Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks – Back When School Lunch Caused Diabetes ft. Tony Baker | truTV

Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks – Back When School Lunch Caused Diabetes ft. Tony Baker | truTV

[ Applause ] Let’s start the countdown off
at number five. My guy Tony Baker is taking me
back to the good ol’ days of school cafeteria food and the not-so-good old days
on the merry-go-round. [ Cheers and applause ] What up, y’all?! What’s happenin’? I see what y’all doing
out here, man. Everybody looking good. Yeah,
looking well fed out here. Thinking y’all
are better than me out here with your lavish good looks. I see what’s going on
out here, man. Think y’all better than me, man. My kids think
they’re better than me, man. Kids got it made, man. They’re out here, caring about
health in the schools now, man. We didn’t come up with that.
I didn’t come up with that. [ Laughter ] We was eating chocolate milk
for lunch every day. They wanted us
to get diabetes, man. Chocolate milk — that doesn’t
even match your meal! Chocolate milk with spaghetti? That’s what we have
in public school? [ Laughter and applause ] Chocolate milk
and taco boats? Come on! Chocolate milk and tater tots?
Come on, guys. You can’t even wash the food
down with chocolate milk. That milk is thicker
than what you just ate! [ Laughter and applause ] You can’t even talk
after lunch, like… [ Clearing throat ] Ms. Young be like,
“What was that, Anthony?” [ Clearing throat ] “Now we’re cooking
with grease, kids!” [ Laughter ] I used to hate it when
my teachers would hand out the worksheets, and they would lick their thumb
to get better traction on the — I hated that! Every time she got to my desk,
she would re-up on the lick. She’d be like, “I want you guys
to do these worksheets, and when you’re done…” [ Laughter ] “…turn them in.” “Ugh! I can see
Ms. Young’s lick on my page.” -Remember the merry-go-round?
-Yep. That was a deathtrap. [ Laughter ] That was a deathtrap. If y’all are not familiar
with the merry-go-round, it’s this metal contraption that might have
metal seats or wooden seats, but it’s got metal bars. It just spins in a circle. And you’re at the mercy
of your school friends, and they just spin you around. And kids are just spinning. But it was always the kids that
were getting abused at home that, you know — they were
just controlling the spin. They wouldn’t stop! [ Laughter and applause ] And you beggin’ them to stop it. You’re just like,
“Stop it! Stop!” “No, we got to keep it going.” “The bell’s ringin’!” “Nooo! Nooo!” [ Groans ] “You’re gonna remember this!” [ Laughter ] And that chocolate milk
is just brewing in your soul, and you’re, like, ugh. Kids are throwing up. Then you had the crazy kids that
liked to hop on it in mid-spin, and they were getting
concussions from the bar. “I can do this!”
“Don’t do it!” Bam. The merry-go-round. A deathtrap. [ Laughter and applause ] Cipha Sounds: Anyone else
get real dizzy watching that?


  1. Tony Baker is hilarious with YouTube channel All Def digital. Check out Best Struggle Food. Tony Baker had me rolling.

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  3. You have to be born in the late 70s or in the 80s 2 witness what he talking about old school classic going to school situations right there

  4. Yeah, that merry go round, I was that abused kid at home but I was smart too, and when I got on I didn't push faster, I just slowly moved to the center causing the centrifugal force to exponentially excellerate and before you knew it, kids were popping off that thing left and right. Then some adult would come up looking all stern and everything, and I just stood there looking like I was dumb. They would say, "Don't' you know it moves faster as you move to the center?" I was like, " no I didn't know that." Good times.

  5. Pizza day with a chocolate milk as a choice. I remember that! I'm from down south, so I also remember fried catfish day. Talking about who is bringing the hot sauce that day🤣🤣!

  6. In my early elementary days we had a huge tri-colored one. Every recess there was a challenge to see who could spin it the fastest and stay on the longest, ha ha. . . didn't help that it was built on asphalt.

  7. I packed my lunch kit except for pizza day. That was the only thing I trusted in elementary.
    That playground of steel, metal and wood helped to build character. Now it's considered child abuse for a kid to play on.

  8. The playground back then was like an American Gladiator' s obstacle course. Parents were different too. You only went to the hospital if you broke your nose or better. Chipped teeth and broken fingers got charged to the game. 30% of people born before 1988 go a crooked finger because their parents never took them to the hospital even if they had health insurance 😂😃🤣😂😂

  9. Lol. The kids at got abused wanted to spin you around on the merry go round. Omg!! I remember I fell off because it was going so fast. Lol!!!

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