that clock Waldo I like to get back to little questioning
I was doing when Mr Lydecker fell apart First of all I would like to know
what Carpenter told you last night Don’t say anything Laura
let him speak to our lawyer Our lawyer? So you are
covering for each other You know,MacPherson,I’m
beginning to think you lie just to make an arrest to get
yourself a big shot in the headlines I’ve got enough on you
to make an arrest right now Quick,MacPherson,the handcuffs You keep out of it I think you look kind of cute in bracelets Lydecker,why don’t you just faint again, the only time when you
ever kept your mouth shut Cut it out Carpenter I got out of you what your lawyer says I like you to repeat what you told me
last night in Miss Hunt’s country place I’ve already told you I.. You two were at my country
place last night? What on earth for? Laura don’t say anything now After you left Carpenter
last night I tailed him there Why did you go there? To get the shotgun What shotgun? The one he says he gave you,
the one up over the mantle You thought I did it? -No,Laura
-Why didn’t you say so last night I do not know which of you is
acting and which of you is lying I can tell you Shut up I don’t always like my job You have to come down to
the Head Quarters with me -You mean I?
-Yeah Well,irony of ironies.MacPherson
you must have a twisted mind You are madly in love with her and
still you want to send her to the chair Lydecker Laura,do you know that he
offered a 1000 dollars for your portrait when he
thought you were dead My portrait? We better go Don’t worry darling,let him
accuse you,we’ll fight I have every weapon, money,prestige,
connections and my column You just try to prove her guilty,
I line up public opinion on her side, so they’ll be howling for your blood I got your number,MacPherson,you
only want to send her to the chair because you are only capable
of loving a dead woman Lydecker you must enjoy being unconscious Waldo You are coming with me Won’t someone give him some brandy Get your things Now I’ll take care of this,Frank,you’re busy All right now,let’s have it Look at me What are you trying to do?
Force a confession out of me You’ve been holding out
and I want to know why It will go out easier if you tell the truth What difference does it make what as,
you’ve made up your mind that I’m guilty Are you? Don’t tell me you have any doubts since you Yes I can,do I have to have
these lights into my face? Thank you No.I didn’t kill Diane Redburn Why did you tell me the radio in
your country place was broken? Because it was Not when I tried it I didn’t tell you I asked the local handyman to
fix it before I left the village How did he get in? I always leave a key under
the flowerpot in the porch You are too intelligent to make up
something I could check so easily But you are intelligent enough to broken the radio yourself
to strengthen your story The main thing I want to know is,why
you pull the switch on me about Shelby You told me last night you
decided not to marry him Yes,I suppose I did But today it was on again.Why? Well,I changed my mind What are you trying to hide? Don’t you realize you’re
involved in a murder What went on between you and
Shelby when you saw him last night? Did he persuaded you make up? Or did you agree to
pretend you had,was that it? Well,you see I have He convinced you that if you broke the engagement now, people would think you
believe he was guilty Yes But now I realize that it is only
because he thought I did it Did you believe he was guilty? No,I’m sure he isn’t Are you in love with him? How could I be in love with a man who brings another woman into
my apartment let her wear my things I’m sorry I had to bring you down here While I was 99% certain I had
to get rid of that 1% doubt And I did You see I reached a point where
I needed official surroundings Satisfied now that I am not guilty? Yes and I apologize Supposed you had the job to do You are still a mystery to me,though How? Such a charming and intelligent girl you certainly surround yourself with
a remarkable collection of dopes At the moment I’m thinking of one
of initials begin with Waldo Lydecker Hello Yes,this is the Howe Apartment I think there must be a mistake,
nobody ordered anything picked up Yes I’m sure he made a mistake I do have such a confidant
I didn’t call anybody about it Sorry What was that? The storage company,they said
that someone called them about picking up grand father’s
clock in the next few hours and they wouldn’t be able to
make it until the morning It must be Lydecker Why do you believe that? It is his,isn’t it? He gave it to me He didn’t loan it to you? Loan it to me? He thought it was you who had been murdered he came here first things said he
had several things he had loaned to you Grand father’s clock was one of them I can’t understand Why do you think he wants
this thing so badly? He has one exactly like it Know the combination on it? I did know it had one It was Lydecker after all But why? You are going to marry
Carpenter in a few days If he couldn’t have you,he was
going to make sure no one else could The doorbell rang,Diane Redburn
came to the door in your neglige He assumed it was you he shot And then he must have heard
Carpenter coming in from the bedroom So he hid in the stairway outside,Carpenter
was so scared he run as soon as he could Lydecker came back and
put the gun in the clock I can’t believe it Waldo,a murderer Knowing he’s being tailed he knew he couldn’t get a package out
of the apartment without looking suspicious Today was the first time he was alone here, he thought it would go quite
a while at the HQ Yes,but how would he explain to
me that he had my clock taken away Knowing Lydecker he would
think of something main thing was to get the clock out of here What are you going to do? I will go to his place right now Better not touch the clock Fingerprints would be important If Lydecker phones,try to
be as normal as possible The door bell rings,don’t answer That’s right go for the safety
chain latch don’t let anyone in, I’ll be back as soon as possible We can round it up,Lydecker is the
killer and we will pick him up now Waldo! Yes,Laura,so that’s
for it going to be is it? What do you mean? I am never to have you,am I? Waldo You will take and marry Shelby
and I couldn’t stand that No please listen to me Although you are through with Shelby
I can see what is happening What are you talking about? Do you think I leave you to be bored by a second rate detective
who thinks you are a dame You think I can spare the thought of him holding you in his arms and
loving you and kissing you Waldo you are mad insane If I am you have driven me to it MacAvity You are supposed to be trailing Lydecker I am going to,when he comes out You mean he is still in there? Come on Waldo if you really loved me,
if you really loved me If I really loved you? I’ve loved
you more than life itself Waldo,the love of heaven MacPherson will find us together as it
always be,but he will find us both dead No Laura Laura Laura I love you In life I could not have you
in death you will be mine forever You’re all right Laura Thank heavens for that Subtitles by Seglora


  1. So this was where they got part of the plot line for the Burt Reynold's flick, Sharkey's Machine where Rachel Ward is supposed to get blasted with a shotgun and then appears to a startled Burt Reynolds. Terrific movies, both of them.

  2. Interesting redux of Laura 1944. TV version done over a decade later still uses some of the original furniture. Those bookcases in
    Waldo Lydecker's apartment also appeared in many FOX films including How To Marry A Millionaire. Also, that mirror over the mantle appeared in everything since sound including Millionaire to Vally Of The Dolls. Robert Stack was quite a famous stud in Hollywood. His best friend John F. Kennedy and he didn't miss a star or starlet in tinseltown, in fact the star of the original Laura, Gene Tierney was a major love of JFK's. She might have become Mrs. K had she been Catholic. None of that matters today, the first lady poses nude now, no biggie.

  3. This really takes hutzpah, you know. The first is always the best; this isn't even second best. Sanders isn't Webb, and who could even dare to take Tierney's place? No one can remake perfect.

  4. oh, I could watch George Sanders reading a phone book out loud and I'd be still mesmerised. Anything with him must be great, or rather, he is always great, no matter what he is in.

  5. WOW it's a fantastic great movie that I enjoyed watching a lot without commercials too
    Thanks for the upload SEGlora

  6. Anyone who complains Hollywood these days has run out of imagination & can only do crummy remakes should be forced to sit through this.

  7. Very interesting your introduction specially in regard to George Sanders for whom I feel the same admiration. Webb's acting in former "Laura" is considered a must and is rather risky to think otherwise but histrionic and affeminate, misogynist features in that character, would fit well for a man who kill the woman he says he loves. You refers to Robert Stack as wooden actor, but I feel the same about Dana Andrews acting in first "Laura" and I think for that similarity Stack was the choice. Since I saw earlier movies with Andrews, I realize he is a more versatile actor.

  8. Nothing can ever be as good as the original 1944 film classic. I will say I was surprised that is was as good as it was. I was especially impressed w/ Dana Wynter . She brought her own sensitivity & glowing presence to the part. Robert Stack being considered ," too wooden…" I just thought he brought that to all his characters. McPherson's character always seemed that was part of his personality. I agree w/ you about George Saunders, he was perfect as Waldo. One of my all time fav. films.(1944). This did it justice

  9. The original film Laura from 1944 by Preminger is very difficult to get on you tube and they are usually distorted versions. However I was surprised that the film company 20th Century Fox has uploaded the whole film on archive org on their own web page
    Very difficult to understand why this nice and clean version cannot be uploaded on you tube considering that most things on arch org should be in public domain.So you could compare this short TV version with the original one above and I have also a German version on this channel with subtitles for even a third film version of Vera Caspary's novel. So you could compare three different Lauras and three different Waldos, all very famous thespians!

  10. First of all thank you for this. I'd heard of this production and the 1968 Truman Capote production. Robert Stack, he seems to be well into his Elliott Ness character a full four years before "The Untouchables" debut…I expected him to call for Rico and Youngblood at any moment. I ADORE George Sanders, but sadly he must have needed the money at this point. Finally, ironic that the female lead actress was Dana Wynter and in the 1944 original version the male lead is Dana Andrews….and in the 1944 original the producer was OTTO PREMINGER and in this 1955 version the producer is Otto???? forget his name.

  11. I never knew there was a 1955 version. Hmmm. Interesting. Seems The original though had a bit more substance. More elaborate and elegant. This wasn't so bad, but I found Gene Tierney much prettier and Dana Andrews more hard boiled. George Sanders and Clifton Web? About the same. They both fit the part of the Waldo Lydecker elitist snob, as they both tend to be cast in them kind of roles. The original is better still because of having a more renoun cast, including Vincent Price and Judith Anderson, not to mention having a heavier film noir weight. Much heavier in point in fact.

  12. "I am one of the most widely misquoted men in America"…, I agree with both ptashkaful and Adele, Thanks for the upload of this alternate, abbreviated TV version…

  13. i truly wish they would show the early made for tv version starring jackie o s sister lee raziwill i saw it 1 time …..

  14. Why do they make remakes of perfect classics? This is kind of pathetic. I know Robert Stack from comedies in the 1970 s like Airplane. He made fun of his tough cop portrayals like this. I kept expecting Leslie Nielsen to hop into the scene and say something funny. I will take the original.

  15. These are all fine actors. However, to me, I have never seen a remake that was as good as the original. My motto "if it ain't broke don't fix it". I guess I'm just an "old fuddy duddy".

  16. I'd maybe like this somewhat had there been no Dana Andrews & Gene Tierney "Laura," but having seen the 1944 film (that I watch over and over as I do Casablanca,) I could not get through this at all…George Sanders is perfect of course. The remake was totally unnecessary. Robert Stack (in all I saw him in) was this one and only stiffer than a robot, no emotion at all character…his good looks kept him around, his acting is quality of Vincent Price in first Laura (1944) or of Ken Curtis of the old Gunsmoke TV series…zero. Price made it as the monsters, nothing else.

  17. Scott Forbes & Robert Stac, I have died and gone to heaven. I love these two actors and it was directed by
    John Brahms, for television no less. If quality television programming of this extent still existed, I would watch television
    Thank you so much for the upload.

  18. Porque no ponen las películas traducidas al español , aunque sea con letras en pantalla ?, No todo el mundo sabe hablar en inglés,👎👎👎se veía buena la película no pude verla ,por no entender de qué se trataba.,👎👎

  19. i enjoyed watching this remake….not that good but im glad Ive now seen it. TY for providing this interesting George Sander project.

  20. I took a break from watching wonderfully written and acted British films to watch this American version. What detective wouldn’t check her apt before leaving to search for him elsewhere ?!

  21. Nope! Acid, compared to the original. Sanders is too suave and young for the character. Stack is pure 🌽 , creepy as a cop and the fiancée is nothing. I mean really, a detective that already starts talking about how “he sees her”. This movie is pure 🌽 . It’s a pathetic attempt at the original Laura. Thanks for posting bc I never knew this TV “B” version existed.

  22. Thank you for uploading. Maybe playing Detective MacPherson got Robert Stack the role of Elliot Ness.  Wynter/Stack/Sanders are perfect.  Scott Forbes is good, but the role of Shelby needed someone more louche/oily/villainous.  Robert Wagner was under contract to 20 Century Fox and would have been great.  He'd do "A Kiss Before Dying" the following year.  Would have been nice if they could have fit in Laura's Aunt (Ann Treadwell) somewhere, somehow.  Would have been a nice twist/hommage to have had Gene Tierney, still under contract, to do the honors.

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