Larry’s Story – Don’t Let Diabetes Knock You Off Your Feet.

Larry’s Story – Don’t Let Diabetes Knock You Off Your Feet.

I discovered I was a diabetic at 35 and
I’m coming to 74 now and boy, I’ve had a ton of operations and between my feet my eyes. I went through the first program with Orpyx and I could not
believe what I found out about diabetes in your feet. If you’ve got an iPhone and
you can keep track of what’s going on your feet all the time and believe you and me, you need it all the time. If you start traveling too far and
you’re burning your limbs up you’ll know by night I’ll tell you – when you get off them. Because I used to sit like this all the time and you will not believe
how detrimental this is to your feet and the pressure that goes into the other
foot – the bells will go off when you start doing that and now I’ve had to
learn and I still catch myself once in a while but I’m so excited to be in this
program and try these ones that are tied to your your telephone because the pain
from diabetes is – I’ve had lots of pains. I used to ride bucking horses and I
can do lots of things and had lots of wrecks but they’re not like this this
is a 24-hour wreck and and that’s why I say for gosh sakes pay attention to it
and if you’re diabetic, act like you’re diabetic go start
solving the problems. This company is absolutely awesome they’re behind you
all the way and I wish everybody had the opportunity that I did and they’d be
sitting here talking like me.

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